Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja dances with Bindu, while Rani angrily watch them. He drags Rani into dancing, she turns to leave as Bindu tries to divert his attention off Rani, and still Raja doesn’t let Rani leave the stage. Jeewan comes behind Bindu to tease her, as Raja and Rani Dance with each other. Raja leaves Rani’s hand with a jerk, she fell on the floor. Meenu comes to hold her, calling her as Gayatri! Raja turns around asking if she is the topper, meaning from the top to bottom. Bindu comes calling for the real fun. Raja announces for the fresher that dancing was side order, main course is freshers. One of the fellows announces that no one should leave the hall until the ragging ends. Bindu and Raja head to choose their teams, Raja chose Rani while Bindu choose Devika. Both Raja and Bindu confront each

other. One of the boys ask Gayatri’s team if they have seen Mughal e Azam, he explains Sir is Mughal e Azam and they all are Anarkali, they should bend to greet Sir. Everyone except Rani does. Raja comes to Rani asking if she couldn’t hear. Bindu appears from behind and orders her to bend, as Ravi said. Raja tells her Rani is studying her on scholarship. Bindu boasts if their money? Raja says great, she came to Royal’s college and copied their ego firstly, but how would she copy their lineage? An ordinary girl can never fit here, they make fun of her. Bindu says she even dislike watching girls like her, she wear cheap clothes and has a cheap mentality, who runs after rich boys as soon as they watch them. Everyone there makes fun of poors, they all laugh. One of the boys say she must be cursing him because they took a treat from such a poor girl. Raja boasts what can such people even do except cursing. Rani’s eyes fill in tear. Raja heads to wipe her tears, she jerks his hand away. He holds her hand tight, and says she is enraged, but what she can do about it. Jeewan finally speaks, she cannot do anything but to drink her anger. They don’t know anything but to eat, they only take scholarships and come to college; this college now seems to be refugee camp. Raja says poors can’t afford anything, especially attitude. She must wash it away, if there is some water in her house. If she wondered he would take treat from her, she can’t give someone anything. He takes a bunch of money from his pocket, but demands Rani to bend down and take it, throwing it over her face. He says that a girl like her can do anything for money, her attitude and innocent would all fade away in front of some money. And if he throw some more amount she would get ready to share a room with him even. Rani slaps him on face.
A guard announces that the principal is here, Raja shouts at everyone to run away. Meenu takes Rani as the vice principal is here. Raja holds her back, she tries to withdraw her hand but he says no one ever looked in Rajveer’s eyes for so long. Rani says there is always a first time. Raja says right, if VP watch them together alone in this room, what will happen then. Rani says they will tell all the truth to him. Raja says he will tell him she send her friend with money to meet him here, alone. The vice principal comes in. Rani says there was nothing like this. Raja says only they know about it, not that vice principal. The whole college would second him, everyone would be his witness that she called him here. Rani jerks his hand away, while he hold it tightly. Raja warns there will be an inquiry, when her parents would know their topper daughter meet boys alone at night how they would feel. Rani asks him to keep his enmity with her only, and leave her hand. He touch her hair strand, still holding her hand tight. Rani demands him again to leave her hand, he finally let go of it. She runs behind. The vice principal was in the corridor, the door had been locked. Rani hides herself under a table. Raja toss a coin to hit the bulb and break it. The vice principal calls who is there, Raja was reading a novel, he replies he is here. He boasts about reading aloud, the VP hands him the book right. He know well there was a party going on here. Raja says everyone know about everything, who went to have a coffee in Chemistry’s Miss Poonam yesterday and took her on a movie last week. He prevents the VP go towards the table Rani was hidden beneath, and bid him a good bye

PRECAP: Rani says that poor fill their stomach with hardwork, slaves are the people who only live on their parent’s money.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Day by day iam in love with this serial….,

  2. Waste of time. I thought Rani Gayatri will have same attitude as her mother but Nahh.
    Very disappointed.

    1. I somewhat agree. She was supposed to grow up playing with swords and ready to seek revenge but she doesn’t even know who she is

  3. Sruthi

    raja indravardhan nd rani gayatri’s blood is rajkumari gyatri so she will show him wts right and who’s right…precap is super

    1. she will have to go through a lot of struggle, winning Raja’s heart and stopping the baddies, like Bindhu

  4. tasnia mahmod

    oh no new gaietry should have more attitude.raja has insulted her a lot but she has only slaped him.its not fear. This charecter should be made more strong.otherwise it is a good serial .by the way recently my favourite serials are kasam,edkv,krpkav and etretr.

    1. Agreed – slap was not enough but I guess at least it was something for someone who knows nothing about their family

  5. Hey guys I m new here just started watching it just for Eisha well if Eisha is the real daughter than who is raja than?

    1. Raja is the son of Kaal (the jungle guy who killed Gayatri and Ranaji under the orders of Bari Rani Maa and then became king) and of Ambika (KAAL’s first and nice wife)

  6. Let’s wait and see. Rani was made fun of, Hope it ignites a fire in her belly to do find out her lineage, if only to stop the taunts. This should be when she learns of her royal blood. Writers, let her have her mother’s temperament, she has to wrestle that throne from that barbaric kaal and his minions. Jeevan has some royalty to him because of his mother coz she was an aristocrat and Bindu, through her mother, Swarnalekha, have more royalty in her oxygen she was a princess from a neighbouring kingdom. Raja has none whatsoever, coz kaal was a barbarian who was brought to amerkot to kill ranaji and gayatri. So let’s see how the story shapes up now. Guys, I noticed no one commented on kkb page, except me, coz I thanked all for keeping comments away till the writers shape up n quit the nonsense they give us. Let’s hope they keep it up and don’t even watch the crappy serial, ekta will know we mean what we say.

  7. Raja is kaal and his mother is woman who always cowered in fear when kaal was around, they both were from a tribe or village in the forest. So raja came to live with his parents when he was around 10 yes old. So he really is nothing, only have attitude. Would be interesting to see how rani tames him.

  8. Raja is kaal son…..sorry for typo error

  9. To be honest, Rani is not royalty either. Ranaji was sartaj’s son and Gayatri was a commoner. So their daughter is not pure royal blood. Why are they showing Bindu as a negative character?? Swarna and Lakhan were both kind hearted and died to protect Raj mata. Why are directors showing nonsense to create more drama.

  10. Raja is Damn cute..i don’t know where did they find him😘😍
    he is just amazing… fall in love wid him easily..
    sartaj gill rocks..now I’ll have to watch ds crap for him😇😇

  11. Yay! I’m excited for tomorrow precap is super exciting

  12. You know it’s true, Now that I think of it, I forgot all about saartaj. Also true that Swarnalekha and lakhan were good people ,they loved their daughter, Bindu but Badiranima poisoned her innocent mind. She should be a positive character. She did have a lofty attitude growing up though. Ohhhh…well!!! Raja is really cute n charismatic….nice……..

  13. The old Sartaj drama was completely forgotten for some reason…

  14. u know right but raja was cute when he was small 🙂

  15. Xavier

    To be honest . They completely ruined this story in season 1 when they said that Sartaj is the father of Ranaji. Sartaj is not of royal blood at all. And Raj Mata is not Ranaji’s real mother. The only people who really are the royal blood are Kunwar Ji , Kokilla , Laskhraj and Swarna .

    1. Xavier

      And raj mata too

  16. Why most of these Shows portray the Main Male characters as women abusers. Raja insulted, degraded, shamed, robbed and pushed Gayatri to the ground in a room full of people to show machoism? None of the men nor women in the crowd showed any sympathy or protectivness for a woman in an abused situation! So….If a man shows these abusing qualities and changed makes him an ideal husband? Just asking!

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