Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani’s paper fell on floor, both Raja and Rani hit their heads, then turns away but this time Rani’s stroller was tucked in a nail that Raja helps her with. She gets upset, and requests for a single chance from Raja. He jerks her away throwing the radio breaking it on the floor. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, Raja goes to call from inside to break the door and get him out of here.
Raja’s friends take him to all the preparations done for fresher’s party, he was amused as Bindu joins him. She says each year he gives this party, but this year she will do throw the party for him. Meenu was dragging Rano towards the party, Rani spots some youngsters bending in front of Raja and recalls her first day when she had denied bending in front of anyone. Raja turns to leave, Bindu

asks him to stay for her at least.
Rani turns to leave, but Jeewan stops her holding her arm. The party begins, the announcement is made that unlike every year Rani will sing in the party. Rani denies singing any song, but the crowd begin cheering with her name. Raja turns to leave, Rani begins the song “Yeh larka Haye Allah Kesa Hai Deewana”. Rani daydreams about Raja and herself alone in the hall, while she dances around him. Bindu hugs Raja bidding her a good bye, she assures Raja that from today Rani will never come in between them. She points towards the roof where the fan was about to fell over Rani. Jeewan was also shocked watching the fan fell over Rani. Both Raja and Rani head to save Rani, Jeewan takes the lead and drags Rani towards himself. Raja leaves the party curtly. He runs into the lands away from college and kneel on the ground, shouting I love you Rani! Jeewan stood outside wondering how can Raja do this to her. Rani argues that Raja isn’t responsible, he questions why Raja was staring at the fan if he had nothing to do with it.
Bindu was in her room, Raja comes to drag her out to the terrace and bends her half down the grill. Bindu cries requesting him not to drop her, she is suffocating. Raja straightens her up, she asks if he has losted, what if something had happened to her. Raja questions what if something had happened to her. Bindu asks if that down market girl is more important for him, Raja reminds her name is Rani.
Rani wonders why would Raja run to save her had he done this all. Jeewan was helpless, and asks how many proofs she need to understand Raja is a psycho. Rani trusted Raja and her love, he will die to save her.
Raja warns Bindu to take her life, if Rani is hurt because of her. Bindu cries that she did this for him only, Raja reminds this is his enmity and he will complete it alone, he doesn’t need anyone not even Bindu to fight for her. He turns to leave.
Raja was playing basketball to pour his frustration, he kneels on the floor shouting in rage. Jeewan comes to hold him by collar and question Raja why he has hurt Rani always, she has always forgiven him. She in one of her kind in the world, she can sacrifice for friendship what she could do for love. Anyone in the world can give a life for Rani, but he can’t. He can only torture Rani and even attempt to murder her. Raja speaks to herself, so much anger means Jeewan is in love with Rani. Jeewan begins again, asking Raja to leave Rani. At least he must drop this story right here, if he can’t complete it; so that Rani can return to another story. He pushes Raja to leave Rani if he doesn’t love her. Raja throws a ball over Jeewan’s head from behind, Jeewan turns in rage over him. Raja asks Jeewan if he can practically do what he is speaking about. He found Rani first, he was her first friend, she loved him and he will always be her first love. Jeewan holds the ball Raja was tapping, and accepts he came second in Rani’s life but would never leave Rani’s life. Tears fell off Raja’s eyes, Jeewan heads inside.

PRECAP: Raja tells Rani he came for her proposal. Rani cheers. Jeewan clarifies it’s for his younger brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. waiting

  2. jeews rocked it today..??

  3. I hate the new promo …
    Raja asking Rani if she will do anything for him, She answers and he asks her to marry jeeves.
    Rani agrees and challenges that she will see how raja will react on seeing her as someone else bride..

    Fhat the Wucking promo..
    Senseless and Shameless Raja and Rani..
    For your ego’s ,how u both can p[lay with jeeve’s life..
    Raja is senseless..but Rani,this girl is cheiii..
    When she said ,I agree to marry jeeves and want to see how raja willl react to see her as jeeve’s bride..I was shocked..Doesnt she have sense to realise that its wrong towards jeeves.

  4. uffffffff i dont want cute jeevs as antagonist plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change him………..raja rockzzzzzz today and upcoming track horrible ………….plzzzzzzzzzz show raja rani love confession………

  5. Favourite episode after agessss❤❤❤

  6. Wow nice epsode ….i feel sorry for jeewan

  7. if raja n rani will not b in bond n saprated, then definitely dis serial lost its meaning..!!!

  8. Malini Ghansiam

    Good luck jeeves u got what u always wanted

  9. Why would Raja ask Rani to marry anyone else, and especially Jeeves how can he request her to especially after everything that has happened

  10. Love this episode. Raja rocks!!

  11. I think raja is bluffing to see Wat rani will do

  12. Yolande De Silva

    Rani needs to leave Raja and go away, if he truly loves her he will await her return

  13. Please unite raja and rani……….

  14. Nice episode

  15. Poor Raja, he’s dealing with a huge weight in his heart, loving Rani and trying to push her away at the same time. It’s either his male ego or his thinking that she is safer away from him that’s making him behave this way with her. It must be a painful feeling to deal with, I wish he could give in to his feelings for her, I’m sure it will be a euphoric feeling for him when he totally surrenders to her, heart and soul…… Nice…… Looking forward to seeing him melt coz he have a compelling way to bring out his emotions and that’s why I love him sooooooo much. The best thing I’ve heard him say in a long while was when he said he was in love with Rani since he was 10yrs old. Awwwwwwww……

  16. I hate that bindu, trying since a little girl to keep Raja away from Rani, doesn’t she know that she can’t force Raja to love her? Jeeves is a good manipulator, he always wanted what Raja has, even now, so he does what he knows to do best…..i like how Raja stood up for Rani, even though he is so angry with her.

  17. Jeewsrani will be together..jeews is real hero ??

  18. If jeewan loved rani he leaved her but no he always wanted to come in between raja & rani or talk wrong things abt raja did many things but raja sacrificeing him love because he want rani to be happy but not like jeewan raja is real hero

  19. Yolande De Silva

    Raja is a very good person, why? He is honest with himself that his love for rani might end up being the same as his parents (an abuseful marriage) … what a man !!!

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