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Rani was enjoying the fragrance of perfume. Raja calls from behind, fallen on floor and flirts with Rani. All of a sudden a servant calls Rani outside, as the inspector is here to meet her.
Iqbal’s mother comes in his room, and questions how he decided to construct a school over his father’s land, she also has a share in it and she won’t permit him to do so.
Raja tears the legal notice, he insists Kaal is a murderer. The inspector says Kaal is among the prisoners who are being freed. Raja asks Rani to speak to governor and get these orders cancelled.
Iqbal tells her that his father named nothing after her, as he knew about her intentions. She reminds him of his responsibility towards his step mother and sister Afreen, Iqbal says he can never forget his responsibility.

He leaves, and the mother was sure he would fall one day.
Rani tells Raja there is no evidence against Kaal, he has been calm in jail. Raja insists that she can’t let Kaal come out of the jail, else he would again hurt them. Iqbal was curt why these women take such high seats when they always have to stay home. He calls her home, Rani questions how dare he called her home and must take an appointment from her secretary. He insists to meet her today, but Rani slaps the phone angrily. The call wasn’t disconnected, Iqbal hears Raja and Rani’s argument where Raja asked if she would use her legal rights or not.
Later, the governor calls Rani and asks why she denied meeting the Nawab. Rani says he misbehaved, the governor says she can’t prioritize her personal commitments, as Nawab is a really respectful man. She must meet him today at four. Rani looks towards the clock, she had only twenty minutes.
Raja comes across Iqbal on the way, Iqbal taunts him about hiding behind his wife and bringing her to front. Raja was enraged.
Meenu informs Rani that Iqbal has left home already. Rani asks about Raja, but Meenu says he hasn’t yet arrived. Meenu leaves. Iqbal knocks at the door, Rani says he is one and a half hour late, he used his approach to waste her time; why should she value his time. She was about to pass by, her saree gets close to him. He asks where she got this perfume, Rani says he has no right for such personal questions. Iqbal says he reached late only because of her husband, she can even ask him about it. Rani says if he doesn’t apologize her for being late, she is leaving. He might go to anyone, she isn’t afraid of anyone. Iqbal was curt, what Rani thinks about herself.
In the jail, Kaal was playing chess. The inspector brings some other prisoners, Kaal shouts at him to leave the jail as a lion only stays alone. The inspector leaves, while the prisoners bring out a stabber.
In the palace, Ambika was worried about Kaal’s release. Raja comes to reaffirm he is here, she shouldn’t worry about Kaal. Rani apologizes Raja for not being able to do what he said. Raja shuts her mouth, as he can’t lose the time he gets with her. He kiss the back of her hand, saying he isn’t angry at her. He apologizes for being angry, and gets flirty again and drags her to hug her tight.
In the jail, Kaal counters the goons. He cuts on his own wrist. The police inspector comes in watching him injured, Kaal drags his gun and leaves the jail locking them inside.
Rani was working with files in the room, when Raja comes in chef’s cap with food for her. There was cooked vegetable and heart shaped bread for her. He asks her to tear his heart in parts, but eat it. Rani says she didn’t know he can do this all, Raja says he can do a lot but she never provides him with a chance. He feeds her with his own hands, and was about to bite the remaining curry off her lips. The phone bell rings suddenly. Rani goes downstairs to take the call.

PRECAP: Iqbal says no law gives an MNA to cover her husband, if she wants a cover up she must sign the paper else his men would disclose the reality in front of media reporters within 3o minutes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. i liked this iqbal track..seems interesting..

  3. Business is business. What’s up with Rani’s immature behaviour by not meeting with Iqbal? She is a business woman now and should not let personal feelings interfere. Iqbal never misbehaved with her as, she told the governor. He just has another view point due to religious beliefs. In 2016 those beliefs are still held.
    Now why is Raja’s role side-lined to just being Rani’s doe eyed husband? He needs a powerful role.

    1. Thank you for this Moonlee .i agree with you especially on what they are doing to Raja’s role. That’s why I’m hardly commenting. I don’t understand this.

      1. I just hate what is happening. Raja is such a strong actor and I can’t understand why they aren’t developing his role more powerfully. I mean add twists – yes. Introduce new characters – yes. But don’t sidelined your strong actors.

      2. Maryam (etretr forever)

        i am totally agree writters have to show rajj charactor powerfull and manage able….and precape shows rajj is still a bad guy what r you writers want to show that rajj is doubled sided charactor …one side is loyal and feelfull..and other is still horrible and immature…..not good storyline here…..

  4. I think rani should do Wat she think is rite

  5. leisa s morris

    I done c where this track is goin as usual writers r gonna kill off husband and get new husband for heroine. As usual d stars r gonna change and d main storyline mash up

  6. rani needs to chill … so cold with Iqbal and he could have left her for the goons … and just like i said before raja needs to grow up

  7. Best line today was Iqbal telling Raja that if not at home he can at least act like a man outside. This is after Raja raises his fist to Iqbal. Only a few days and this guy has already taken over the show.
    Unfortunately, heard he is here only for a short period.

  8. loved the episode
    specially rajarani romance.
    why this kaal again came in this story. uff tooo much

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