Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina was distracted from putting henna over Laila’s hand, Raja banged his hand over the staircase. Naina watched him. Laila takes her attention and asks to write the name. She was shocked to see while Naina writes a wrong name, Don Ji. Laila asks where Naina’s attention is. Naina apologizes as it was only by mistake. Nani tells Naina the groom’s name is written on bride’s hand only so that their fates get connected, she couldn’t fulfil a single ritual properly. Naina runs upstairs.
Mummy and Rekha knocked at Naina’s door, as she cried inside stuffing her face into a cushion. Rekha finally comes inside asking why Naina is crying, she never paid attention to Nani’s talks before. Rekha confirms from Naina if she doesn’t like Raja marrying Laila. Outside, Nani tells

Mummy she would not let Naina ruin her Laila’s life. Rekha says Naina worked so hard to unite them, and now since everything is going so well why is she upset. She wonder if its love. Naina denies being such a girl, she wonders how she can fall in love with Raja.
In the morning, Laila was selecting her dress. Naina comes outside, Laila apologizes for being rude last night. Naina says Laila looks beautiful in any dress. Raja passes by, Vikrant asks Raja to select a dress for his bride. He replies to Laila he never understands such things, but Laila requests for two minutes. She gives him two choices to look as his Rani, Raja was taken aback. Laila places the second dress over Naina, and wears one herself. Raja stood silently, he points towards Naina. Laila cheers and takes the dress off Naina saying she also liked this dress the most. She asks if she looks good, Raja leaves silently. Naina turns to leave, but Laila stops her as they have to buy dresses for Naina, Rekha and Mummy as well. Tears fill Naina’s eyes, Laila assures she would stay in the same house even after getting married. Naina calls Laila as a nice person, Naina is not a good one and doesn’t deserve much love from her.
Raja stops Naina in a corridor and asks why is Naina doing this to her. When rituals make you hurt, she must stay away from them. Naina says its Laila’s wedding, she must participate well in them. Raja asks Naina what she wants. Naina replies she wants Raja to be happy, Raja questions why? He says she struggled to unite him and Laila, then why it feels as if Naina is losing something by herself. Naina says she doesn’t know. Raja says its love; it doesn’t only shatter heart but hopes, feelings and emotions. Living with pain of love is very tough. He turns to leave, Rani was about to fell beside a wall. Raja clarifies he has nothing in his heart for her, she must erase whatever she has in her heart. Naina cries inside the room.
There are strong winds in the room at once, some paintings of Rani fell off the wardrobe. Naina was shocked to see her face in them. She cheers that Raja even paints her face, and hugs the painting. She was elated to think Raja loves her.
Vikrant asks Raja if he liked his idea. Raja was lost in some thought. Vikrant complaint Raja wasn’t listening to him, and teases if he was thinking about Laila. Vikrant was upset that he won’t be able to sleep in his room when he marries Laila, and asks to come to his room with Naina. Raja hugs Vikrant and comes outside the room. Naina stood there to ask a question from Raja. He wasn’t ready to reply. She follows Raja saying he hid his love story by himself. Raja tells her to go and sleep, Laila would need her tomorrow. Naina suggests her not to lose his happiness in quest of finding it for others; she wants him to stay happy forever. Raja turns to say he wants her live happily, she must forget him. Rani cries behind.

PRECAP: Naina leaves the stage crying during the wedding. Mummy and Rekha drop a letter that Raja reads, he hurries out of the stage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I sincerely hope that the next episode is revealed that Naina is Rani and the letter contains the details of this. I simply can’t take this charade any more. Let’s get this twist over with and reveal that Naina is rani and let’s unite raja and rani finally and move on to another new twist. It’s really getting to me now. (Been busy for a while)

    1. Hey Jess…. It’s been quite a while. Seems you are pretty busy these days because I haven’t been seeing comments from you. Carry on my friend…. Work is important!! I wondered if you had abandoned the ship? Take care….

      1. Oh no Naz. I’m still here. Been so busy with work and other personal matters like funerals of loved ones so I’ve been busy for a while. Now back to normalcy. And caught up with the show. Hope you are well. I’m still here for my beloved Raja. Can’t abandon him…?❤️

  2. No. Naina is not Rani. She is connected to Rani in some way and that letter contains no details of Rani. It would simply reveal that Naina is moving away from Raja’s life forever as she cannot see him with Laila. Maybe she plans to end her life..

    1. I also think it’s a letter from Naina but I can’t hazard a guess what the letter contains. I get your point though. I also think that if Naina isn’t Rani, then this story is not worth the time I spent watching this 2nd season.

  3. How can naming be rani?

  4. I really hope naina is rani

  5. Pls wttters,u will be breaking our hearts. If naina is not. Rani or. Has nanis face.This serial will be a flop if not. So

    1. Very true. I think the same.

  6. Yes Naz l also think we are going to be disappointed.The writers seem to be a frustrated lot,they are playing with our sentiments.yesterday morning after seeing some SBS clips showing a shocked Raja with a letter in his hand ,I assumed finally our wait was over and Raja and Rani will be united.But last night’s eplsode followed by the precap tells us that Naina is most probably not rani and the letter in raja’s hand is written by a dejected Naina before leaving the house and Raja leaves the marriage mantap to search and bring her back.What a disappointment! As if this is not enough the cynical writers are showing some supernatural elements in the palace like flickering lights and gutsy winds in just one room that brings out Rani’s hidden paintings What do they want to convey,that Rani is really dead and her spirit Is trying to convey something to her look alike ,nalna Really what a shame!Unless the writers have something special in store for us,we should be ready for the disappointmentand accapt the fact that Rani is noore.

    1. I have same thoughts as you….. ???

    2. Seriously Lakshmi, I can’t handle a supernatural story in this serial, you know!!! It’s enough drama and heartbreak for us and they want to tell us that Rani ‘s spirit wants Raja and Naina together? How insane!!! Some of the serials have courted superstitious beliefs, eg KT…i really don’t want to see this one end up in the same boat. Hey…. You got my name spelt correctly this time… ?

  7. I really do love this show continue goin sweet n sweet raja n rani?❤❤❤super love story

  8. Yes a supernatural element is entering the plot. Rani’s spirit will always help Naina and also guide Naina in unraveling all mysteries connected to her death. It will be Naina who will prove Rani’s innocence to Raja. Naina will complete all unfinished tasks of Rani and safeguard and love rani’s most priced possession -Raja.

    1. Archana, if what you say is going to be the direction this story is heading…. I DON’T like it one bit. It’s tasteless and insensitive for the writers to use the identical face of the deceased leading character and use it in this way. It would have been more realistic to use another face for Naina’s character. This is deep torture for Raja ,he hates Naina’s face because of Rani’s presumed betrayal so how will this assuage his pain even when he learns the truth about her sacrifices for him? He will die feeling guilty because one woman can’t replace another and telling Naina he erred in judgement doesn’t mean he’s saying it to Rani. No amount of time ,love and therapy will put this guilt to sleep. No problem if Naina helps to give him answers on Rani’s death, it would be so tacky for Raja to marry Naina and when he’s in private moments with her, sees Rani’s face and feels he’s with her!!!! Gosh…more than anything now, maybe it’s the BEST thing for Raja to marry Laila…., at least Raja will know he will be making love with another woman instead of CLONED Rani!!! I say all this based on your prediction, Archana. I wish it heads in opposite direction but it’s up to writers to make us the viewers not heartbroken. I will feel devastated if Naina isn’t Rani and I’m positive a lot of other viewers feel the same way. The problem I have is that Raja loved and still loves Rani even though he denies it, so how will another woman ever matter to him when the misunderstanding between Raja and Rani gets settled when she isn’t there to share the joys of victory? Writers….. You all better be logical here because NO dead souls have ever come back to solve their deaths or related issues. ??Archana, sorry I went all lengthy, I simply needed to get my point across.

      1. Naz, I agree with you completely. If there is any truth to that then this show is over. But I hope it is not true and a proper story line comes up. This is madness!!

  9. Rani has to come back and be rajas rani not naina

  10. I simply must state my mind. I don’t like this Naina character. She’s an airhead. Just laughing, climbing, Giggling, behaving so childish. I can’t stand her. I miss the real rani. She’s was so caring and kind. Responsible. Mature. I recall those times she fought alongside raja and helped find solutions to problems. Her behaviour was elegant, not ghetto like this Naina. Now all u see here is a silly girl flouncing around like a lamb. What gives? I really hope by some magic the real rani is revealed or is returned. There can only be a raja and a real rani otherwise, as others say and i agree, this show is lost. Bring back the real rani soon and unite Raja and rani. And let’s move on to a new twist.

  11. I know many of you want naina to be rani. But if you all have paid close attention to the episodes, naina is repeatedly affirmed as a very young girl. In one of the recent episodes, one of the 18year old henchman of raja shoots a Hawaldar and naina tells him that you are of my age and shouldn’t be doing such things. In yet another episode, when naina was dressed as rani and asks raja to enact a scene n raja tells her his story, naina tells him that I m much younger than you and have not seen life as much as you have. In another episode naina tells Laila she may think of love when she reaches Laila’s age. Now all these clues clearly indicate Naina is 18 years old. After a 10 year leap rani cannot be 18 years old. N a brave girl cannot become a coward even if she has lost her memory. So how can naina be rani? It is possible if and only if rani is acting as naina to accomplish something. I somehow don’t feel the writers wish to bring such a twist.. Let’s see

  12. Yes I agree Archana but it could be that Naina is rani and that she is not 18 year but behave as an 18 year since she lost her memory.However if she is not rani and raja marry liala what more conflict will be there to carry on the series it will be out of juice out of excitement,

  13. Yes Naz there won’ be any mistake again ,how can I misspell my dear friend’s name?Could not participate in this interesting discussion due to a week end travel.My god Naz,we are all going nuts on this issue of Rani And Naina,but none of us really know what is that the writers want to do.With one or two of their now famous twists,they can bring back Rani into raja’s life again or continue this uninspiring story with Naina keeping Rani safely in her grave.Raja’s position will be unenviable in every scenario.If he comes to know that his wife loved him more than anything else in this world and gave up her life to save him from Iqbal ,what will be his mental status.Can really marry Naina forgetting all those beautiful romantic moments that he shared with Rani, the promises they made to each other and the sacrifices ANDmany more feelings that can not be put in words?Well!if he does that ,that can definitely can not be called love.Even if he is unaware and marries Naina,with so much hatred i for rani and many unanswered questions his life will be nothing but miserable.But TRUTH can not be hidden for ever,on one day or the other it will certainly come out .Ofcourse in case the writers have really decided to do away Rani ,I sincerely request them not to malign her character further by bringing her back as a spirit to help Naina.For that purpose ,you can rather use the stupid Dadu who should be blamed for Rani’s ill fate.What I mean to say is if you can not do justice to a noble lovely creation of yours atleast let it rest in peace because many of us are emotionally attached to rani.

  14. Hi Maria.. The dialogs are affirming that she is 18 years old n in different ways in almost every episode. In case of Raja’s henchman, he clearly says ’18 Saal ki Umar Mein tum he Bandook nahi kitchen uthani chahiye’ . N naina keeps on saying ‘Mein bhot Choti hun. Meine abhi tak zindagi bhi utni nahi dekhi’. No the plot will be a mix of movies like ‘dil ne Jise apna
    kaha’ and ‘kaho na pyar hai’. Naina might have got rani’s face n heart 10yrs back and raja ends up with rani’s lookalike. Like the story of ‘rowdy rathore’ naina will complete rani’s unfinished tasks. Rani is dead but her face n especially heart is alive in naina. So raja n rani’s love is still eternal. Even in the famous but dumb serial ‘saath nib Hana sathiya’.. The lead ahem is dead n the female lead gopi marries his lookalike
    jaggi. Even the hit English show’ vampire diaries’ is similar. The ex female lead Elena was a lookalike as well as descendant of the first love of the vampire brothers-katherine. Nevertheless plot is not bad. N we all must be open to different ways of storytelling. Plus logical Indian serials died long back.. I bet u all agree… 🙂

  15. Referring to my last post – not ‘kitchen’ it was ‘kitaben’.. 🙂

  16. Naina is too childish for Raja, that’s why we need Rani back as Rani and not as a ghost and she should be the one to explain to Raja that she did not betray him not Naina.

  17. For some reason i can’t open the box for the write up of 20th Feb to comment. What the hell is this about Rani’s ghost now? Well, that’s it. I love Sartaj Gill aka Raja but I’m quitting this show. it has now gotten beyond stupid. Naina is new stupid girl and rani is dead. This is stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I am no longer watching this show. Goodbye!!!!!!
    GOODBYE!!!! I hate this show now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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