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Gayatri is delighted to see Swarnalekha. She too is happy to see Gayatri & they both hug. Fake Sulakshana, BRM, Kuvarji, Kokila, Laksh & Cheetah watch them. Kuvarji is worried that Swarna might reveal everything to Gayatri. Kokila rues that she brought Swarna back assuming Gayatri to be dead in bomb-blast but she is still alive. Gayatri asks Swarna why she went to her Maayka w/o telling her. She tells Swarna that a lot happened in her life & Rani Sulakshana is back. Looking at Ranaji she cutely tells her that Ranaji & she bickered a lot. She asks Swarna why she didnt inform about her returning back. Swarna has a lump in her throat seeing Gayatri’s concern for her and is about to burst into tears. Gayatri asks her if she is fine. Kokila says Swarna

isnt well and drags her away. RaGa & Rajmata look on. BRM thinks the game has just begun. Its Diwali night for everyone but for Gayatri it’s Amavas.

Kokila drags Swarna to her room & pushes her on couch. Swarna is hurt & crying. She tells her in-laws that they cant keep her locked in this room forever and she’ll reveal the truth to Ranaji. She says she lied that she was ready to give them a heir thru Cheetah. She is daughter of Rana JaiSingh and has learnt politics from him. Kokila smirks and says Swarna is back to her Sasural after long so they need to give her some gift. Kuvarji smirks and passes a box to Kokila. She gives it to Swarna. Kuvarji asks Swarna to open it. Swarna finds a finger with a ring in the box. Kuvarji tells her its her father’s finger. Swarna cries & Kuvarji-Kokila & Cheetah glee. Swarna runs to tell everything to Ranaji but Cheetah grabs her hand & stops her. Kuvarji asks him to let her go and threatens Swarna that if she goes to Ranaji, then she’ll get her father’s head as gift. Swarna is shocked. Kokila threatens her that she will see her family in her Maayka dead if she doesnt agree to them. Poor Swarna cries piteously.

Ranaji & Gayatri are asleep. BRM aka the black veiled woman comes there holding a lantern & calls out to Gayatri. Gayatri wakes up and gets shocked to see that woman. She enters a store-room luring Gayatri after her. Gayatri also reaches there. The black veiled woman is shown talking to Sulakshana near a cupboard. However Sulakshana isnt seen. She tells Sulakshana that today again her husband got saved but till when she will protect him. He’ll have to die one day. Gayatri hides b/h curtain. BRM knows Gayatri is hiding there but still fakes to be unaware of her presence and searching for her. The veil is blown away due to wind uncovering the woman’s face & BRM’s face is revealed. Gayatri is in utter shock finding BRM to be the black veiled woman. BRM smirks & starts talking to Sulakshana again. She says she tried to kill Ranaji many times but Sulakshana came to know of her evil motives so she had to kill Sulakshana first. Gayatri is shocked to hear this. BRM takes out a skeleton from the cupboard and says that she killed Sulakshana that doesnt mean she doesnt love her, else she wouldn’t have kept her skeleton saved. She hugs the skeleton. Gayatri is shocked to know that Sulakshana is dead & BRM was talking to Sulakshana’s skeleton and wonders who is the woman claiming to be Sulakshana then. BRM continues talking to Sulakshana’s skeleton. She says Ranaji married Gayatri but she doesnt want them to get closer so to create rift b/w RaGa, she has brought a con-woman street dancer as Sulakshana. Gayatri is shocked at this revelation. She recalls the scenes where fake Sulakshana tried to protect her facemask and how the mang-teeka didnt hurt her forehead. She tries to run out but stops at the door shocked as BRM asks her whats the hurry to leave. She asks BRM why is she doing all this; Ranaji loves her a lot. She is his grandma & he is her grandson. BRM says love doesnt make step-children one’s own. She says not she but Patrani (Chief Queen) was Ranaji’s grandmother. She is second wife of Ranaji’s grandfather and was never treated with respect in Palace. Her own son Kuvarji & his heirs deserve that respect. She says she’ll destroy Ranaji & first she’ll destroy Gayatri. She takes out a dagger. Gayatri struggles to save herself & the dagger falls on floor in the scuffle. Gayatri picks it. BRM tries to snatch it from her & gets her palm slit. Gayatri rushes out shouting for Ranaji. BRM drops necklace pearls on floor. Gayatri slips on them and passes out.


Gayatri is in her room. She is scared and frantically keeps saying, that woman will kill Ranaji & her. Ranaji asks who will kill them. Gayatri replies BRM. Everyone is shocked. Gayatri is stunned to see BRM there in normal attire. She tells Ranaji that it was BRM only who planted bomb in car and has killed Rani Sulakshana too. She’ll kill them as well. Fake Sulakshana tells Gayatri that she must have had a bad dream as she is there in front of them. Gayatri shouts at her asking her to stay away from her. Ranaji asks her to calm down. She tells him that she saw BRM with Sulakshana’s skeleton. BRM says Gayatri is in some trauma. Gayatri says the black veiled woman is none other than BRM and asks Ranaji to come with her and see the skeleton. They all reach the storeroom but find nothing. Gayatri recounts all the events but Ranaji doesnt believe her. He says it must have been a bad dream & asks her not to concoct a story. Gayatri says she is telling the truth, not cooking up any story and gets unconscious again. Rajmata looks worried.


Doctor administers injection to Gayatri. He tells Ranaji that Gayatri is in deep shock due to bomb-blast and hence hallucinates. Rajmata says Gayatri was absolutely fine. Dr. says, it can happen suddenly. Many Soldiers experience such syndrome during war. If Gayatri continues to get such illusions then she might need electric shocks too to recover. Ranaji & Rajmata get shocked. Dr. leaves. Ranaji says he will not leave Gayatri alone for a second and nothing will happen to her. Rajmata smiles. Outside the room, BRM gives money to the Dr. & asks him to do what she instructs him to do. Dr. agrees. BRM thinks she couldnt kill Gayatri but will make her life hell. Ranaji is madly in love with Gayatri but she will really make Gayatri mad.

In the morning Ranaji gives medicines to Gayatri. He tells her that she had fainted the prev. night. She was very scared & traumatized due to bomb-blast and uttered crazy things and accused BRM of trying to kill them. He asks her not to take any stress and rest. Gayatri thinks what she saw, Ranaji considers it as bad dream but if it was a bad dream then why it felt so real.

Rajmata asks Yashoda to make sure all arrangements for Govardhan Pooja ritual are proper. BRM is preparing Laddus for the pooja. She tells the maids that Diwali isnt complete for Ranaji till he doesnt eat Laddus made by her. Ranaji smiles and leaves. Gayatri comes there & apologizes to BRM for prev. night’s behaviour. She folds her hands to BRM. BRM asks her to look at her & raises her palm as if blessing her. She shows the slit in her palm. Gayatri is shocked and recalls how the slit occurred due to dagger. BRM smirks.

Precap: BRM tells Gayatri that she has changed her gameplan. She tells Gayatri to go and tell everything to Ranaji and gloats that he’ll not believe her. Gayatri requests Ranaji to believe her but he asks proof. In the storeroom Ranaji is shocked to find a skeleton.

Update Credit to: ttrocks

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  1. What a late update ….plzzzzz fastly revile BRM truth..plzz don’t drag…plzz someone help swarna from that irritating Kokila, kuvarji, laksh and cheetah. I wanted cheetah to understand swarna. Plzz throw that jumki out of t palace. Wanted see gayathri and ranji’s love. Rajmata plzz find t truth and be with gayathri..

  2. Anjali Rajgopal

    My heart was on hold.
    That was intense, mad intense. Damnnnn, BRM plans so concisely and head of everything.

    I am so nervous about Gayatri because we as viewers wont know what evidence Gayatri REALLY finds and what evidence BRM puts there for her to find. Its interesting plot twist but they need more scenes between Ranaji and her! Their chemistry needs to be sizzling. Poor Swarna, l wish she was stronger and its simply not in her kismat. Both women have no way out, they need to be more careful. I get so annoyed when good characters REVEAL EVERYTHING TO THE VILLAIN. Like pretend and THEN go to Ranaji but nooooo. swarna told her ENTIRE plN to them wtf.

  3. The serial is now poised from here on it can drag till we lose interest or things happen fast to hold viewers interest
    But serial makers invariably try to stretch who can explain to the story writers that short a d sweet is tons better than long and dreary

  4. I know I like a good romantic story but the way they are developing this at breakneck speed is not good.
    I know they cannot drag things but the way they showcase Rana’s character – not befitting of a king.
    Till a few episodes ago, he was claiming to be so in love with this dead Sulakshana and even talked to her portrait asking her to come back!

    And now that she is back, he does not even have the patience to sort things with her? Ok, we know that she is masquerading as Sulakshana but he doesn’t!
    If he had really loved her as he claimed he did, then he should be patient and give her time to recover her memory! On the contrary he does not want to spend any time with her and
    Openly in front of her and everyone, he courts his second wife! If he cannot be fair to his former Queen (not divorced too), how can he be a fair king?

    Also the way he is smitten with Gaya, that is too fast too soon. They should have taken things slowly and showed her slowly winning over his trust, friendship and then his love!
    Instead one mistake by him, one death door entry and then boom! He falls for her!

    And the way they make-do with everyone watching in the main hall? No concern for his former Queen? And what does the Raj Mata do? She does not investigate?
    Somehow, they are speeding things with no sense!

  5. Please speed things because the king ranjit knew the first wife is dead and the is nothing showing that is her dead wife is better the speed it ghana dragging like kumkum bhagha

  6. It has been years since his first wife died , Gayatri just happened to there at the right time. If you guys also remember when he saw Sulakshna he did say his heart does not recognise her and despite that he did try but her ways left him disgusted. This is a very mature serial Ranaji fell in love with his Queen instead of playing silly games and waiting then something happens which frustrates the viewers like some serials I know , Ranaji simply said I love you to his Queen. As far as romancing her what is wrong in that . Given the circumstances I think Ranjai is giving his 100%.
    I am loving this serial there has to be some drama and yes not everyone is going to like it but hey that is the way the cookie crumbles. 🙂

    1. Agree with u. I also love this serial. 🙂

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