Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji regrets his decisions, Gayatri’s warnings, Avdesh’s words and throws things in his room in agony. Gayatri comes to him and holds his arm. He jerks her away crying. He tells Gayatri to leave him, he isn’t worth her pity even. He says he handed Amirkot to his enemy, he has fallen in the eyes of his subjects, people and even himself. Gayatri says he hasn’t lost, he was defeated with cheating. She says she can’t prove but Avdesh cheated. She says those who accept defeat only lose, but he is Indravadhan who can even turn death. Rana ji says he is upset about his mother, Gayatri says she will take care of her. He must not accept defeat so easily. Rana ji cries hugging Gayatri, she helps him on a seat and goes to see Raaj Mata.
In the corridor, Gayatri watches a ribboned

note. She reads it, there is no problem in this world without a solution. If he wants the solution he must come behind the palace. Gayatri wonders who this well-wisher is, she must meet him.
Avdesh lights the candles and says he kept the letter, she must come before the candles go off. Gayatri comes there. Avdesh welcomes Rani. Gayatri says when Rana ji isn’t Raja, how come she be Rani. Avdesh says she was born to be Rani. He says this all didn’t belong to him but he won this all, just for her. Gayatri asks what he means to say. Avdesh says she is too good and he is sure leaving Indravadhan is really difficult for her right now. But he has an offer for her, if she leaves Indravadhan and become his Rani, he will hand everything back to Indravadhan. Gayatri slaps Avdesh, she says she was silent till now but he isn’t worth calling an animal because animals are loyal to their owners. He cheated someone who trusted him. She says he has only won this palace with cheating, there wasn’t and won’t be any love in his life ever. She heads to leave, Avdesh holds her. Gayatri is shocked and throws him away. He fell on floor, Gayatri hold the candle stand over him and says he will now even burn in fire. Doesn’t he know Raavan also died for putting a bad eye on a lady? He must be afraid of the day when Indravadhan will question him for this. Candle wax melted on Avdesh’s jacket.
A servant brings something for Raaj Mata. She says she doesn’t want it now. He doesn’t leave and instead show her a doll. Raaj Mata takes it and asks who gave it. The servant says it was a man with the letter. The letter said she must meet him in forest just now. Raaj Mata hurries. Avdesh takes the candle stand from her hand, he tells her to make someone afraid of death who is alive. He had died and vanished when he saw her. Gayatri was afraid saying he is crazy. Avdesh says the one who is crazy only loves. Gayatri is afraid and calls Rana ji. Avdesh holds her, he shouts what Rana ji has that Avdesh doesn’t have. Neither Rana ji has name, nor money. He leaves her at once, calms himself down and says Indravadhan has nothing worth her. Had he been in place of him, he wouldn’t have allowed anyone touch her even. Gayatri says if he even takes hundred births, he can’t be the dust of his shoes. She pushes him away and runs inside. Avdesh keeps crying for Gayatri.
Kokilla and Kunwar ji enjoyed fruits. Kokilla says she is happy to have stealth some food, else what that crazy Raja would do to them. Kunwar ji says he owes them something, he won because of their help. He says they wouldn’t have to leave the palace, they will stick to him so much that won’t leave until they get the throne. Swarna comes to their room, she says she is no more a Rajkumari and there is no questions of heir now. Kunwar ji comes to her and says they haven’t lost the game, they will win the throne and a throne needs an heir that she will give them. He says if she is in doubt, he can get her a gift from her father. Swarna remembers a finger gifted to her from his father. Kunwar ji said this was her father’s finger and next time she will get her father’s head. Kunwar ji tells Swarna that she will tell them a good news, and that soon. A servant comes to call them all into the hall.
Rana ji apologizes them all saying their family had to lose everything because of him. He says he will lose tomorrow morning. Swarna spots Gayatri coming inside. Rana ji is worried and runs towards her asking what happened. Gayatri was crying, lost. Rana ji asks where Raaj mata is. Gayatri says she had told him that Avdesh… he… Rana ji asks what he did. Gayatri begins crying. Avdesh comes in saying he will tell him what he has done. He says to find Indravadan’s difficulties solution, Gayatri came to meet him. Gayatri says he is lying, he sent her a letter without any name. Gayatri says he wants to break their relation and trap Rana ji. She watches Rana ji staring Avdesh who stood innocently.

PRECAP: Avdesh says to Rana ji that he gave Gayatri a solution, he will return everything to him until Gayatri becomes his Rani. Everyone is shocked. Rana ji beats Avdesh.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Missed today’s episode.. Actually, I didn’t watched TV today. Anyways, why Advash is doing so? Does he have any old problems with Ranaji?? Hey Fatarajo.. #desifriend.. Where are you??

  2. Well done Ranaji beat tht Avdesh a lot.
    Desifriend I just came home a while ago

  3. I have some things to make raja rani fans happy
    1) Raja Rani is one of the top 5 new hindi shows of the year
    2) Raga is one of the top 10 Jodi’s in
    hindi shows of the year

    1. I love this show….one of the few shows in Zee I watch daily. I am not surprised. 🙂

  4. Missed today ka episode!! Loved it!! Raga❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sorry gays I mean guys.))) I was wasn’t around late-leh how is everybodeh doin? don’t be sad hahaha tricks like that happen everyday in real life its important to make your kids STREETWISE so watch and LEARN when theres money -things get funny. and yes that rhymes. rana ji always had a problem with his ego and the foolish acts of stupidity that come with it. lets be understanding please we not animals…..ok even animals don’t F*ck their family’s over that baad! – but…. er… his a retarded guy ta maaf? lets be reasonable.

  6. i hope no one is settin up raj mata….this man is a lunatic hes not in love wit gayatri hes obsess

  7. For what its worth esmaraldah dah dah give gayatri a break I found out yesteday that iii’m 2months pregnant HAY! ))) at my age??! 49 , gona be 50 and I still feel like a virgin. fact has it your still a virgin after your 9th kid, your virginity breaks after your 10th kid -true story you should look it uhp. so be patient with gayatri its not like she is on heat and rana ji is inflamed with passion towards her (hence retarded) and according to me THATS whats p*ssing the viewers off! lack of passion between married couples. everything else seems more priority than getting jiggy with the spouse your commited to but thats a royal retarded family for you.

  8. and once again what rana ji is doing is wrong from the first place to the last its wrong…Don’t get mee avdesh is a cheating peace of sh*tt! but you cant beat some one for being in love with your spouse, intellectually its actually a compliment. rare one indeed. but point is being preaching peace and then condeming anybody violent BY BEING violent just isn’t the right way. 2wrongs don’t make a right! this guy is suppose to be a prince learn’ned in philosophy? BY all means Beat mr wilkonsons! HE disrespected your wife rana ji! Avdesh is merely head over hills for her desperate for her. Your lack of rationality disturbs me rana ji.

  9. said it once will say it again. and again. rana ji is not my kind of guy, for good reasons, if he had half the desire that avdesh had for gayatri just half… gayatri would be pregnant by now. NO? -prove me wrong then. I dont know how THA ROYAL F*CK!!!-raised rana ji ?but its obvious she didn’t raise him a real man never mind a king. I see rana ji as a child thats a sore looser and illiterate and uneducated and everything else repulsive. the treatment he gave gayatri the subjects that cried to him the way everything he does is not for the benefit of amirkot for F*cks sake! He is not fitt to be a ruler his not even straight(pun intended) (get that?-a ruler is straight? for the pencil to draw a line?)…. why do I have a feeling I am the only 1 laffing for my own jokes…

  10. Oh…welcome back, we hardly noticed shals.
    Don`t mention it.

  11. now a certain idiot fataroja fatarajo (FETA CHeese wa ever dafaqu) cheers on rana ji beating a man better rana ji himself whereas rana ji Couldn’t beat a virtueous man like lashk and kunwar ji and Wilkonsons (brittish F*ckface!) who are proven guilty of worse MISDEEDS. OH my hat! does your underwear get wet everytime rana ji (a king) gets away with sshhttt???!!! guess what? it was such thinking that got india in this mess they are in in the first place. keep that mental attitude! it will get you far in life! as far as the border of your country and that will be far enough for you and your class of idiots.

    1. Hi shals aunty how r u , I was just commenting . Sorry for hurting u aunty. And I have other names. And I love cheese a lot. If you want I call me cheese I m okay with it. You may like Avdesh but I don’t like him, just like I like Ranaji but not you.
      And I m also an international fan like you Shals aunty

      1. fatarajo(joyee)

        Sorry I mean Avdesh 😛
        U r funny

  12. so so good my entertainment is actually in actual Fact watching previously disadvantage homeless sshhhttheads! Steal covet RAPE molest murder fffkkk up innocent peoples lives manipulate twist and I cant say it all but everything vile and wicked. and must still witness viewers cheering it on hUh? all this time I thought I was the dumb one uneducated and got my position by using and abusing ffffkkk hell I was wrong!))) the viewers are in love with the real hidden bad guy…useless bad guy. mabe in india their husbands are exactly like rana ji useless and stupid. and thats why the entire country is stricken.PROBLEM SOLVED end of story kappot! now just stay where you are and dont come anywhere else the world is fine and well with out you.

  13. I will admit I actually re-visit these posts just to see all the crap you say and if you say more of it as time goes on shals.
    I got no comment for rana ji. I am just sitting and watching it all.

  14. My fave show. I hope the writers don’t mess this show up.

  15. why so much bad language shals cannot you express your hurt in a more subtle manner my gosh you made so many comments and in each one there is foul language do not let a simple serial take your joy away

  16. This show is soooooo freaking good. Kumkum Bhagya has nothing on Raja Rani because this story keeps it moving and there’s real drama every night! Never disappoints hope this keeps up!!!!

  17. Shal pls can u stop using fool language every time u make a comment about d Ranji character is only playing d role he was given

  18. As for Avdesh he just crazy as gayatri as said nothing more nd he can never role d pple Amirkot becos he is a cheat nd unfit to role d kingdom a villian will always be a villian can never change nd dey dnt last for long

  19. hay I have not been commenting for awhile so i’m catching up now my dear Hobo lovers and I might be a aunty but I know I look better than all ya hobo lovers put togather Dont forget I am a Goddess like shaina and shreya immortal beauty and figure perfect so. . . Go fly a kite. and dont feel bad about your useless ugly rana ji I am simply telling the truth about it all I know I know the truth hurts like everytime YOU look in the mirror and see yourself. dont feel bad if you didnt look ugly then I wouldn’t have any subjects to laff at as for rana ji that royal family type and the rest of you hobo lovers well…even hobo’s need love.)))

    1. fatarajo(joyee)

      U also liked Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhe right? I also liked that show. I agree Shaina was beautiful but not Shreya . I loved that show for the join family concept and specially Ajay-Sanjana :)I knew u since that time shals aunty, u only know me recently 😛

  20. ag bukkey what do you know? avdesh wont last long? haha I am sure your manhood cant last long.go fly a kite.

  21. This is pointless. Stupid. Go to hell gayatri

  22. Shal sorri day is not wining, he cheated in d game if he wnted to win he will not hv accepted kunwar ji offers but becos he knws he is a failure nd can never be like Ranji Avdesh is a loser nd will always be

  23. why must I repeat myself? – Avdesh betted NOTHING thus had NOTHING to loose NOTHING!…didn’t see that coming? neither did your rana ji. So you cant say avdesh cheated He did not cheat! NOT cHEAT! KUNWAR JI cheated heee him HE cheated. fair? lets be fair. kunwar ji cheated not avdesh. rana ji didnt have anything to gain from the gamble so cause avdesh betted Nothing from his side so? rana ji gave it to avdesh. And rana ji cheated in the first fight! gayatri saved him! by shouting off avdesh.

  24. if I was there I would hitt rana ji and help avdesh! make him fall inlove with me instead of gayatri. and then kick out everybody including you bukky! and feta cheese or fetaroja wa ever will be my toilet cleaner. and I will pee miss just to be on purpose! so say thank you I am not there!

  25. This comment is deleted.

  26. This comment is deleted.

    1. This comment is deleted.

  27. This comment is deleted.

  28. Feelings mutual.

  29. Omg such violence
    It’s a serial which has a story watch it if u like it if not watch something else bad language is neither required nor decent
    To my mind someone is supposed to vet the comments before they r posted to my mind certain people should not b allowed to make comments

  30. TO SHALS – say what you watn but please have some class in your writing. You don’s sound very intelligent either consider the language you use. Poor you, And leave Ranaji/Gayatri alone.

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