Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja’s friend drive Rani in the back of their car, as she was tied with ropes and struggles inside. The leave the car in the middle of a forest. Rani faints out of suffocation.
In the palace, Amrita was coming with Aarti Thaal that Kaal throws away. She wonders what he did. Kaal asks her to speak a bit loud, she must shout at God as well such that her son is given some brains. Bari Rani Maa and Kokilla come there. Kaal accuses Bari Rani Maa for not bringing up Raja well, it was her responsibility. Bari Rani Maa asks where Raja is, she would speak to him. Raja comes inside announcing he is here and lay down on the couch. Raja tells Bari Rani Maa whenever Kaal is disrespected he enjoys it. He always want him to cursed for being a father of Rajveer, what people could have done when a

father’s blood is filthy. Kaal slaps Raja reminding him to stay in his limits. He turns to leave. Raja asks him to open his eyes and see there are neither any states left nor Raja. Raja is only in the game of chess and after the game packed in a box, he must now choose his box well. Bari Rani Maa thinks whatever she plants only blooms flowers, they only bear thorns.
Raja speaks to his friends, they tell Raja that Rani had a lot of courage but they left her entrapped in the back of car. Raja watches the time and was worried, it has been 4 hours and she must have died. He hurries outside. Kokilla and Bari Rani Maa watch him run outside, Bari Rani Maa boasts that no one can make him stand up against her.
Raja drives to the car where Rani had been caught in. She lay there faint, Raja struggles with the car bonut but it doesn’t open up. He breaks the lock, untie the cloth and ropes around Rani’s mouth and hands holding her out. He lay her down on the floor, calling her to get up, rubbing her hands. She doesn’t move, he check her pulse and breathes; then brings water from his car to sprinkle over her face. She doesn’t move. He shut his eyes and shut her nose and mouth. She wakes up with a cough. He inquires if she is fine. She stands up at once, and asks how dare he touched her. Raja says whatever he did was to save her life. Rani says this is fine, his friends left her in the forest to feed her to wilds and now he came to save her. She is simple but not an idiot, he must narrate all the stories to some fool. He was afraid of being disclosed, she is afraid of dark and suffocates in closed rooms but she is most afraid to bend in front of people like him. He might try anything, but she won’t kneel in front of him. Raja says alright, now he is leaving her in this forest alone. He hands her a knife to protect herself, if saved alive she must come to college. And if she die, he will call a one day holiday for her. He takes his water bottle along him.
Some way ahead Raja stops the car remembering about Rani’s slap. He speaks to himself, she was right that he is ill mannered but he isn’t a bastard to leave a girl die in the middle of the forest. He reverse his car. Rani tells herself she isn’t afraid of anything in the world, she hear wild animals approaching and flee for life. Raja drives back and look around calling Gayatri. Rani arrive at a clearing asking for help but then notice the men were actually drunk. One of them stands up, ready to help her demanding for her help in return. Rani runs away denying their help, they chase her as a prey. Raja was waiting in his car when he see Rani running behind, he thinks now she would join her hands for help. Rani passes by the car, Raja wonders if she can’t see in the dark. He comes down to confront the goons, he appreciates the man to be brave. The street boys also run away after watching this girl and they are chasing her like street boys, she is like a chewing gum stuck in hair. Rani was being curt at him, wishing she had slapped him atleast three or four times. Raja brings out ten rupees to the goon who in turn twist Raja’s hand. Raja says this is what he awaited and beat them baldy. They all run away. Rani smiles victoriously. Raja wonders who would make her up to get in the car now, he turns around to see Rani already waiting in the car. Raja wonders what if he die out of happiness. Rani says if he want to die he can, but first drop her to main road. She shut her ears to avoid listening to him anymore.

PRECAP; Raja stops the car and asks Rani to get off, her hostel arrived. She get down then turns to look at him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mariyam123

    Thanks Sona for the update

  2. Awesome epi love them!!!!!!
    Muah :-*

  3. yaar again
    mar gayireeee
    he is cuteeee????
    Offff Goshhh
    his acting, expressions r lyk
    wow..just amazing.. good job Sartaj…love uhhhhh
    this is call a true “RAJA”

  4. Loved it!!! Superb chemistry. I just hope the writers don’t destroy it like drashti and sid’s story. I love Raja’s attitude ??

  5. Nice!! Sartaj and eisha do make a good pair!! Etretr seems to b interestng now!! Thanks for d fast update 🙂

  6. Wow..I really love today’s episode irs so much fun and lovely.

  7. Awesome……..
    Lots of kisses :-******
    Love Sartaj and their chemistry

  8. Goms

    Nice epi..

  9. Yessssss……love their chemistry, I can actually feel and sense his magnetic personality from my screen. Can’t thank you enough producer s, for casting sartaj gill in this role. Please don’t make a mess of this serial like what the others did to theirs. Let’s all feel proud that India can give us a story to keep us wishing for more of that caliber. Historical romances always do well with viewers

  10. At least he help her but she shouldn’t forgive him for how he treated her

  11. tasnia mahmod

    Nice but rani should tell raja that she is not taking any mercy from him. He is responsible for missing of rani in jungle.so its his duty to save her.i dont want that their love story starts so early.i want more hate story between them. Anyways todays episode was so funny besicaly rajveer’s.love you RATRY.how is the pair name RATRY?tell me plz plz plz.

    1. Sujie

      Ratry is a nice name… Tasnia

  12. Hey, how about rajni?? Let’s call them so. I agree with you Tasnia mahmood, I would also like to see more hate between the two protagonists before they fall in love, I have a feeling it will be a powerful love between the two. Then when Raja develops this feeling, he should find out that she is the same Rani who he spent growing up years with. Remember what happened between the two of them that caused them to part ways.? Let’s see how writers handle the storyline then. I do like how we still hear saawariya when they are around each other, reminds me of ranaji n gayatri. Sniff sniff…….. ☁??☁??☁

    1. I agree with u.they should not fell in love so easily…and am new to this serial plz tell me what happen between them in childhood

      1. tasnia mahmod

        ok priya.at first raja hated rani alot.then rani entered rajas house as a servent.soon they made a strong friendship.rani made raja a good boy from bad.barirani ma wanted to make a tedyboy to use him against kaal to take revenge whice was impossible because of rani.brm(bariranima) made raja realize that rani is a greedygirl with help of jeevan.she told him that jevan gifts her a lot and so she is now best friend of jevan.raja misunderstands rani and promises not to make any friendship with lowclass girl because they cheat anyone for money.actualy brm was afraid of RATRY friendship whice could turn in love.i think its enough for u priya

  13. Wow I’m so excited for tomorrow episode today episode was speech less I just love his acting I’m waiting for next episode

  14. Hi I love this serial… Its the only one worth following at the moment. I have just one query – What is a ‘topper ‘? I’ve heard Gayathri being described as one.

    1. florentina moldovan

      hi, IR! I think the topper means the best student!

    2. tasnia mahmod

      Hi ir.topper means high scorer.rani has highest mark among all the students in versity in her intermidiate exam.so everyone knows her as topper.

  15. wait bari rani ma still ALIVE wth…….this woman is immortal

  16. The chemistry between the couples is superbbb.. Writer pls dont spoil this story by bringing your foolish twists

  17. Jungle,drunk men chasing women so predictable.

  18. sons here is a request can you update episode with the name gayethri and ranbeer.plssss
    raja n Rani confused me.plssss
    if you can

  19. sorry typing mistake sona

  20. Sujie

    Hi everyone…. the chemistry between these two is something to look for.. 🙂 loving it

    1. Goms

      Hiii suji… wats yur full name..?
      My bestiee pet name is also sujii..

      1. Sujie

        Hi Goms…. My full name is Sujita…..my nickname is Suji…. ?

    2. Goms

      Oh ok yaar….?
      My bestiee full name is Sujatha ?

  21. Can anyone tell me what is the repeat time of ek tha raja ek tha rani please..

  22. Thanks Florentina and Tasnia ? for the explanation…

  23. hi guys
    can any of you tell me wht is the cause that badi rani hate gayatri raj mata anda raja because I have not watched this show from beginning
    I shall b thankful 🙂

    1. tasnia mahmod

      Well.barirani ma is the stepgrand ma of ranaji.ranajis father was the king of amirkot and after his death ranaji had become the king.bari rani ma always wanted to kill ranaji to make her own son(gobarji) king. She tried alot but was unable.atlast she brought kal who was a powerful jungle boy to kill ranaji and gayetry and succed by killing ranaji.then fortunatly gayetry was pragnant and after few months gayetry came back to take revenge and she cut ranimas hand.she was to kill kal but her mind was diverted for raja.in this chance kal killed gayetry to and became the king instead of goborji.so bari rani ma has made raja a tedyboy to take revenge for kals batryality.

  24. and yaeh what is the relation of kaal with rana ji
    if they are not related how can kaal be king afte ranaji death?

  25. Badiranima, with the help of ogre kaal, staged a palace coup, where ranaji and gayatri were assinanated. The shriveled prune wanted the throne for her son chandravadan at first but then said to her son….to hell with you, I want that throne for myself!!!! So, she went to the forest where kaal was owing Badiranima, big time, for saving his life when he was younger, and brought him in the palace to do her dirty job. So the royals were decimated, kaal was installed as king. His wife and young son, Raja also came to live with him in the palace. There kaal also begot a son, Jeevan, with that wretched other woman, forgot her name….. As times went by the old woman realised that she couldn’t wrest the throne from kaal so she went about breaking apart any relationship she knew was good……i guess it gives her satisfaction. So Rani n Raja became enemies, and the rest is up to the writers!!!!

  26. BTW… Rani was working as a maid in the palace to save $$$ to treat rajmata, her grandma, to get treatment for her illness. Mind you, Rani was hiding and doing this as well as going to school. So that’s how Raja n Rani met and had many good times together before the old lady decided to put an end to the budding relationship, and pushed Bindu into liking Raja, Just to break up rajni……

  27. wow rajni…….. correct match this is judt lyk anarkali aur salim in jodha akbar just waiting for tomorrow epi……

  28. thanks alot tasnia and naz 🙂

  29. Welcome, maho, glad to be of help. We on this site, watch good stuff!!!! And you are one of us. Craziness on kkb and Jamai, don’t know what those writers have done to much loved serials like kkb and Jr….

  30. BRM is still alive:)

  31. Sujie

    Thank you everyone for summary of ETR2 ……

  32. Hello to all, and who know me and know. ??

    1. florentina moldovan

      hi, Mirsada! welcome, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. RaTri is a cool name for our raja-gayatri pair!! The chemistry between lead pairs is awesome wala awesome,one is a rich spoily brat and the other is a topper!! I get the feel of watching kaisi yeh yaariyan again, kyy days i say!! For sartaj and eisha how abt SaSha-SA-RTAJ AND EI-SHA???

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