Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani advices Raaj Mata to take her medicines in time. Bindu comes there. Rani says she wants to get rid of all the misunderstandings, she wanted to apologize Bindu as their father Lakhan is the same. Bindu curtly tells her to shut up, she can never be her sister. She tells Rani that in return of her Baba, she snatched something from Rani. She took her love in replacement of her father’s love. She tells Rani that her husband is now Bindu’s, as he was with her last night. He is no more her Raja, but her Dovey; she came here to announce that they are spouses by name only. Rani denies this with surety. Bindu insists he has done already, and reminds that when she came to meet him his shirt was unbuttoned. Amrita comes to slap Bindu scolding her to be a fallen lady. She had to tell Rani

the truth, as relations aren’t created on foundations of lies. Raja arrives at the doorway. Rani runs towards him and asks him to tell Bindu stop making up new stories. Bindu asks him to tell the truth to everyone. Rani swears Raja of her head, she was sure it’s a lie. Raja thinks about last night and announces that Bindu is right. Rani was taken aback. Amrita comes to slap Raja this time, she asks how dare he did this to Rani who has forgiven all his sins. This sin has no repentance, no forgiveness. Bindu stood with her fingers crossed. Rani recalls Raja’s first vow during their wedding. She tells Raja she never accepted, but she today she does; he is truly Kaal’s son. He has betrayed every woman here today, her mother, Raaj Mata, Bindu and Rani. She denies recognizing this Raja, he is the one who has insulted their friendship, their relation of husband and wife. She shouts that she doesn’t know him, he is the biggest mistake of her life and tells him to leave. She freed him of all her wedding relations. Jeewan hears this from the doorway. Raja lost his balance, looks towards the mangal sooter in his hand and leaves. He places the mangal sooter near the temple before leaving.
Rani comes inside taking all her jewels off. Jeewan comes to slap Raja outside. Rani comes in front of mirror taking all her jewelry off, lost in thoughts of her moments with Raja. Jeewan beats Raja that he lost Rani, broken and shattered hearted. Rani watches hers sindoor. Raja was bleeding badly. Bindu comes to save Raja, Jeewan says he would never let Rani break. Raja removes Bindu’s hand over his arm.
In the palace, Bari Rani Maa tells Bindu to be careful, she is a hurt woman now and can prove to be the worst enemy. She is Rana ji and Gayatri’s blood, she won’t accept defeat so easily. Right now she just lost her control. Bindu spots Raja in the corridor and comes to apologize him, she cries that she never wanted to lose him after having gained him completely. Raja asks how she would stop him from loving Rani, she will always be there in his heart and he would always be hers. Bari Rani Maa watches this, wondering what if this love turns to be Rani’s strength.
Raaj Mata comes to Rani who sat on the floor and didn’t respond. Raaj Mata slaps her finally, she cries hugging Dadu. She wonders what Rani without a Raja, she wanted to rub his name off her hand. Raja cried in his room. Raaj Mata says she will leave this place forever, firstly her children and now everything belonging to her grandchild. She would leave this Amirkot before they snatch her Rani too. Rani cries badly.
The next morning, Raaj Mata was packing her bags and speaks to Rana ji and Gayatri’s photo that she was mistaken in recognizing Raja. She will now leave Amirkot. Rani calls from behind that they won’t. She says she is the daughter of Rana Indravadhan and Rani Gayatri, she hasn’t learnt to be defeated.
Bindu was knocking at Raja’s door, Amrita comes to pull her away. She tells Bindu that now she would do justice, she know well Raja won’t force any girl and Bindu must have allowed him. She hasn’t seen someone as fallen as Bindu. Bindu leaves crying.
Rani asks why she should run away from her life, Raja’s betrayal can no more break her. She speaks to the photo that she is only their daughter now. Amirkot is her responsibility and she would fight in elections.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata asks to think again, Gayatri says one has to save their situation themselves. Bari Rani Maa gives Amrita two options, to save her daughter in law’s respect, or her son’s life and hands her the contesting form.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rubbish ?

  2. Oh my gosh….this episode has really shaken me. I’m teary eyes right now. I’m heart broken. I’m angry. I’m shocked. I’m confused. But admittedly this is becoming more and more interesting. Firstly, no one knows the truth of what Bindu did. She spiked Raja’s drink. I’m SURE as SURE can be that NOTHING happened last night. That schemer, shameless Bindu plotted to seduced someone’s husband to cuase exactly what happened in this episode: separate Raja and Rani. Now the poor man has to be beaten up and slapped by everybody. Now look what they did to this man!! I’m happy to see Rani is acting brave. That’s good. But that little old lady is really scheming. Look how she’s pitting Ambika against Rani (woman against woman) by threatening Raja’s life. What’s the poor mother to do??? Indeed, this deepens the plot of the story. But come on, writers….please fix this conflict you’ve caused between Raja and Rani. This is too heartbreaking. Bindu spiked the drink. Let’s fix this by Monday….shall we? Now…my weekend is ruin because of this episode.

  3. Completely heartbroken, writers. You disappointed me. You broke my little, gentle heart. ???????????? ????????????☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️???☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ And you ruined my entire weekend. ☹️

  4. I just love it!!!!! finally rani going To fight for it even????

  5. go to hell ………..etretr

    1. y i still thinking that something is really missing in this mess something is hidden……..hope so truth will b revaled soon but i just read written update till then………..

  6. Nice episode.writers, good job.

  7. when is rani going to state she is the queen of ameerkot surley its her state so by law she walks in and they all walk out
    they are all living in her house and land
    i hope bindu is lieing bcus it is sick how they portray women – killers sl*tz liers money grabbers
    i wish they had a flashback where jeevs mum regretted what she did and found out that that old hag killed her brother and rani is the daughter of rana ji and she told jeevs to protect rani as family which is why he is so protective bcus he has no story at the moment
    and bindu – how is she still helpping the hav that killed her mum bindu was told she was left behind??? this writer is so silly
    no common sense
    rani needs to be in her house and then run in politics kick them all out!!!

  8. I am excited about what would happen the coming episodes.

  9. Heartbreaking episode for me. Have to watch the episode tonight, think about it and then comment, I’m too sad to comment right now ???

  10. I think Amrita will saves rani

  11. Good job writer…Rani has to get strength and will power from somewhere….right now she is too soft to handle the palace mobster(Bari Rani mama)…I have seen a little if her strength when in anger, she putt monster old hag in her place …..pointed a finger in her face.and let her know what she is capable of.

  12. Really bad episode.This episode makes my weakend worse???????????

  13. See writers, if you want to make Rani strong, and that’s a good thing, how could you put down Raja like that to accomplish this goal? First of all Raja didn’t hog any of Rani’s rights but concede to her and did everything to fix the problem. Secondly, he went against his own father for that which puts his life at risk. Thirdly, after the marriage he was doing strange things to make Rani stronger we saw that in the episodes and he said that openly. So why would you, writers, do this now by causing him to be entrapped by a false scheme of that horrid Bindu in order to build Rani? Ouch…. That’s what hurts me about this episode.


    1. Lol….you are right. Gosh…I felt it badly in this episode. I simply can’t understand why they are doing things this way. And I kept thinking why can’t they achieve their goal some other way other than by messing up the marriage? I am very disheartened by this.

  15. Writers….you are not fair at all to Raja. He was doing all that he could sincerely to fix the problem and right the wrong done to Rani. Now look how you make him suffer and in this hurtful way too. How could you writers? How could you? He has done so so much. Gone through so much. Went out of his way to rectify this problem and please Rani. The man did everything he could. Not a single thing or tight he attempted to take from her. He wanted everything transferred to her name and to make her strong to fight battles. And look what you did to him to suffer the poor man more? Why do you guys also cause such intense suffering to the good people and the bad people gets off scotch-free and always triumph in their schemes?

  16. Now that I viewed the episode, I have to say ??to Sartaj and Eisha on a brilliant performance, very emotional, very effective, my tears also flowed. Those tears came truly and their cries echoed from their hearts…..Raja’s frustrated sob into the pillow and Rani’s painful cries while clutching Rajmata. I really don’t like how writers are separating this beautiful couple, but I guess you all have the final say. Rani is wounded now and this is what will make her determined to succeed, when she told rajmata that they are staying right there and that the people of Amerkot needs her, she did it in her mother’s tone. Even when she said that she’s the daughter of Rani Gayatri and Indravadhan Singh Deo, my hair stood on ends at that moment. They are so torn up now, Raja has such a forlorn look, like it’s the end of the world!!!! Bindu….. She seems to be a lost cause, in this case, the fruit certainly fell far from the tree because Swarna and Lakhan were the nicest people around there and while she could have turned out better, she had grown up like a crooked tree under the guidance of a really deceitful woman. It was good of Jeeves to point out to Raja that he had Rani and didn’t do justice for her while he wanted her and didn’t get her but would have appreciated her if he did. That must have really hurt Raja. Raja may retreat into a corner because what happened in this episode, was very devastating to him and I wait to see what plays off in subsequent episodes. Rani will be writing a new chapter in her life now and I wonder if Raja will be helping her in the shadows unknowingly to her. Even he wanted to toughen her, soooooooo…… ???


    i want to see the upcoming episode of this serial.i am very excited.i want to see raja and rani reuniting.i want to see it badly.

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