Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raaj mata calls Yashoda to do something as the candle is going out. Jhumki thinks she will have to do much of a drama to be a widow. She is shocked to see Rana ji and Gayatri save the candle flame. Raaj Mata is happy to see them, Rana ji says to Gayatri that they have returned to palace. Raaj Mata comes and asks Gayatri what is there on her forehead. Bari Rani maa comes and asks if something happened to them? She was so worried when she heard about the blast. Rana ji tells Bari Rani maa they have her blessings, Gayatri had a foot cramp, Rana ji sat down to help her and the blast was over them. Rana ji goes inside. Gayatri asks Bari Rani maa how she knew about the blast, Bari Rani maa says she always know about what happens in Amirkot. She tells Bari Rani maa that the black veiled lady

was also there she was talking about then. Bari Rani maa says this is only imaginations, many women have such veils. She tells Gayatri to take rest. Jhumki fells on Gayatri’s feet saying she hated her only for her love but couldn’t get her. She apologizes Gayatri. Gayatri says they are tied in a strange bond and relation, relations have to be fulfilled. She will live in the palace with full protocol of Rani. Raaj Mata says this was the best Diwali in Palace. Gayatri goes inside with Sulakshna.
Swarna asks Cheetah in the car that she needs to eat imli. He gets out of the car to get her some, Swarna brings out a knife from the bag. Cheetah brings the imli, Swarna puts on knife injury on his arm and runs away.
The doctor tells Rana ji that such blasts leave a deep down psychological effect on people. He must keep on giving in time medicines to her.
Swarna runs away when Cheetah comes to her from front. She backs up and fell on a pile of sugar. Cheetah traps her there.
Gayatri lights candles and do the pooja with Rana ji. Gayatri thinks that she doesn’t know what is written in her husband’s luck, who and why is he being attacked. But in her life, she will fight against all the enemies apart, Yamraj as well. She prays for Rana ji’s life. Bari rani maa asks for the strength to make this Diwali the last of Gayatri’s. Gayatri gives everyone the smoke, Sulakshna backs up saying she doesn’t like smoke near her face. Gayatri is shocked. Gayatri brings the candle stand back. She smiles looking at Rana ji, who smiles back.
Swarna was crying, Cheetah sits up and put on sugar over himself. He puts the sugar on his cut. He says she is more salty than this salt, warns her if she does this again he will forget his limits. He stands up and asks her to get up, it is getting late. Swarna says when the servant is here, princess will not get up by herself. Cheetah turns around, comes to her and takes her hand. Swarna stands up, Cheetah takes her into his arms and leave the market.
Gayatri brings the Prasad to Rana ji, Rana ji says he wants to give her something. She had challenged him that till Diwali she will win his love and they will light the candle together. He says she won, but he also didn’t lose. If he has her love, he couldn’t have lost. He had said that he will pay all the debt of her father. She had promised to pay his debt with him by helping him anyway. Gayatri asks if he remembered it, Rana ji says he is the Raja of Amirkot, never forgets his promises. He claps, a servant brings a briefcase filled with money. Everyone in the palace is shocked to see this much amount. Rana ji says this debt amount along with interest… Bari Rani maa asks where he brought this much amount of money. Rana ji says if his wife can do so much for him, he can also do this. He whispers to Gayatri that he had thought he would give Seth ji his daughter too, but sends a message that they must tell Seth ji that he has only returned the money, his most precious thing is still with him.
Gayatri and Rana ji were together in a room. Gayatri says to Rana ji that someone was about to push her out of the palace on Diwali and she has heard Raja’s never break promises. Rana ji says that promise was from a Raja not a husband. He kisses Gayatri’s hand. Sulakshna and Bari Rani maa watched from the terrace upstairs. Rana ji touches the smile of Gayatri praying evil eye stay away from her. Sulakshna was worried about it, Bari Rani maa thinks she will make their passage such difficult that they won’t survive together. Kunwar ji and Kokilla thinks that this means bari Rani maa failed in her mission to kill Rana ji. Laksh happily comes to Kunwar ji saying he is happy they killed Swarna. Swarna comes along with Cheetah. Kokilla tells Laksh that he is a servant and will stay with Swarna. Gayatri is happy to see Swarna, Swarna runs towards Gayatri, hugs her and cries. Rana ji and Raaj mata are happy to see her there.

PRECAP: The veiled lady calls Gayatri from window as she was slept with Rana ji. Gayatri peeks at the lady, who held the lantern. She is shocked to see Bari Rani maa under the veil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. gayatri has along road to walk still at least she is fixing some issues the palace is facing I will be surprised if she fixes it all but the episodes reveal slowly but surely. very angelic of her letting divine power guide her. she was never greedy for the crown and yet she got it unlike kunwar ji. good episode very touching.

  2. I wonder how queen rani devi gayatri will sort out the bad guys kunwar ji and crew. she herself will probably forgive but ai dunno we have to watch and see. swarna has an ill fate facing her god help her.

  3. nice episode……love u gayathri n ranaji……awesome pair…..

  4. awesome

  5. I hate this bade rani maa. Watz her prob in life? N this jhumki n her slang. …will swarna be able to expose kunwar raja n his wife?

  6. looks like Bari Rani Ma is going to make it look like Gayatri is going crazy (mental)… that is why they are giving her those meds to perhaps make her a little foggy brained and now Bari Rani Ma is exposing herself to Gayatri so that Gayatri will say something to Ranaji and Ranaji will think she has gone mad.

    1. that sounds possible

  7. Hey common . every serial has good and bad. At least etretr has a decent villianess unlike other serials where bad keeps happening to good people nd it takes months for them to start smiling. Here at least problems and solutions both happen together

  8. The upcoming episode of EK Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani will show that Gayatri feels something fishy in store room and goes there.
    Gayatri is shocked seeing the black woman is none other than Badi Rani Ma.
    Badi Rani Maa talks to Skelton and tells her evil plan against Ranaji.
    Badi Rani Maa catches Gayatri and reveals her that she had killed Sulakshana and also will Ranaji.
    Badi Rani Ma also tries to stab Gayatri but Gayatri manages to save herself and runs to Ranaji.
    Gayatri tells Ranaji about Badi Rani Ma’s reality but Ranaji does not believe on her.
    Badi Rani Maa also shows her fake concern towards Gayatri fooling Ranaji……guys its upcoming updates…..I wish badi rani ma get expose soon infrnt of rana ji….I love this serial much….plz writers don’t brk gayatri n ranaji for any reason….we love tht couple…nice serial guys….

  9. nice episode i hope gayatri help swarna soon….although gayatri in alot of crap herself wit bari rani and jhumki….i read somewhere doh that laksh would start to feel jealous seein swarna and cheetah dont know how since hes portrayed as a gay prince…but we ll see

  10. Good episode hope it will top trp this week

  11. I Love U Gayatri.Awesome end of the episode

  12. Well I am shocked to see the changes in some people a lot of people can guess who but anyways nice episode

    1. I too shocked but pleased.

  13. I really hope Bari Ma does not make Gayatri look mad with the meds , but you right it sounds like that is the plan otherwise why would the doctor go into so much detail. I really dont like the sound of that please dont let evil win for once let the tablets turn on the wicked < I really feel for Ranaji whenever he gets just a little happiness it gets taken away 🙁

  14. Very nice, dis serial makes me understand that God answers prayer not other serial that the evil always win over good. Keep it up

  15. hi Tuma sorry for sounding silly but can you please tell me what is TRP I always heard about it but never knew what it meant and where do you find which serial is topping the charts.

  16. OH I got it LOL is it Top Rated Program

  17. Shals ofcourse, what a positive change

  18. Nice program at first I did not like this show about ranji and rani seemed old time .
    Now I can’t miss the program , I have stopped looking at the other programs as they don’t interest me anymore . This program shows true love so far ( from a mother to a son and husband to wife) The other jokers are just there to take up space and time in the program . That wicked, greedy old lady needs to be exposed soon.

  19. Raaj maata will not let something bad happen to gayatri n rana ji.she will do something.

  20. Anjali Rajgopal

    This episode was killer, and those who go bak and forth on dislikingthis show should know better. I CRIED WHEN GAYATRI AND SWARNA HUGGED. That was so emotional, both of them were literally going through hell individually, its so nice knowing they are together.

    CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN SWARNA AND HER “SERVANT”. ??? l hope they NEVER get to a rape scrne and demolish that idiot, Kunwar ji’s son.

    1. Ya… Swarna and her servant…. But he’s faaar better than that stupid laksh…… I hope rana ji and gayatri stay like dis forever….. Go to hell bari rani ma and jumkhi…. U can do nothing…. Luv u etretr

  21. Vani Ravisurya

    Dont seperate ranaji, and gayathri. God is with them.

  22. Now she knows who it is i hope she tell raj mata n i think she will try to expose sulakshna

  23. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Love ETR2 good fast pace…pls no rape bullshit!!!!! N big witch n ugly sulak should start geting caught….as for pillls why start madness complications its ridiculious….eish…..
    i dnt watch any other serials
    in SouthAfrica we ar not getting anyting new???????

  24. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Don’t know why but I want to see Cheetah and Swarna’s romance and not Gayatri and Ranaji’s..
    Hope to see Cheetah and Swarna falling for each other..

  25. Where is 17th November 2015 written update?

  26. Where is today’s WU ??? Pls post it soon…

  27. Plz let his majesty and Gaitrie don’t brake up

  28. Hello peeps, im from Africa, Cameroon to be precise. I love indian serials and i have been watching for years now, to the extent of knowing some actresses and actors by their real names and following them on social media. Im proud to say i know the meaning of some Hindi words. These serials are a killer. But kkb is very boring now. Hats off to the person writing these updates, ur Amazing ?????

  29. Why – no update for Nov 17th…. please this show is the best do far. I feel like fish out of water. please post.

  30. Hi all

    Where r the update for today?

  31. Anjali Rajgopal

    I love how everyone gathers here after an episode to just talk about it. EKREKR fam <3

    Omg yesss. I see the heat building up between the servant ad Swarna. Sulakshna needs to get a life but DAMN. Her acting is so good, she playa two roles and changes character so quickly you REALLY think its another girl. Wah. GOOD. KEEP IT UPPPPP <3

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