Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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In the car, Laila lay drunk singing the song. She confesses her love to Raja, as he has made her really happy today. Naina tells Raja that a person’s emotions are his truth, Laila’s emotions are really true.
In the palace, Nani tells Mummy she doesn’t need do any chores. Mummy says she is doing this all happily, as they have done a lot for them. She is a junior artist and always hold a minor role. Nani is really a senior one and realized Naina’s love for Raja, but she doesn’t want her daughter hold any relation with a don. Naina tries to convince Raja is not a bad person. They discuss they can change a bit about their children’s life.
In the car, Vikrant says they have reached home. Raja takes Laila to the room. Naina tells Raja that

Laila has waited a lot for him, maybe he gets his happiness from Laila. Laila again murmurs I love you to Raja.
There, Nani asks Raja why he always play with Laila. Raja says he doesn’t intend to hurt Laila. Nani asks him to hold Laila’s hand right away and take the vows with him, or he can at least put a ring of his name into her finger. These petty rituals hold great strength. Naina hears this and was upset. Raja replies he needs to think about it.
Mummy comes to Naina and finds her lost in thought.
In the room, Raja thinks about Rani’s advice of moving on in life. Raja thinks dreams always tell the truth, he closes his eyes and wonders why he always think about that same face; in his dreams with his open eyes. How can he agree to marry Laila then?
Naina requests to lay into her lap in bed. Naina remembers about the day. Mummy tells Naina everything would be fine if Raja marries Laila. Naina closes her eyes and can think about Raja only. She opens her eyes.
The next morning, the goons bring money to Raja and discuss about business matters. Naina finds him during his goon-ship; she objects why he is getting someone beaten up. Raja says he wants boys to study in such age. Naina says he holds Raja as ideal, and if the boy works with guns he would learn to shed blood and not to study. She then scolds the boy. The boy asks Naina if she also holds a gang. Naina offers him to go to shooting with her, and there he can do it in movies.
In the palace, Raja and Naina hit each other. Raja scolds her, Naina was offensive and says he always enters her dreams. Raja says it’s not a good thing to enter his dreams as well, as she does. He then clarifies he doesn’t care whom she see in her dreams. He promises to stay away from her this time. Naina wonders what wrong she did this time.
Naina was sitting with Rekha, cutting karela. She was bitter about don. Naina shares with Rekha about having a dream about someone. They discuss about dreaming heros. Naina was upset she has Raja in her dreams and not any hero. Rekha teases Naina.
In the garden, Naina speaks to flowers if she had no off from her shoot, she wouldn’t have the outing then Raja in his dreams. The boy being beaten comes there, Naina comes to inquire about him, she then curses Raja.

PRECAP: Raja was getting engaged with Laila. He announces he will marry Laila tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Last night episode was entertaining, tonight looks so as well. I think Naina is slowly falling for Raja, she’s showing symptoms of jealousy. I can’t even hazard a guess how the upcoming episodes may turn out, I’m thinking on eggshells these days. I hope writers don’t disappoint me, no matter what, I want to see this serial to the end. I usually have a short attention span when it comes to Indian serials because they tend to degenerate after some time, I hate when the storyline goes all over the place, sometimes loose ends are never tied up, writers don’t realize that viewers like myself do look for consistencies, logic, and human elements in storytelling, how else will we truly connect with characters, give us quality showmanship where after the story will leave a lasting impression on our minds. There have been quite a few that I’ve seen so far on telly and big screen and till this day when we have to put up with the crap being served on silver platter, that’s why serials have lost viewers because they got frustrated. They may think the story is nonsensical but what they are really articulating in their comments, are really the reasons I mentioned above about giving us quality. I’m nevertheless enjoying the last week and so far this week is good.

  2. Am. Sure this is some one’s. Dream, this cannot happen.

  3. I am tensed as well as excited after watching last night’episode and tonight’s precap.Naina is certainly in love with raja and so is raja with naina but he does n’t want to admit the same even to himself:hence the hasty decision of marrying Layla not after sometime but the very next day itself. I presume something drastic is going to happen in the remaining two episodes of this week.What is that ,i don’ t even dare to guess because the writers have always outwitted our predictions At the same time I am excited because may be during the marriage ceremonies naina recollects bits and pieces of her own marriage with raja and then the full flashback of their love story .I am also tensed :may be nothing of this sort happens and raja really marries Layla.I am really not sure what the writers have in store for us.Right from the beginning of this romantic drama of raja and rani ,something has been bothering me about raja’s love for rani.Pl correct me if I am wrong but he misunderstands her very easily.There is something lacking in his love for her and I think that something is TRUST.I agree that on two occasions rani also doubted him like when he kissed bindu in front of her and later when heaccepted that he had spent a night with Bindu.She was shattered but always came back strong and ultimately sorted out both the witches,Bindu and Badi rani maa.I think what helped Rani to come out of those difficult situations were her trust in love,patience ,will power ,intelligence and belief in god.On the contrary raja is impatient ,hot headed and distrustful.His bad habits of drinking and believing wrong people like Bindu and badi rani maa proved to be disastrous.Had raja had patience and intelligence,instead of behaving recklessly with both rani and iqbal,he would have waited in the guise of sardarji for some more timeand backstabbed that roguish Iqbal khan.Raja committed countless errors as per his own admission but the so called smart rani committed the gravest of errors by listening to her dadu and not confiding in her husband for the first and only time and she paid very dearly for this fault of hers . What I mean to say is that in spite of their weaknesses and differences raja and rani loved each other with such passion that I will be the the most disappointed person if the writers make them part ways in this fashion .In last night’s episode raja says that at last he doesn’t find any memories of his wife in his heart which is very distasteful.Raja should remember that whatever we see with our eyes need not be true.I believe the writers will do their best not to disappoint us.

  4. I am sorry I have forgotten to put the most important question to the writers.When raja with so many mistakes to his credit is alive and most probably going to enjoy life either with Layla or naina if she is not rani ,then why should Rani ,for just one single mistake ,die like a greedy woman in raja’s eyes?i hope I have made my point clear.

  5. Lakshmi, I endorse your entire comments. One LITTLE wrong decision can ruin something completely and Rajmata is to blame for Rani’s “death” and her name being decimated in her husband’s mind with a deadly hatred. You have explained yourself very direct and to the point. I also agree that soon something is going to reveal itself in the wedding ceremony and this story will be worthless in my book, if Raja marries Laila …i agree as well, that if Rani is truly dead, then WHY did writers let
    her go with such an enormous blot to her
    memory and name??????? We need answers, writers need to understand, that their writings are always under scrutiny from inquisitive minds as ours and what
    they put out there is key to the success of
    their work. I’ve also said many times before that Raja is too impatient and he tends to jump to conclusions very quickly, Naina has said to him that what he sees is
    not always what is necessarily the truth
    …I’m taking this as a glimmer of hope in this otherwise unfair and unfortunate love story. I hope something ‘s gotta give………..

  6. Agree with both of you…and one question which is irritating me throughout these episodes is ‘ where is raja’s mother and Bindu …the writers had not given even a single glimpse of two ladies…what about rajmata..how could she accept rani’ death without any clue and why she had not tried to disclose the truth..

  7. I don’t know what to make of this show. I am thinking it’s Rani with memory loss, but then they have stupid scenes like Naina saying she is so much younger than Raja, like he is her dad or something. Then her mom making comments about being a junior artist and Naina was 4 and would be sitting in the heroine’s chair, she never thought that her daughter would one day become actress…so I am at a loss…is she Rani with memory loss or Naina…Maybe mummy’s daughter looked like Naina but died at the same time as Rani was in the hospital and she took her as her daughter…who knows where they are going with this story.

    I just think its wrong to have Raja believe Rani betrayed him without ever trying to find out the truth.

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