Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At home, Raaj Mata enjoyed with some jokers. Jeewan comes holding his hands to Rani, and dances with Raaj Mata who looked fresh. Jeewan was happy peeking from behind the curtain, Rani was moved at his presence and follows him outside. On the door, she asks if he still think he doesn’t love her. Jeewan come there, she tells him that he is actually the puppet in hands of Raja. Raja said she Jeewan proposed her in the class, Raja said and he brought jokers to cheer Raaj Mata; he loves him must also be Raja’s thought. There is no difference between him and Raja, one wants to get out of her heart and other wants to get in, both without her will. If they involve her grandmother in this game, she won’t tolerate. They have always fought for toys since childhood, but she isn’t a toy. She

goes inside, both were left there on the door.
Raaj Mata was working in the kitchen, she tries to take a bottle from above the shelf that hit her head, and she fell on the floor. Rani comes shouting her name, Raja and Jeewan hurries inside as her head bleed. Raja gets the doctor, while Jeewan bandages her head. The doctor inspects Raaj Mata, then assures there is nothing to worry about. Jeewan assures Rani she will be fine and asks her let Raaj Mata rest. Rani comes behind him thanking, Jeewan forbids her thank someone who belongs to you. Raja comes there agreeing Jeewan, they haven’t played with her emotions. He had been playing games, but Jeewan truly loves her. Today, she must hear what is in Jeewan’s heart, what he always wanted to say. He reads a letter, Jeewan was shocked reading that fake script. It was saddening as Raja reads, he always dreamt for a girl who loves him in spite of all his weakness, he never thought he will get such a girl but he found one. He fall in love with her, and it increases daily. He will love her till death, and even after dying. Jeewan stares at Rani who cries, then goes consoling her as he can’t even think about hurting her. He always want to be her side, and marry her. Raja drops the letter and leave upset. Jeewan promises to keep her happy. Rani says neither he can’t keep her happy, nor would she stay happy there. Jeewan was sad that she loves someone who doesn’t love her, and the one he loves doesn’t love him. He requests her think about him once, and steps pass the letter on the door.
At night, Raja sat with bonfire. Amrita comes complaining about his condition even when Rani hasn’t agreed to marry. What will happen to him when she will take rounds of marriage with Jeewan? Bindu asks Jeewan if Raja loves Rani, why he would help Jeewan marry her. Rani asks Raaj Mata she is really confused, how she will be able to stay with Jeewan. Raaj Mata says it would be difficult to stay with Raja when he doesn’t love her. Raja tells Amrita that he will compel Rani to marry Jeewan, if she marries him she will be hurt daily; because he Rajveer, is his father Kaal’s son. He is a wild animal who will do the same to Rani as Kaal did to Amrita. Jeewan tells Bindu to take care of Raaj, as after he gets married to Rani Raja will be left alone. Rani finds the letter fallen on floor, it was an empty paper that Raja had read. She says this means Raja lied to her.
The next morning, Raja comes out of his room shocked to find Rani pouring tea for him. He comes closer to find it was Bindu, dressed like Rani. She smiles at him, saying he didn’t come downstairs for breakfast so she brought it here. Raja was puzzled, then asks Bindu if she is fine; how she has been dressed. Bindu says she felt a bit changed today. Raja laughs that this change doesn’t suit her, she looks good the way she is. Bindu inquires if she can’t change overnight if he can. Raja takes a bite, and makes a bad face. Bindu asks how it is, Raja lies that it’s nice. She asks him to thank her, he turns around saying yes it’s good. She asks him for a thankyou kiss, he denies. She wasn’t ready to let him go this way, he tries to stop her but she herself moves forward. Rani watches this from the window, as Raja push Lovey behind. She stood upset in the window, Raja follows her.
She was running downstairs upset, Raja comes to explain she is thinking wrong. Rani says it must have happened for her to understand he doesn’t love her. He finds it easy to let her marry Jeewan, so that she stay in front of him but she wants to be with him. They look in the mirror, Raja slaps break it. Rani says the mirror, no matter broken, always show the reality. Raja turns to leave, but the glass had hurt Rani’s hand. Raja turns around and curtly says he doesn’t love her, if she comes near him she will only get hurt. He takes a cloth piece to tie over her bruise, saying he and happiness could never get along well. Rani questions who is he to take decisions for her life, Raja shouts he has because she is his…. Rani stops him asking what?

PRECAP: Rani shows the letter to Jeewan, she tells Jeewan not to interfere between the game between her and Raja. Jeewan shouts back that he has nothing to do with the games Raja plays. Rani is his life only.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Jeeves rocked…
    Raja-rani and their love-hate relation is just boring these days…
    Hoping for nice twists and turns these days….
    And this lovey…she is really a kabab mein haddi..

  2. In Today episode ..jeews awesome rocked it.??

  3. We want jeewsrani together ??

  4. heard that rani will going to know about her parents death.. and she turns revenge to kaal and family .

  5. jeews is real hero..actually jeews have hero qualities but what to do.patha nay ye writer dimak mey kya chal raha hy…I think ye raja intentionally left that letter at rani home.bcoz of this rani misunderstands jeews.today I like jeews more and more.he rescued raj matha(whatever raja did plans.. jeews fallowed it.)but again proved jeews have good heart with this ??

  6. QueenB

    This show has gone to the dogs now
    Nothing makes sense
    Rani is a stupid woman
    Jeeves is love struck with someone who has never shown him affection for him to fall in love
    Raja’s psychotic character makes no sense
    He probably belongs to a jungle indeed

    I think they are trying to make him like Christian Grey but these writers cannot or should not try to adapt hollywood styles

  7. Yeah, Rani is no a smart character . I was hoping to see her mothers fight in her??

  8. I read that Amrita will come to rani’s house asking for ranni’s hand to marry jeeves..On seeing rajmata amrita gets shocked ..Later Rani comes to know that she is the princess, Its kaal who brutlessly killed her parents ranaji and gayathri.Rani gets shocked and goes to palace so that she could cancel marriage but she remembers about her parent’s death and sweet rani turns to vengeful rani..

    I’m not sure coz i read this in tellychakkar… Hope it happens

  9. phani rajeswari

    Before falling in love we may expect many things but after choosing a person plz don’t judge them… If u can’t see them their way try to change them or before falling only think once.. I liked rani and raja both the characters becoz both r far to truth so their behaviour is natural but plz don’t bring jeevan in between it’s getting a deal of relations becoz seeing our love with our bro so close may hurt and make them bad…

  10. I think Jeeves should leave rani alone for some time

  11. For heaven’s sake Raja, get a grip on yourself. You love Rani and you want to give her away? Thank goodness, she has patience. Good to see jealousy eating you inside, throw your male ego and pride aside and see how she is tormented inside before it’s too late…….uhh well I know you both will end up together but it’s taking forever for you to give forward in the relationship. As of now, I want Rani to get to the conspiracies committed in that palace and kick some ass!….rani gayatri style. Wonder where rageshwari went? Bindu is such a loser,running after Raja who doesn’t care if a Monday falls on a Wednesday……sigh

  12. I notice that only bindu has the 60’s look…… What happen to the others?

  13. Love raja ? Love the letter bit

  14. Pradishma, I hope you are right with that big news…….. Yes’s jess, I like that part as well……so cute,,,,,, Raja spoke from his ♥ ?? I don’t like how Jeeves not taking a hint that Rani doesn’t love him, maybe this might make him possessive and he might turn bad and maybe Raja will have to protect her and they might bond wholeheartedly…..just maybe……..hmmmmmm

    1. Hi Naz, I too hope this to be true.
      But it’s from tellychakkar that’s y, I am not sure

  15. Raja and jeevan are being so possessive with Rani like if she is a toy when will she find out she is royalty:/

  16. If jeevan is hero than why he is taking help from raja??& he rally loves rani than why he isnot ready to secrifice his love for whom rani love….

    love raja& rani & the way raja has read the letter

  17. I mean if jeevan really loves rani

    1. I think you didn’t saw r listen when jeews praposed with shayari to rani in class.

  18. nice story.love raja rani

  19. Jeevas jantu ki shadi Rani se aur Raja ki shadi bindu Karo aur show ko band karo

    We want Raja Rani together

  20. Raja dil ka achha hai aur jeevas jantu ek number ka kamina

    We want Raja Rani together

    1. Don’t you have shame to use bad words on this page.

  21. Raja is so ugly

  22. osm episode

  23. raj-ni scenes was fab

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