Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja comes inside to announce that Rani will stay here from today. Bindu objects, but Jeewan says that Rani is his friend as well, she can stay here for as much time as she wants to. Raja was happy that for the first time Jeewan was right. Bari Rani Maa sends Raja to show Rani her room. She thinks to herself that enemies must be kept closer.
Raja brings Rani to the room, Rani asks whose room is this. Raja says its Rani Gayatri’s, she has been named after her. Rani was excited and wish to see her photo. They head to store room, Raja tells Gayatri that Rani Gayatri was killed in this same palace. He qualifies that some say a dakot came to kill Rani Gayatri, others say she was killed saving her daughter but no one exactly know where her daughter is. He makes rani fearful saying sometimes

people hear her anklet at night. A single bed foot fell off, Rani shouts in fear. He holds her and brings her to the photo. Raja leaves from behind her. Rani says she must have felt afraid, but she isn’t; it seems she has come into her mother’s lap. She turns to see Raja wasn’t behind, suddenly the walls begin to vibrate and bulbs get on and off. Rani was afraid at once. Raja appears from a side, Rani hugs him. He laughs, Rani beats him for leaving her alone. Raja asks if she will hit him, what people would say. She was annoyed why he made her fearful. He cups her face saying he knew she would hug him then, and he likes it a lot. It seems she also needs him, he wonder what is happening to him. He has never felt so before. Rani backs up saying she didn’t understand what he is saying. Raja demands her for his return gift, and asks her to sign her new job’s contract papers. He can’t begin his work until she signs them. She was quizzical if he prepared these contract papers before, did he know she is going to say a yes. Rani asks for some time, if she signs the papers he would become her boss. Raja was ready to get written that he will work as her assistant. Rani asks for some time to think if she will be able to manage work and studies together. Kaal asks her to come along him, he has to let her meet his new project’s project head.
On the table, Kaal asks Rani if she will eat here. Bari Rani Maa explains that Raja and Rani are friends now, and Rani will stay here until hostels are repaired. Kaal offers her a seat. Bindu objects where has family’s self-respect gone, their maid would have food with them? Raja stops him, Bari Rani Maa reminds Bindu of some manners, and good families don’t misbehave with their guests; if she can’t talk in a good way she must go to her room. Bindu leaves the table. Rani heads behind her but Raja stops her and offers her a chair.
Bari Rani Maa gives a good news to Kaal, Raja wants to take the responsibility of changing this palace to a hotel. Kaal asks Raja if this is true. Raja says yes, he will do whatever Kaal asks for if he is allowed to handle this project. Kaal decisively says that he can’t get this project, only bearable burden should be kept at weak shoulders. Raja has always broken his hopes. Kaal couldn’t pass his college exams for three years, how will be hold this burden. He leaves the table, Rani assures Raja that Kaal would agree. Bari Rani Maa utters if a dad doesn’t trust his son, no one can be of any help.
Raja and Rani come into the room, Raja was enraged and shows Rani all the maps of the projects he had worked on. Rani demands why he didn’t tell Kaal about it all. Raja says that Rani’s silence let him down in Kaal’s eyes so much that he never trusted him again. After meeting Rani, he wanted to change himself and prove that he isn’t as bad as he appears to be. Kaal broke his heart again and wipes his tears. Rani comes to him, but he pushes her out of the room demanding to be left alone.
Bari Rani Maa tells Kaal that she has seen Raja change in last few days. Kaal says only weather change, people don’t. Rani comes from behind and qualifies that like love fear is also powerful. She is Raja’s friend, now Raja isn’t rude and stubborn anymore. He has really changed in last few days. Kaal says he has failed thrice, it would be a big deal if he only pass his exams. Rani assures that Raja would pass the exams this time, she trust her friend and friendship, if he clears the exams would he give Raja a chance for hotel. Kaal says this opportunity is not for Raja but of Rani, if he still fails it would be considered as her loss.
Raja was watching all the maps, Rani comes to him. He asks what this is. She says this is a chance to fulfil his wish, his father can give him a chance to work in hotel project but he has a condition. Raja must pass the exams.

PRECAP: Raja demands what Rani told Kaal, Rani recollects promising Kaal that if Raja fails she will leave her dreams, her studies and her college going away from Amirkot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg I can’t believe BRM is doing all this to become queen of ameerkot.. She has to die at some point… Let say she be come queen which I never want but let’s say she does… She still has to die either Rani or raja kills her or she gets heart attack and die

    1. agreed..i am anrgy..how she still lives??she shoould have dided in this time..after drasthi and siddhant quit..this show was broing..due to brm..but after raja and rani!!!!such an superb chemistry,.but no one can beat..raga..all will agree i think?don’t get angry..but raga is the best..this pair also good

  2. What!!!!! No comments as yet? Exciting update, will see tonight. I was thinking about this too, good that Rani is in the palace, in this way she is going to open some long buried secrets. So excited to see upcoming episodes,one can just wonder about the intrigue, suspense and lots of love, as they are both together in the palace. I guess brm, has to still be here coz her demise will be worth the wait! Raja is so charismatic…. Wow…….

  3. Aww rani will be in her mommy’s room.
    Guys I laughed when raja said yesterday he was born in palace lol he forgot he was born in the jungle lolzzzzzzz

    He was such a adorable kid though when kaal had those long crazy hair

    1. Hahahaha, seriously. I was also like…….? Huh

  4. lol…brm wants to be a Queen??budiya teri umar hi kitna hai..karle apni man ki…
    hell…Raja is faking for sure…contract paper!! huh…
    he looks so cute during his naughtiness…

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