Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji comes out of the room and hugs Gayatri. Gayatri smiles. Sulakshna cries that he can’t do this to her, he loves her and she is his first love only. What is she? A low graded girl. Rana ji stops Sulakshna saying his wife’s disrespect is his disrespect. Raaj Mata comes there and asks what happened. Rana ji says he can’t suffer more, he tried to give Sulakshna her right but she isn’t that Sulakshna now, whom he loved. She has fallen to floor now. He says that she has changed so much that loving and respect her apart, he can’t even tolerate her. He has decided that there is no place for her in his life from today. Sulakshna asks how he can do this. Bari rani maa says to Rana ji that she did this all to him, he didn’t want to give him any pain. She must leave the palace

now. Sulakshna asks where she will go. Bari Rani maa cries saying they will go where they came from. Rana ji stops the crying Bari Rani maa. Bari Rani maa cries apologizing Rana ji. Rana ji says it has only be his mistake. He says Amirkot has been an example in justice and today no injustice will be done, both will get what they want. He knows Sulakshna wants to be a Rani, and Gayatri wants to be wife. One needs throne and the other love. He has decided that Sulakshna will get the throne, while he will go in Gayatri’s share. Tomorrow morning, Rana Indravadhan and Gayatri will leave the palace forever. Everyone is shocked at this decision.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri in the room, he says he has got the tickets and they are going to Darjeling from tomorrow’s train. Raaj Mata and the ladies stood in white dresses behind them. Rana ji asks why they are wearing white clothes, they are worn when someone dies. Raaj Mata says if a Raja leaves the subjects it’s like a father has died in a house.
Jhumki taunts Bari Rani maa saying she bid huge about sending away Gayatri. Now she is going with Rana ji and will return with heir. Bari rani maa says she hasn’t lost yet, she will turn the game.
Raaj Mata apologizes Rana ji saying she made his life difficult. Rana ji says she isn’t to be blamed, he couldn’t have got a life partner like Gayatri otherwise. He says today he wants to give Gayatri every right of a wife, that isn’t possible here. Here, Gayatri will daily be reminded that she is a second wife. He says Amirkot has her, but Gayatri only has a husband. She must let her go with her husband.
Jhumki asks Bari Rani maa what plan she has now. Bari Rani maa says that she must now get used to wear white dress, uptil now she was playing his wife and now she must get used to be his widow. She says tomorrow is Diwali, a bomb blast must take place tomorrow.
At night, someone plants a bomb in Rana ji’s car.
The next morning, Gayatri says to Rana ji that today is Diwali, she won’t leave with him without lighting a candle in temple. They head towards temple, light the candle together. Rana ji smiles, both pray. Gayatri thinks about her promise with Rana ji that she had once made, that they will light a candle together on Diwali. She thinks that she fulfilled her promise but life has brought them at such a turn now. Raaj Mata comes and says that it is strange, on Diwali Raam and Seeta came back home and they are leaving home today. She says to Rana ji that he is doing right, he has a right to live his life. He says that a queen had deprived him of his rights, a mother is allowing him now. She tells him not to worry, she will take care of Amirkot, and he must go to fulfil responsibilities of a husband. She says that she brought him up as Raja, and bidding him as a son. She hugs Rana ji. Bari Rani maa comes behind thinking that Raaj Mata must prevent her tears till Rana ji’s dead body comes here and Bari rani maa rules the palace.
Swarna was in the car, Cheetah comes to the driving seat. Swarna asks about Kunwar ji and Kokilla. Cheetah says they left, and asked him to come with her else she won’t be able to get an heir.
While sitting in the car, Gayatri says to Rana ji that she hasn’t tell her parents that she is leaving forever. Rana ji says train will leave in ten minutes. Bari Rani maa says they will leave the world in only two minutes. Rana ji leaves. Gayatri says to Rana ji in the car that he took a wrong decision, if someone loses his place. Rana ji says she had wanted him to take a decision. Gayatri says she wanted him to decide between her and Sulakshna, not to leave the palace. Rana ji stops the car, and asks Gayatri to fight with him first. She says she isn’t fighting him and if he thinks so, he must ride in his car alone. She leaves the car. Rana ji comes behind her and holds her. He tells her softly, I love you. She is annoyed that he again spoke a bad word in English. He smiles, and says he loves her more than anything. she smiles now. He kiss her forehead. He says that he knows people will call him names for leaving Amirkot. Gayatri says she won’t leave them for this. Rana ji says he accepts anything for her love, no one can separate them, nor even death. Gayatri hugs him, and asks if he loves her. She asks him to take her back home. She says he is hers as much as he is to the subject of Amirkot. She asks him to go back home. They come towards the car hand in hand. The bomb was about to blast in a few seconds and it does.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata calls Yashoda worried that the candle is going out. Bari Rani maa smiles. Jhumki thinks she must get ready to be a widow now, she will have to cry a lot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG really cant wait for Monday , this is getting so interesting ,
    this is really a beautiful love story

  2. there is so much pain in their love

  3. great episode guys….cant wait for monday to see bari rani maa and jhumki face when they return….and also want to see swarna game cuz it seems like shes up to something or cheetah will fall for her….like the strength she portrays and the fact that they didnt break her

  4. Awesome!!!!!

  5. rajput never goes back on his word hah meanwhile rana ji is reverseing forward over his ‘virgin’ sulakshna ya just cant trust a rajput retard. why cant rana ji just dieeee.! useless royal king of the shhhhthouse! lets be honest bari rani ma can rule better than rana ji she dislikes the brittish dictation huh over their culture huh? kunwar ji has planning ahead skills kunwar ji has a mind to assassinate so he is capable of removing brittish rule with this warrior code of his. think about the people mun, entire country suffering because rana ji loves his low slum scumbag filthy gayatri creature like woman she is not royalty.

    1. Are you royalty too? If not then you are an equal scumbag to Gayatri! Hopeless attention seeker!

      1. Well said!!!

    2. Shal, Shal, Shal… What the %&$^ are we going to do with u? Study your episodes properly, you will find that Kunwar has no intention of fighting the british. On the contrary, Mr. Wilkinson is screwing him in the back-end, but he seems to be enjoying it. One more thing, there’s a difference between a warrior and a coward; A WARRIOR MAY FIGHT HEAD-ON WITH HIS OPPONENT, BUT HE WILL NEVER BACKSTAB. A COWARD IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT… Please consult your dictionary FOR f**k SAKE!

  6. nice episode…really awesome love ranaji….plz reveal the truth about sulakshana and bari rani maa then it ll b awesome serial…plz don’t show like other serial draggng their stories…we support this serial much and we love ranaji and gayathri devi…such awesome pair….plz show their love more….thank you writers….plz reveal truth of sulakshana atleast coming week….we don’t like to see her….

  7. I want badi Rani maas thruth to be out…… Ranaji must understand her love is greed for throne.

  8. In love with Raga all over again. Fantastic episode, can’t wait for Monday.

  9. sorry I mean such a lovely show I enjoying it so so much so nice ahh true love never fails hay its a lot like me except the slum backround of gayatri part.its so nice the show dont give up gayatri you will be like me one day hopefully. and im glad rana ji is now head over hills for you gayatri stay strong gayatri your love is pure its irresitable for rana ji….ffffkkk yeah

    1. You are bipolar!!

      1. Definitely Bipolar! And Alzeihmers too!

  10. looks like Monday’s episode will be a nice one to watch:

    Rana ji and Gayatri have golden moments. They together do the diwali puja. Gayatri gets very glad. Maha aarti is going on and happiness has spread in the palace. Diwali has brought the happiness in their lives. The suspense comes, when Rana ji gets a money briefcase. Raj Mata gets surprise and did not know about it. Rana ji and Gayatri have sweets and smile. Rana ji is in love with Gayatri, and has lit diya with her. He has accepted her and was expressing his wish this way. He wants to return the loan to Gayatri’s dad Seth Govind. Gayatri has made Rana ji fall in his love. Sulakshana gets jealous and thinks for new planning. Gayatri gets aarti close to Sulakshana, and Sulakshana moves back seeing the aarti fire, as mask will start melting. Sulakshana/Jhumki gets scared and lies to Gayatri that she is afraid of fire. Rana ji’s efforts win Gayatri’s heart. She gets proud seeing Rana ji keep their self esteem and repay the loan amount to her dad

    1. This is lovely

  11. love you gayatriiii! your the best queen for amirkot! and best example of a good strong woman don’t let your inlaws defeat your precious love I know its painful what you going through gayatri just keep praying and keep your flame of love burning like the BOMB that exploded your car hahaha

    1. Yeah ryt….u dont have to be sarcastic..we all got it that u have a great respect for villains….

  12. long
    the queen
    bari rani mwaaahhh!

    1. Shouldn’t you be pushing up daisies somewhere dog tranny

    2. You are crazy very boring get out of this platform we don’t need alunatic like u here


  13. mary christodoulou

    my favorite serial they are all fantastic

  14. Let her be a widow since she is not his wife n I’m happy for gayatri now

  15. ok hold on my comment does take awhile before it upload but shals get to post his/her annoyin comments multiple times really fast why??? i normally read the comments first before i read the written updates mainly cuz i enjoy readin fellow viewers comments/or constructive criticism about the serial but tis person shals takes the enjoyment away from it all…now she/he is bein sarcastic or as someone say bipolar and its as annoyin as the comments she/he use to make before..plz admin save us from shals

  16. Someone mentioned that there was a spoiler in which Ranaji slaps Gayatri for accusing Bari Rani Ma of being the wrong doer… where is this spoiler? I have not seen it.

    1. if u watch the serial via desitv it shows even up to lastnight it aired on zeetv and im from Trinidad

  17. Wonderful, wonderful, serial….in the beginning, I said that this is going to be a hit serial.
    Please friends, do not bother with Shals, it looks like he is from another world….he is bitter,maybe Gaytri character hit a cord in his real life.

  18. Shals I dont know when u hate the characters so much then why the hell u r watching the serial we love this serial and will not bear your nonsense comments…stupid attention seeker

  19. Hello tellyupdates, I am commenting after some days just to make u remember your words that you will review comments and so no unnecessary chats and all. But, this SHALS is mentally sick and was texting rubbish in TUM HI HO BANDHU SAKHA page. After the end of THHBST, SHALS texted many apologizing comments, again now the torture has started in ETRETR page. We don’t mind if SHALS shares view of him/her.but it’s too much to bear and irritating to read this. Please do remove and stop such comments. Else let us teach such morons a lesson. Already stopped commenting in KAISE YEH YAARIYAN, where u just keep favoring dirty Minnie /pradishma and gave freedom to her to poke in every comment of us, even abuse us with slangs and u never remove her comments and finally they turned page to disgust, (hope u said, no chats).Left KYY here already and will be glad if u atleast save this page. You just keep removing or editing our comments that encourages cheap people here. Will be really glad if u make such people realise what this page is for and Pls clean ETRETR and save KYY page. Else in future u will just see three four people texting blah blah blah as in KYY and we people shift from here. Save KYY FROM THOSE MINNIE/PRADISHMA,ANU,SARA/LIYA and ETRETR from SHALS. now people have started requesting you as you are last hope once u listened and saved us from disgusting pradishma and team from sathiya, suhani pages. We need you again telly. Please clean KYY (as manik is back, we are eager to be here, but disgusting persons there just poke and use slang) and our EKTETR for Our RANAJI AND RANI GAYATHRI DEVI from SHALS.

    1. True said dear. Even swaragini page have a few nuisance and the on going war between swasan and swalaksh fan have irritated me soooooo muchhh. Pls telly updates read this comment well.

  20. Her Royal Highness The Princess

    Hi Ppl.
    Iam a regular reader. I love reading the comments that all the fans or I should say lovers of Gayatri and Rana ji writes.
    I just want tthis show to go a little fast and I really wish to see swarn and cheetah come together as a couple.
    And most importantly I want that Jhumki to vanish so that Gayatri and Ranaji can unite.. ❤

    1. Actually the serial is at good pace. Compared to kumkumbhagya where pragya and abhi are never destined to meet. Have hope for this serial

  21. Vani Ravisurya

    Rani Gayathri’s love for Rana Indravathan is so true. They should be together forever. Rana you r so much in love with Gayathri.
    Prove it by making gayathri a mum. Let her bring your heir into this world. Make it happen soon. Want false surakshana’s lie come out. Also the greed of bari rani ma for the throne.

    1. Heir or no heir love story should b epic like ashok and asandhmitra, Akbar and rukaiya

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