Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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In the palace, Rana ji drags Gayatri in a corner of the corridor. He hushes Gayatri up, saying no one can come between them now. He says he did the mistake, she gave him the punishment, now it’s his turn.
Avdesh walks in the corridor thinking about Gayatri.
Rana ji and Gayatri were in the backyard, Rana ji black folds Gayatri and takes her jewelry periodically.
Avdesh thinks about how Gayatri had stopped him from sitting on Rana ji’s seat.
Rana ji and Gayatri share some cozy moments together. Avdesh passes by and watches them together. He throws the alcohol off his mouth and throws a matchstick on them. Gayatri sits up at once watching the fire all around them. Both gets worried. Avdesh peeks at them from behind a tree and smiles saying he never want them to

be together.
Laksh comes across Cheetah. Laksh says that Cheetah must not forget that Swarna is his wife, whether she lives or dies. Cheetah says the man who never fulfils any responsibilities of a husband has no right to be called a husband. Laksh says he even has a right to kill Cheetah. Cheetah says his life isn’t that easy to be taken. Kunwar ji comes there, he tells Laksh not to say anything to Cheetah and leave. Laksh resists but then leave. Kunwar ji tells Cheetah that he wasn’t brought here to love, because any man can do what he has been called to do.
Avdesh thinks about the intimacy between Rana ji and Gayatri, he puts his face in a water bucket to release his rage on Rana ji. He says Gayatri is only his, he wants a single chance to remove Rana ji from his way and make Gayatri his only. He shivers in rage saying Gayatri is only his.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri, he keeps a hand on hers silently and says he had listened in the stories that lovers come to each other crossing even seven seas. And here, they haven’t been able to be near to each other. Gayatri says what if it is someone else, and says she doesn’t like that Avdesh. Rana ji asks why she doubts him, Gayatri thinks about all that happened to her. Rana ji asks if he did something. Gayatri says he is strange, she is always afraid whenever he is around. Rana ji says he is just a bit different, why would he put on the fire. Had he wanted to kill him, he would have done this before. He asks her not to over think and both go towards the room.
The next morning, Gayatri stops Rana ji in the corridor and says he forgot something again. Rana ji smiles and heads to give her a kiss, she stops him and hands his handkerchief to him. He holds her hand and keeps it on his chest. Gayatri says someone would see them, Rana ji says he doesn’t care. Gayatri says he is being mischievous with the Rani of Amirkot. She watches Kunwar ji going to Avdesh’s room secretly.
Avdesh was lying on his bed watching his bracelet and talked to Gayatri. He says he wants to apologize Gayatri. Kunwar ji comes inside and asks if he can come in. Kunwar ji says he came to apologize him for hurt he gave yesterday. Avdesh says he is forgiven and asks Kunwar ji to be straight forward. Rana ji and Gayatri come at the door to listen what they speak about. Kunwar ji offers Avdesh a chance to win the lost war. Avdesh asks him to be clear. Kunwar ji says he can still win Amirkot, but his help. Kunwar ji forwards his friendship hand towards Avdesh. Avdesh smiles.

PRECAP: Rana ji comes to Avdesh and asks what is this. Avdesh tells him that it is his birthday today, but his twin sister remembers. There was blood in a little tube in his hand, he says this is her blood to remind him they both are tied with some relation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    This show super getting more trp pls make it to 50+comments in this episode

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys this show kesh king sponsors removed and idea became the main sponsors superb

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys this is the only show in Hindi serial history to get sponsors for continuously 100epi it is a big record for this show

  4. Ranaji(narendran)

    For kkb only boroplus is sponsors for this show idea and meshwak tooth paste. Kkb lost all it sponsors due to worst story line

  5. Ranaji(narendran)

    Pls guys everyone reading this pls give comments make it to 50+today . Tmr 100+
    We should make it guys becoz it is popular show at its time slot drasti proved that her show is the best like madhubala ek ishq ek junoon

    1. Drashti is a fabulous actress. I jus
      Love her acting n all her shows(Geet, Madhubala n now Raja Rani)

  6. Raga scenes r always cute. If I was there, I would have gave Avdesh a tight slap 😛 anyways, it’s just a serial. Rana bhaia and Gayathri didi were looking so cute together .
    I think Avdesh must have some past relation with Ranaji which may be one reason why he must be doing like this

  7. So your telling me… Rana ji is gona fall for that trick AGain? AHgain nah? he must be bored with his life or he has trusting issues or he is just stupid. I mean, stupid is as stupid does? -wait don’t tell me I know what your gonna say rana ji is gona keep trusting a stranger over his wife. cause thats what this show is about trusting strangers above your spouse. and romancing with hobo’s under street lighte candle dinner on the pavement and making gay babies with them.

  8. nice episode…. avdesh is a obsessed wit gayatri dam

  9. Episode was good… Not so special… NORMAL ONE…!!! Anyways, I like Ranaji’s costumes but not Avdesh’s..

    1. Hi desi friend . Welcome back 🙂

  10. RaGa romance is soooo cute

  11. Rana ji has a bad karma about him.

  12. Oh i love this serial.its one of the best serial i have ever seen The best thing about it is it doesn’t drag any particular story. I wish this serial would continue like this for long

  13. Friends m new to this comment zone but have read the comments from the very beginning.Friends I would love to know u all and ur views about this serial.

  14. Rana ji (narendren) you you I am talking to you…I think thats the best news since my constipation relief. what sponsorer in their right mind will sponsor a serial thats so lame like this one? the plot is not a noble relic perspective lacks reasonable foundation am I speaking to the wind? to mention but afew. I can get you decent sponsorers if the shows are decent foh real but thats being unrealistic because drama is based on capitalizing/exaggeration on errors thats what makes it a drama BUT hell theres limits look at rana ji in the show? SAME SAME mistake over and over it becomes irritating that humans and animals are the same…repetitively Dum. I mean he is representing indians? are indian guys that dum?

  15. Gayatri has another chance over and over to start a new life god is showing you ‘Hay’ ‘theres your second chance to happiness’! be free all you got to do is take it reach out and pick the fruit but no Gayatri wants to stay stuck to rana ji’s a*ssss! realistic statistics prove that some woman (even reading this right now) are just like that, stuck to your retarded hubbys backside even after he left you for dead once? twice? three times a lady??? cause once is never enough ne. if ever there was a way to waste time..watching these retarded family’s being ‘clever’ would suffice boredom. kasam stupidity is entertainment.

  16. Shals.
    Your invitation to open your mouth as wide as you can.
    Now you can speak your heart out. Say what you need to say speak now or forever hold your PISSs.

  17. I know I will regret saying that to Shals.
    The show is OK, it has its flaws but OK.
    Rana ji his amount of enemies are clearly a measure of his power.
    Tough being King.

  18. Hi etretr fans, new to dis comment zone but hv always being reading d comments nd I always laugh anytime I see Shals comment, shals comment is always different frm others but EtrEtr always, luv Rani gayatri nd Ranji anytime anyday dey rock my day nd always waiting for d next episode everyday.

  19. Hi to moderator of telly updates,

    I request you to not to post the bad comments in this comments section. It is really annoying to see such comments. Every one is welcome to post their views but why such hatred comments? I request all other fans of this serial, please don’t respond such comments.

  20. I wonder where is his sister n ranji is letting him get away with bulshit n I think cheetah start to fall in love with swarna

    1. I think she is dead. Because he has blood of her in a tube in his hand. Or it could be so other technical trick towards Gayatri

  21. waw!!! de show z rocking yar!!!

  22. Watching for drishti ..awesome show

  23. this is the best serial ever , every serial has it ups and downs but this serial is in a League of its own . Ranaji you rock Avdesh is nothing compared to you from his speech to his clothes there is not much to be Desired . Ranaji you exude charisma and confidence your are every women’s dream guy .(except Shals she loves street urchins) This is fantasy shals go with the flow stop over analysing enjoy it for what it is 🙂

  24. Ranaji(narendran)

    Hey guys pls make to 50+comments

  25. Jus damn luv dis show, nahhhh to guys wud bad comments, for gods sake rana is a king, he mus hav enemies, ohhh an yes he trusts everyone but he’s always alert as well, gayatri, wat a beauty, jus luv u girl..

  26. come on guys you can do it , please comment it would just awesome it this serial top the trp.

  27. I cant understand how can ranaji b soo dumb,y he’s d only one fallin for all dis tricks

  28. So enjoying this show mwah

  29. Same here the is the best serial so far it has not disappointed as yet , thumbs up .

  30. I think Ranaji is an awesome King he is everything a king should Kind gently and most importantly Handsome.

  31. Hi guys I always read the comments but the first time I am responding I must say I feel this serial is really rocking every but life is such you cant please everyone but me I am just loving it.

  32. really hope and cross my fingers ETRETR top the TRP.

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