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Gayatri’s maa compels Seth ji not to stop her from looking a proposal for Gayatri. She says if she has any right on her daughter, she asks for it; he won’t stop her for finding a proposal and he won’t reject any proposal she finds. Seth ji thinks about all the words of his household even on drinking of Gayatri. He withdraws his hand from his wife’s, then says alright he will marry Gayatri anywhere she would want.
At the dinner table, Gayatri was upset. Maa speaks to her son Shaam to bring Pandit ji home in the evening. Shaam and his wife asks if there is a pooja at home. Maa says no, we have decided to marry Gayatri as soon as possible. Their life has no insurance, will Gayatri live with her brother and sister forever. Bhabis cheer. Shaam and the younger brother say that it

is difficult to find a guy for Gayatri so soon, and they must not hurry. Maa curtly says that what a good proposal is, a guy should be from a good family and able to earn for himself, what else they would need. Everyone agrees and leaves the table. Gayatri thinks how she can think about two men when her heart only cares for Rana ji.
Rana ji says to Raaj Mata that he can never reside two women in his heart. Deewan ji comes there, Rana ji asks why he never told him about the debt. Deewan ji says he was about to tell him, he says that the expence of palace are 7, 50,000 while our income is only 4, 50,000. Raaj Mata says we are indebted of 59, 00,000. Rana ji is shocked, he says there would be no party again in the royal palace. Raaj Mata says they will leave their influence on the state. She warns Rana ji that whatever he does he cannot collect Seth Govind’s total amount, he has only two ways either to marry Kinour’s princess or agree to Mr. Wilkinson’s offer. Rana ji says agreeing to Mr. Wilkinson’s offer will further ruin their state economy. Raaj Mata says they don’t have much time, he needs to decide soon.
At Seth Govind’s home, Bhabi gets Gayatri ready. The proposal was from the elder Bhabi’s family. Seth Govind questions the young boy what he is doing. He says he studies in the college. Pandit ji corrects him that the proposal if of the elder man, who was the father of this young. Damodar wanted to have a second wife after the death of his first one. He was 56 years of age. The younger Bhabi brings Gayatri downstairs, Damodar’s elder sister introduces herself, Damodar, his son to Gayatri. Pandit ji asks Gayatri to walk a little so that they can confirm if she has no defects. Gayatri walks looking at her father with tears in eyes. Damodar asks why their girl wasn’t married till yet. Pandit ji says she got engaged and the boy passed away, else there is nothing wrong. Damodar’s sister asks if she can cook. The younger bhabi says she cooked whatever they are eating. His sister says to Damodar that she likes the girl, Damodar stucks at speech and says he as well. Gayatri is left shocked and looks at Seth ji, as Damodar’s son comes to take her blessings as a mother. Damodar begins to speak about dowry. Maa says they will give them eleven lac of amount and the jewellery as well. Damodar is left shocked, his sister confirms the proposal at once.
Pandit ji congratulates Seth ji, everyone cheers. Pandit distributes sweets while Gayatri goes to Seth ji and says he can’t do this to her. She accepts that she is unlucky, she also accepts her mistake, she also knows they care about her but she asks him to be true to her if he thinks this would be better for her. If his answer is yes, she is ready to marry this man. He also knows this will ruin her life. Seth ji sits silent, Damodar stands and says this girl has a long tongue. This is her brought up, and complains to Pandit ji if he was marrying this girl. Damodar’s sister also curses Gayatri, but Seth ji stands in defence of his daughter. He tells her to look at his brother whose son is older than her daughter, he asks them to leave his house at once.

PRECAP: Maa faints at once. Nirmalla curses Gayatri that she will never marry. Rana ji comes to meet an old lady saying whenever he is worried only a single person has his answers for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. MAA is so selfish that she would ruin her daughters life.. Seth Ji did right bysending them packing.

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