Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji says he is Rajeshwari’s culprit, Avdesh lost his life from the bullet fired from his gun. Gayatri watches Avdesh in shock. Rajeshwari gets hysteric at Rana ji saying he killed her brother. Bari Rani Maa says it all happened without a will. Rajeshwari says Rana ji is a murderer and blood stains are washed by blood stain, there is life for life in the rule of justice. She says today a sister condemns Rana Indravadhan with death sentence. She takes the knife and attacks Rana ji. Gayatri runs in between them and holds Rajeshawari’s hand. Gayatri is hurt on shoulder. Rajeshwari runs towards Avdesh’s body crying. Rana ji and Raaj Mata take care of Gayatri. Rajeshwari says now, she won’t leave anyone in the palace now.
Bari Rani Maa had told Mansen that Avdesh is there in

the forest of Amirkot. He must kill Avdesh, and she will tell him later where he has to keep his body. Bari Rani Maa says that if Rani has to move forward, players must die.
Bari Rani Maa consoles Rajeshwari, she says her brother’s life was a small one. Rajeshwari says some people’s lives are made small, she says to Bari Rani Maa that she had been called once from God, did she go? Bari Rani Maa clutches Rajeshwari with head, saying she will make Rajeshwari understand. Raaj mata thinks how Rana ji can do such a mistake, she must know if this is a planning or an accident.
Rajeshwari clutches Bari Rani Maa’s neck. She asks Bari Rani Maa why she brought her brother in between. Bari Rani Maa thinks how she can tell her that it was impossible to break the bond between Gayatri and Rana ji. She thinks she told Sartaj that he will take Rana ji in the forest, when Rana ji fires on him it must appear that he has died. But at that time, there will be another body there hanging with the tree. Rana ji must see that body, which was already there. Bari Rani Maa says her brother was her companion, how she could have killed him.
Rana ji clean the injury of Gayatri. Gayatri says this is a small bruise, it will fill. Rana ji asks what about the injury of Rajeshwari? He says there are two dead bodies, one of Avdesh and the second of his justice. He says that this blood stain will never wash away.
Rajeshwari says she won’t let her brother’s blood was away from Rana ji’s hand. She says she will take revenge from Rana ji of her brother’s blood. Bari Rani Maa says killing Rana ji isn’t that simple, but what she will get. Rajeshwari says revenge doesn’t see light or dark. Bari Rani Maa says justice does, she has to decide if she wants revenge or justice. Her brother was killed twice, once in the hand of Rana ji and once when Gayatri rejected his love. Rajeshwari says she will kill them both, but Bari Rani Maa stops her and says this will free them all. She has to put them in situation where they can neither drown, nor come out of the water. Rajeshwari asks what that means. Bari Rani Maa says there is one way, she gets Rajeshwari a box. Rajeshwari is shocked to see it, throws it and breaks the glass over Rana ji and Gayatri’s photo.
Rana ji says to Gayatri that she is as responsible for Avdesh’s murder as he is, he will never forgive her for this. He leaves the room. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri if she is fine. Gayatri says she wanted Rana ji to save from a sin, she ruined her own shawl. Raaj Mata says that question is how it all happened, how did Avdesh lose his life with the bullet that Rana ji shoot at her.
In his room, Kunwar ji says he doesn’t know where that Avdesh came from in the palace. Rana ji sent him out of the palace, then Raaj Mata brought him back. Then his sister also came here. Kokilla says that Sartaj also came in the palace. Then that Gayatri made Sartaj run away. Kokilla says that Avdesh was killed instead of Sartaj. Kunwar ji says Rana ji can’t do such a mistake, there is a thread that sews them all together. Laksh says Bari Rani Maa came before this all. Kunwar ji says she is the once, a dog’s tail can be made straight but his mother can never turn good.
Rana ji says to Bari Rani maa that she doesn’t understand how he can make this mistake. Bari Rani maa says now they must only worry how they have to take care of Rajeshwari, she has no one. Avdesh had already killed all his relatives for throne. She says that now no one is there for Rajeshwari and her country. Rana ji says he committed a huge sin. Bari Rani maa says he must pay for this all. He has to take the responsibility of Rajeshwari and her state. Raaj Mata comes there, Bari Rani maa says she will see the arrangements of Avdesh’s last rituals. She hears Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that this accident hurt him, but till how he will punish himself and Gayatri for something they haven’t done. Rana ji asks if she still side Gayatri knowing what she has done. Rana ji says that the truth that Avdesh has died won’t change by anything. He says that Gayatri isn’t always right. Bari Rani Maa thinks that Raaj Mata is a weak player, she doesn’t enjoy enemity against her.

PRECAP: Rana ji says to Rajeshwari that he will give her anything she wants to. Rajeshwari takes the sindoor box.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Okay, honestly speaking this show has lost its charm way too early, didn’t expect it will lost its charm this really, I used to watch this n Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do together as they r shown at the same time, now I can watch Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do peacefully till 22Jan(PKHJD’s last episode), after that I thought I would watch Raja Rani, but now I m thinking to watch Swaragini instead, it’s at least better than Raja Rani nowadays . Raja Rani is not that bad but this Avdesh track and More importantly Rageshwari track was totally unnesscary and not needed at all, but the Ranaji’s birth truth track seems interesting, makers should focus on that instead of that useless Rageshwari track they should end Rajeshwari track just like they end Avdesh track

  2. Now Rajeshwari will ask rana ji to marry her. Ohhh myy G…. This series has lost its value now.

  3. Pearley hobaichan

    This is getting so stupid director need some eggs on his head

  4. The show has totally lost substance. How could Ranaji marry that ruthless woman, a liar, (Rajeshwari ) wicked just like Bari rani ma.
    Ranaji needs to believe in and love Rani Gayatri. I am very disappointed in the show if that is where it’s heading.

  5. Don’t tell me he will marry her she is the cause of het brother life by siding with bari rani maa old hag

  6. Pay for ur sin with the old hag

  7. U people complain too much this show is getting more and more interesting keep it up!!! But actually stop making Rana ji be such an idiot

  8. such a worst serial!!.. i use to love to watch this serial but this serial is getting bore day by day.. I will not watch this foolish serial…?

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