Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kokilla says that this couple looks such beautiful, but tells them that Rana ji must stay away from Gayatri for the next five days. She thinks about bribing Pandit ji for taking five days from Rana ji. Raaj mata thinks this is a long time. Rana ji thinks if it is about five centuries he doesn’t care. Gayatri thinks she can’t stay without sindoor for five days, she must go to Rana ji tonight. Raaj mata thinks she must talk to Rana ji to opt Gayatri, as they want an heir for the palace. Kokilla says she will send Gayatri back home within these five days.
Yashoda shows the room to Gayatri saying she must stay here for the next five days. Gayatri asks yashoda about Rana ji’s room. Yashoda tells her the directions. Gayatri asks Yashoda if she will help her learn the trends and

lifestyle of this palace. Gayatri watches the sindoor box and takes it towards Rana ji’s room.
In the room, Rana ji spoke to Surakshna’s photo that he left putting sindoor only because he wants her to remain an incomplete bride forever. Raaj Mata can enforce the proposal but she can never enforce her to be his bride. He promises Surakshna he will never fill sindoor in her head.
Gayatri stood on the door asks Rana ji to fill sindoor in her head, she has come for that. Raaj Mata stood in her front as it was her room’s door, Rana ji passes by the other corridor. Raaj Mata says that it must be a coincidence, and her head partition has been filled already. Gayatri says this is blood of Rana ji. Raaj Mata says this is better than any sindoor. She tells Gayatri not to tell Rana ji about it, he cares about petty issues and might consider that this wedding never took place. Gayatri is worried, Raaj Mata sends Gayatri to sleep as tomorrow is her first kitchen.
In the morning, everyone is shocked to hear the Bhajan being sung. Kunwar ji, Kokilla, Bari Raani maa, Raaj Mata and all go to see who is singing this early in the morning. Rana ji sends his man to check who is creating such a noice. They all come out to see Gayatri in the temple. Gayatri turns to see the family standing behind her. Gayatri asks why they are all looking at her like this, she says she kept little food in Prasad, but for God nothing is less. She tells a servant to distribute Prasad among everyone. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri she doesn’t need to do Pooja, there is a Pandit in Palace for this. Gayatri says her father says God and men have a direct connection, indirect connections aren’t needed; she takes permission from Raaj Mata but Bari Raani maa says she is hopeful from Gayatri to keep her traditions, she has all the permissions but gayatri must keep the respect of a princess and must learn to dress up like Princess in the palace. Everyone leaves, Gayatri thinks Rana ji didn’t come. She hurries inside.
Rana ji peeks through the gallery, Gayatri was coming upstairs with the Prasad and both have a confrontation. Rana ji passes Gayatri, she stops him asking him to take Prasad. He stops for a while, then heads to leave again. She stops his way and picks one to his mouth saying Prasad. Raaj Mata comes from behind and says Rana ji takes black coffee as soon as he wakes up. Gayatri reconfirms what he takes, she watches a servant holding the cup. Rana ji takes it and leaves. Gayatri says it doesn’t matter, she will keep care about it till tomorrow. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri she must go and get ready as Bari Raani maa wants her to. Raaj Mata is worried what if someday she gets late.
Gayatri watches all the jewellery, she says to Raaj Mata if mistakenly all the jewellery of Raaj Mata and Kokilla have got mixed with hers. Raaj Mata says it is all her jewellery, she doesn’t want anyone to say that Gayatri doesn’t know to live like a princess. Raaj Mata claps, Gayatri gets ready.

PRECAP: Gayatri tells everyone she will cook all the Royal dishes. Raaj Mata appreciates the food, but Gayatri feels nauseatic. Rana ji says disgusting, and leaves the table.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Hello is der anyone else watching tis series???EtrEtr???? Wyt to hear comments pls share tnx

  2. Y d hell rana ji said disgusting, was d food soo bad or for his looong lost luv…

  3. Well it’s going Pretty good ??❤️

  4. for me ranaji is way too much…cant even give respect to food and to the person whom he got married..treat her like a person not a doormat.

  5. Really and this guy is Ranaji, how is he going to take care of his people.

  6. Writer’s why is is the king so . Mean will he ever love the queen boring

  7. Enjoying this series so far….but the is ranaji need to loosen up…stop being such a dumbo?

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