Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Raaj brings a dress for Rani and demands to see her wearing this saree. He wants to begin a new life and brought her here. Rani remembers about her prayers and go change into the new saree. Raaj comes from behind. He brings her in front of the mirror and ties an expensive necklace into her neck. He tries to get intimate with her.
Raaj tells Rani he feels he must only get close to Rani when she has recollected her memory, he belongs to her and loves her dearly. He leaves. Rani wonders why she is so confused.
Raaj tells Doshi on call that he isn’t a bastard, he can’t get this inheritance drama. They must think about winning over Sunanda Chauhan’s trust.
Doshi goes to get medicine for Maa. Maa coughs badly and asks Sakshi for water but the water drops. She

notices the water pot was empty. There, Sunanda sends her men to look for them. Sakshi opens the door and goes to get water for themselves.
Sunanda had just left the hall for water when Sakshi comes out from the basement. She hits a vase which drops. Sunanda was shocked to see her there as Sakshi gets afraid of her. Sunanda holds her hair from behind and asks where they had been. Her goons bring Raaj’s mother as well. They inform her that they had been right here at the house. Raaj’s mother asks Sunanda to leave her.
Sunanda had tied Sakshi and mother to the pole holding them at gun point and asks Sakshi to tell who her brother is. Doshi announces he is her brother. Sunanda instructs her men to tie him as well. She questions what they have been up to now, they have already snatched everything from them. Rani comes to push Sunanda’s hand away and asks how she can take someone’s life. Sunanda says they snatched her father, and now they want to snatch Rani from her. They will surely get their punishment. She accuses Doshi for being the culprit who must have attempted to push her off the cliff. Raaj holds the gun and tells Rani they can’t spare them so easily, Sunanda can never be wrong. He qualifies they can’t kill them so easily, they must be made to suffer. He looks towards Doshi saying the sick lady and Sakshi can’t do any harm to them, but Doshi… he shots towards him saying he won’t leave the one hurting her alive. Rani screams as Doshi fell over the floor, dead.
Sunanda tells Raaj’s mother and she left her hurt after snatching her husband, similarly she would suffer now. Her son’s death would make her die. Sunanda instructs her men to take them, Sakshi cries and resists. Raaj goes to take care of the dead body. Rani clutches his collar and questions if he didn’t think for a while before taking such an act, she can’t believe he is her Raju. Sunanda was shocked to hear Rani’s accusation, she says Raaj took her revenge from this man. He cares for her pain then why not her daughter, how can Rani be her enemy’s side. Raaj calms Sunanda down, Rani doesn’t remember anything much. Sunanda says Rani doesn’t even care that she is her mother.

PRECAP: Sunanda thanks Raaj for being her son. She promises to give a party tonight and name everything after him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Felt slightly better today.. Raj was about to execute the third plan suggested by Doshi.. N he tries to get intimate with rani (their chemistry was awesome.. Set the house on fire).. But his conscience pricked him n he bluntly tells doshi that he is bad but not cheap to go to this extent to get his revenge.. N today after the shock treatment incident raj’s character instilled some confidence in me once again.. His character showed subtle signs of wanting to wholeheartedly unite with rani.. Rani u got a small win today.. Keep it up.. But Raj still deserves a punishment for trying to kill rani as his evilness is still empowering him.. In coming episodes too he is going to inflict more physical and mental injury on rani.. So rani please don’t get carried away in raj’s momentary bouts of affection.. N this doshi is not dead.. It is simply raj’s plan to win Sunanda’s trust n get property papers from her..

  2. Oh dear Lakshmi….. I still have to see that episode you talk about as we are a week behind. It’s so damn frustrating….. I agree with your comments and Archana as well…. I was wondering about that female client of yours, you see how sometimes they endanger their lives by forgiveness without getting to the root of their problems?? She’s weak in her determination, what example is she setting for her own daughter?? I really don’t understand how to assess this situation and this happens all over the world. Women are strong beings but I think if she was financially independent, she might have not been so forgiving towards him, she might have been more resilient in her thinking. As it is, she’s gone back to the same thing, how can you take her seriously now? She has made this case difficult for you now….. Sad…… This serial is portraying Rani to be a woman of your client ‘s calibre….take the abuse but love the man nevertheless ,why for goodness sake are the writers making Rani look like a real character, is beyond my comprehension
    Lakshmi, do you remember how the first season of ETRETR was? Today seems like its a different serial we are watching, so entirely different the female characters are….. I so disgusted and tired of reading the horrific episodes and we here haven’t seen those as yet…so you can imagine our torture…..

    1. Yes dear.. Season 1 was the real love story.. Ranaji was so respectful towards his wives including that vamp rageshwari… He was so majestic n true in his love for gayatri.. He was a character of the 40s but very broad minded when it came to women.. But raja/Raju was always abusive n in season 3 crossed all limits of abuse by trying to kill rani.. Raja sometimes portrayed himself as a very open minded character but was abusive, possessive, jealous and hateful towards his rani for most part of season 2…raju broke all records by trying to be a murderer for the silly property.. Glad that at least writers didn’t turn him into a rapist.. N rani is just ‘queen’ by name not in actions unlike gayatri.. In season 2 she was not strong enough to take revenge n silently tolerated Raja’s abuse and hatred.. N dark rani ghost was the extreme negative form of Rani which was totally uncalled for.. N in season 3 she is getting carried away quite often by raj’s fake emotions or ulterior motives.. What is the use of portraying her as a wealthy well educated girl.. She behaves like some weak submissive woman.. She is not ‘RANI’ but ‘NAUKRANI’ (servant) to raj’s deadly strategies.. 🙁

  3. Sorry for typo errors…line should read… Writers are making Rani look like an abused character….instead of… Writers making Rani look like a real character…..

  4. Yes ,Archana ,There is still an iota of humanity left in Raaj,he has not crossed that thin line that differentiates a human from a beast.Thank god!he has not dared to take advantage of their married status and I could also see some glimpses of Raja in Raaj when he gently kisses Rani on her forehead and later tells his friend that he is definitely bad but not a KAMEENA.I remember that in season 2 Raja says the same thing on one or two occasions.This episode reveals that Inspite of Raaj ‘s extremities in this revenge drama,Rani still loves him.,Infact I was surprised to see her confused and disappointed when Raaj backs off ,it shows that come what may ,Rani will never stop loving Raja.I only hope that Rani will keep her emotions in check and find out the truth and whatever is the truth ,Raaj is not justified in inflicting so much pain on Rani,.In last night’s episode Raaj says to himself that hecan not take advantage of Rani as she is innocent but he has not for a second hesitated to push her off the cliff.Really,the writers are making this character very complicated.

    1. Basically writers are implying that killing is not the act of a bastard but raping is.. But both are equally brutal crimes.. Both construe regressive content.. However on the positive side, at least writers were kind enough not to turn Raju into a complete animal.. But there is still a contradiction.. Raj’s conscience pricks when he tries to take advantage of Rani but he feels no remorse while attempting to kill her.. So basically our writers as usual are confused and dumb…

  5. Well I don’t see this serial for a while so I don’t know what’s happening if someone can help me with plot it will be good plzzzz……last time I see slthis serial it was when rani was spirit

  6. Naz, I feel that we have seen the last of Rani’s soft corner for Raaj in last night’sepisode , there was an almost disgusting and shocking expression on Rani’s face when she stands witness to Raaj shooting down his own friend and confidente ,Doshi ,to win over Sunanda.Rani will definitely think that atleast in her own case there is a reason for Raaj’s cruel deeds as she ,being the daughter of Sunanda Chauhan,has become his enemy as well but killing his close friend for his selfish interest will certainly bring Rani face to face with the truth that Raaj is a killer.But I don’t think Raaj has really killed Doshi,it is a part of the plan given by Doshi himself to impress Rani’s mother so that she gives the property rights to Raaj willingly. So in the coming episodes the roles might be reversed ,Raaj feeling for Rani and Rani hating him.There are already indications of Raaj softening towards Rani in this episode and according to spoiler alerts ,Rani ,who could not see a few drops of blood on Raaj’s hand earlier ,,stabs him,when he prevents her to go to Sunanda to tell her the truth.Can we imagine Rani doing so ,under normal circumstances?So let anything happen to the property,Rani’s hatred for Raaj is the best punishment for him.
    I agree with you Naaz that ther is something lacking in the female characters in this season.If you take season 2 female characters ,let them be positive or negative,there is some class in them.Here Sunanda Buaji ,Raaj’s mother and siste ,all the characters look awkward and artificial,may be some problem with the script itself .By the way Sunanda is no less a killer than Raaj,she was ready to shoot Raaj’s mother,sister and Doshi before Rani interrupted her.
    I am thankful to you Naz that inspite of Zee’s indifferent attitude,you are making it a point to come on this forum for us,your friends.Let us see this serial to the end for Sartaj.Take care friend.

  7. f**k THEM I HATE RAJ

  8. Dear Y,lot of water has flown under the bridge since then.Season 2 ends when BRM who comes back as a witch kills both Raja and Naina ,before that Rani ‘s spirit,realising her mistake attains salvation.In season3 raja and Rani are reborn,Rani as the daughter of a rich lady,Sunanda and Raja as Raju singh who joins as a bodyguard to Rani.Infact Raju’s purpose of becoming a bodyguard is something else.He is hired by Anandi,Rani’s bua,to kidnap Rani so that she can get hold of her property.So Raju kidnaps Rani and wlhile on the run ,they both end up in Amerkot palace and Rani tells Raju thatshe has seen this palace many times in her dreams.Now Rani’s mother and her fiancée come to know that Raju and Rani are in Amerkot and come there with the police.By that time Rani realises that she is in love with Her bodyguard and confesses the same to him which Raju refuses.
    When her mother comes with the police Rani says that she is in love with Raju and both of them are married to save him from being arrested for kidnapping.After that Rani comes to know that the real culprits are her Buaji and her fiancée .They get arrested and jailed.Now Rajmata, who has been waiting for the rebirth of Raja and Rani ,comes to know that they are in Amerkot,comes to Rani’s mother and tells her that Rani was her grand daughter in her previous birth and Raju was prince Rajbir and he was Rani’s husband.After that both of them kill BRM who is still after them. Then on Dadu’s insistence .Raju and rani get married.

    The very next morning after their marriage ,there is a lot of change in Raaj’s bahaviour towards Rani.He takes her to an old house in the outskirts and shows her his ailing mother and memory lost elder sister.He tells her that Rani’s mother was responsible for his father’s death and his sister losing her memory.He tells Rani that he married her to take revenge .He takes her to the edge of a cliff and pushes her off,before that itself he gets the property
    papers signed by rani telling her that they are some insurance papers.
    After pushing her off ,Raaj comes home thinking that now he can sort out Rani’s mother but when he takes out the documents from his pocket ,to his disappointment he sees that Rani’s signatures are all erased because of heavy rain.In the meantime Rani survives the fall ,some fisherfolk spot Rani and informs her mother that she is unconscious. Raaj Gets worried seeing his wife alive.But after coming to senses,Rani doesn’t tell anything,she acts as if she has lost memory.But after a few days Raaj suspects that Rani is only faking memory loss,so he is trying all the means to force her admit the same.This is the tussle that is going on now .Hope this will help you.

  9. Sorry for any ty .errors particularly the spelling of my dear friend’s name,Naz.Do you remember Naz ,I used to do the same mistake in the beginning of our friendship.I know you don’t mind,still I am sorry.

    1. Lol…. I remember dear Lakshmi… You don’t need to say sorry, I know you are talking to me and I’m not one iota offended. What are friends for and even I make lots of typo errors and I feel lazy at times to correct it….. Don’t you worry…. ?

  10. Hello friends.. Bad news once again.. Upcoming spoiler.. Raj will send Rani to a mental hospital… 🙁

  11. Hi Friends….:(…the new spoiler on youtube made me cry…i have to reverse the statements I made earlier in the day…RAJ IS A BEAST.HE DESERVES TO DIE..Writers please introduce a new male lead opposite Rani..Bring Kundan back in a positive light if u dont want to introduce someone new…I want Rani to divorce Raj and marry a new man..someone who is more powerful than Raj and with whose help Rani can crush Raj…N pls end the stupid story going in the background..I mean clarify whose allegations are true RAJ or SUNANDA?

    Friends I cant take it anymore…I will not comment much for some time now..I will restart actively commenting the day RANI kicks RAJ…I feel like crying…:(…so much pain inflicted on a woman by her man who has been her beloved for ages…WHY HAS THIS SERIAL BEEN EXTENDED IF A HATE STORY WAS GOING TO BE PRESENTED? N why is etretr becoming like kkb…negative raj track getting dragged n dragged with no solution in sight….

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