Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lakhan watches Laksh takes Savitri aside. Laksh says he wants to talk to her. Lakhan comes there, Laksh says alone. Savitri nods at him, she asks Laksh if he didn’t tell her reality to anyone. Or anyone didn’t listen to him. Laksh says she is staying her as sister of Lakhan. Savitri says Lakhan doesn’t know about her reality, Laksh will become a way for her to stay inside. Laksh is happy that only he knows about it, he says then Gayatri must keep Lakhan away from Swarna as she is his wife and only he has a right over her body and soul. Gayatri says then he must also do something for her. Laksh accepts the deal.
Gayatri thinks she never wanted to hurt Rana ji. Rana ji comes from behind and what? Savitri says at once that when she said she didn’t watch Gayatri, it wasn’t so

that people don’t call him insane but because she actually didn’t see Gayatri. She asks Rana ji if this palace is his. Then why everyone around has a hold on the decisions of palace. She says if there was his mother…. Rana ji gets angry and tells her to go. Gayatri thinks that before disclosing she must bring everyone’s reality to the front.
Lakhan complains to Gayatri how she can promise Laksh he will stay away from Swarna. She knows the best interest of Swarna and her happiness as well but they have come here with a different goal. Lakhan says sorry he got emotional and forgot about it. Gayatri says they need to bring Rana ji’s memory about cliff event back, but for that she needs Raaj Mata’s help. Lakhan asks if she trusts Laksh. Gayatri says not at all; it will be their biggest mistake.
Laksh comes drunk into Swarna’s bed. She wakes up at once, he had tied her hands. She cried. Laksh says he knows what he has to do to Lakhan. Swarna says he won’t do anything to Lakhan, Laksh tells him to be happy about her husband being around. He puts in the drink bottle in her mouth.
Lakhan makes way for Gayatri to meet Raaj Mata.
Lakhan comes from behind, Laksh was drunk. Lakhan beats him down on neck, and unties the ropes of Swarna’s hands. He leaves silently but Swarna hugs him from behind. Lakhan removes her hands, turns to her. She was crying and hugs him.
In the jail, Savitri combs Raaj Mata’s hair. She tells Raaj Mata not to lose her hopes, her son will come to her one day. Raaj Mata says the hate was filled for Gayatri, when she tried to tell him the truth Rajeshwari proved her wrong and took a son from the mother. Gayatri thinks that she was right, Rajeshwari made Rana ji believe that Raaj Mata is his enemy. She will now teach Rajeshwari good lesson.
Savitri serves the food to Rana ji, Kunwar ji and everyone. Rana ji was thinking about Gayatri. Lakhan throws an arrow towards Rajeshwari. Savitri nods at him then saves Rajeshwari. Rana ji asks who dared threw an arrow at his Rani in the palace. There was a tag on the arrow that betrayer! If the death gets him, he will also not be saved. Rana ji wonders why such a message for Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari wipes her sweat. Savitri asks Rana ji why someone would call his wife as betrayer. Savitri says she feels that both Rana ji and his wife’s life is in danger. Bari Rani maa says whatever Rana ji saw was an illusion, what happened right now was a joke; she will handle it all. Kunwar ji says they will disclose anything wrong if it is going on in the palace. Savitri prays for the protection of Rana ji and Rajeshwari and goes to get some more food. Rajeshwari sat worried.
Laksh gets Savitri on the corridor. Laksh says to Gayatri that she didn’t do anything to keep Lakhan away from Swarna. Gayatri says she promised him not to let Lakhan come as close to Swarna as only a husband is rightful of. Laksh says he will tell everyone that she has shot the arrow at Rajeshwari. Gayatri says go and tell them, they will also ask him why he kept a secret for so long. Rana ji comes from behind and asks Laksh what he is doing? Laksh gets away from Gayatri. Savitri tells Rana ji that he astray his path, she has shown it to him. She tells Laksh to go towards his room now. Rana ji asks if she is fine. Savitri boasts she has made a lot of people insane. Savitri says she is worried about Rana ji, had she been in his place she would have inquired about the matter. Hadn’t she pushed his wife, it would have got to her forehead. Only a betrayer can do this. Rana ji says in this palace was only one betrayer, Raaj mata and she is in basement jail. Savitri asks if there was one betrayer, who threw the arrow then. She tells Rana ji that Raaj mata is his mother, she shed her blood for him; she is the one he has put iron bangles on. Rana ji clutches her and tells her not to talk about Raaj Mata again.

PRECAP: Gayatri says to Lakhan that they made Rajeshwari afraid so that she meets her companion, but she isn’t as afraid now to meet her companion.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls pls bring the truth out soon pls pls then I will cry.

    1. How do you change your profile picture

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        It is not difficult become a member in Www. gravatar.com and become a member in WordPress also then you can add image and mention public views in all sites that is all

    2. Thanks

  2. I like this series of ETRETR.

  3. Nyc episode ..bt laksh is a wrong person to be trusted savitry( rani gayetry)..make it fast b4 he spread da beans

  4. I like the way lakan is helping gayatri in everyway.

  5. Laksh does not deserve swarna, she deserve lakan and I hope they get together and kick laksh out. Gosh I hate him the most in this seriel. Lakan is so caring towards swarna I wud cry so much if she has to go with laksh. What is the point of this love story of lakan and swarna ? If it has no meaning. I want 2 see thm together. Love you lakan!!!!

  6. Gayatri aka savitri knows wat she is doing n i hope ranaji see her truth

  7. i like the way lakhan is helpin gayatri i only hope he is not betraying her

  8. Excited to watch tonight’s episode – seems to be jam-packed with story lines. Just hope Laksh keep his part of the deal. And yeah, love the relationship between Savitri & Laakan. Don’t have a problem with Ranaji falling for Savitri but would prefer it is Gaytri as they shared something special so let’s hope he finds out that Savitri is Gaytri before the story gets silly again.
    On another note – I cannot understand why the trp is so low when the other 2/3 shows above this is so much rubbish (much more unbelievable story lines than ETR2). I can only surmise it’s because of the slot time (most people are in bed)!
    The actors/actresses are really good, especially Dhrasti & Siddhant – they actually make you believe the characters are real, especially compared to some of the other soaps where the acting is so fake!

  9. Best show on Zee TV! Every night we get to see the plot continue unlike Kumkum Bhagya!!

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