Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Some goons threw water over Naina, demanding her to dance. Naina run for life, while they chase her. Raja comes as a savior and holds her in arms. A director comes there calling Raja a hero and gives him with respect. Naina gets to a side, while drinks and table are brought for Raja. Naina heads inside, but keeps on looking behind towards Raja. Water dripped off her hair. Raja goes behind Naina. Kamal tells the director no one knows about Raja’s past life. There, Naina shuts the door in changing room, but Raja opens it. Others inside run outside. Raja stops Naina but she cries, saying she has never seen him and what he wants. Raja clutches the back of her hair, saying she can hide the truth but can’t change it. He holds her close to himself, breaking open her blouse, and looks at the

back of her neck. He recalls Rani once said if he can’t recognize her sometime, he must find the mole behind her neck. Raja was heartbroken, as there was no mole. Raja leaves the set.
Naina cries in front of Vijay that Raja opened the rope of her blouse. He tries to flirt her, asking where Raja touched her. Naina jerks his hand away, and moves on murmuring. She forbids him share anything with mummy. Vijay was ready to keep her secret, but wants something in return. Naina wonders what he needs, Vijay demands her. He says they would wander over his motorbike in the evening.
Raja stood beside his car. Kamal comes with information about Naina, she lives with her mother who is a junior artist in films. Her mother also works in films. Raja tells him to let’s go. There, at home Naina returns to find her sister complaining their mother for not buying her expensive soaps. Naina smiles at her sister’s wish for wanting to be a heroine. Naina comes to hug Rekha and wonders why she thinks so much. Rekha says she is their real sister, she looks so pretty and her face doesn’t resemble anyone of us. They must think which garbage dumb mother brought her from. Ammi shuts her up at once. Naina and Rekha cheer Ammi. Naina was hopeful to get a role in film really soon. They hug each other.
At home, Rekha informs that Vijay has arrived to take Naina. Naina shares with mummy that she doesn’t wish to go with Vijay. Mummy goes to handle the situation, as an 8 hour sleep is really important for Naina. Mummy serves Vijay with fish, and says Naina must sleep early tonight as she has to go to shoot early. Vijay says he wanted to take her to a casting agent. Mummy tries to make him up as he can handle the meeting for tomorrow. Vijay leaves. Naina comes to hug her, mummy says there must be at least one to take care of them three women. She wished someone for Naina who can protect her. The goons of city also stay away when this inspector keeps on visiting their house. Raja opens the doors of their house then.

PRECAP: Raja instructs his men to search the whole city, but get Premvadha Singh Dev, Rani Gayatri and her husband Nawab Iqbal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Interesting…… If Raja learns of Iqbal’s passing I wonder what his reaction would be like. Then he will be in more pain not knowing of Rani’s whereabouts, whether she’s alive or not. I think he’s going to become a ruthless Don….. I like the change, it’s different, hmmmmm….

  2. His directive to search for Rani ,dadu and Iqbal specifically, means that he’s clueless about the events which transpired after his departure from Amerkot and subsequent flight from Iqbal’s tyranny and Rani’s betrayal. Everytime I see flashbacks of their childhood days an d days of romance before marriage, I cry like a baby, those scenes make me hold on to the serial, just to see how it will end.

    1. Me too. I agree with you. Those flashbacks and their romance makes me sad and teary every time. That’s why I keep calling out to the writers and hold on that only the original Raja and original Rani. Not a lookalike because she didn’t go through with Raja anything in the past. And I hold on in wanting in the end after all the twist and turn, that it’s the original rani getting back with Raja not a lookalike. Naz…I feel it for Raja as he remembers and gets those flashbacks. Damn my heart hurts. I too love the new twists but my only deepest hope is it’s the real rani we end up with after all the ups and downs and not a lookalike. And I do want to see more of Raja as Don and once again, his struggles. He’s certainly pleasing to the eye to watch in this avatar and his acting and expressions makes you fixated. Those steel hard expressions on his face lures to him. Every time I see him and his acting and expressions and his struggles I keep thinking of a novel I read. It’s like Raja gives me an idea of what the main character in the book looks like and was going through. ???. I too will continue to watch the serial. I do like it ( especially Sartaj) and want to see how this twist play out. And Naz…you are so right about Raja….”fatally attractive”…. Have mercy …lol

  3. My mood is changing again. ☹️☹️ This better be Rani and not a lookalike. Naz…I am going to be thinking of your advice often…so I’m going to hang in there and allow the writers to tell the story. Let me hope Rani covered the mole and its Rani and not a lookalike.

    1. Jess, I also hope it’s Rani, I would like to think it’s her. I wonder if she has lost her memory or cleverly she’s disguising herself, in plain sight but obscured from recognition. It’s got to be a clean makeover minus the mole, remember, even she doesn’t know that Iqbal is dead. I must say that she looks stunning. I used to complain that she looked too adolescent but now I have to retract what I said….Rani looks so much mature in comparison to the new vamp but still maintains the exuberance of
      youth. Raja really looks serious in this role…. Gosh, I really can’t tolerate seeing this new character, she’s annoying. BTW, if Rani thinks that Iqbal is alive, then she has to really pretend she’s someone else in order to protect Raja. I’m trying to believe my own assumptions…..lol… , I hope I’m correct.

      1. Very good insight. You give me such hope…????. Lots of people tell me how serious raja has become. He is doing so well in pulling this role. They adore him and says he looks good as he is serious. He’s not playing around. All this serious look and movements. Excellent and exciting. Very hot too…lol…He’s become harden from the ultimate betrayal. Remember his own wife, whom he loved since childhood so ??passionately, shot him. And that too being with another man. Whatever Rani’s reasons for doing it, it is still wrong, and raja doesn’t know and it is reasonable given the events to see it as betrayal. I would see it so too if I were in his position. The events are moving excitedly and fast and that’s awesome. I’m anxious to see how this unfolds. Now while I was away I understand that it was Rajamata that caused this mess with what she put rani to do with Iqbal. She started a huge destructive inferno. I didn’t expect this from her. Now look what she caused. Didn’t she know you can’t play with fire and not expect to get burned? It’s raja and rani that were most badly burned and everyone else too. Gosh…I’m anxious to see how this mystery is resolved. Sartaj is pulling this role excellently. ?? Monday is so far away…sigh. By the way Naz… Lots of folks are watching the show and they are discussing it and eager to see how it turns out…?

  4. I’ve seen the online version minus the subtitles. I have to say Raja looks so dapper, so handsome in his new look and attire. His acting is superb as usual. Simply fantastic and I love the expressions and emotions he brings to his acting. Brilliant actor!! I’m sadden today that this girl is a lookalike instead of the real Rani. But I’m going to hang in there and hope the writers make me happy with a really good story from this. By the way writers/producers, I and a few others were discussing this serial today and we love how you guys make the story lively and things move fast. Viewers complained about other serials that are dragging on and on a particular story but ek tha raja ek thi rani came in for very high praises for always moving fast, at a good pace and always adding intrique and interest every step of the way. This is awesome. Although admittedly you are scaring me with new twist. I love the focus on Raja but my clamouring is for the real raja and real rani since so much of the serial story and experiences were about them. Dreading this lookalike. But I’m following and trusting the writers. ?

  5. stop watching this serial??
    writers are in habit of playing with our minds if trp will fall then they will bring rani back

  6. Bawa,tell them what they don’t know,the writters of these serials are mean to lovers. In these serials,is either they are separated by cruel death,or if they are alive,they will still. Be separated.just look at;merisasumaa,tashane isque,jamai raja,yehvaada raha,kum kum bagya,to mention but a few.Now see how these people have started first with Ranagi and Gayatri,and now Raja and Rani.This is. Very annoying,always toying. With viewers emotions.I hate this nonesense.

  7. shibani panda

    Kia Naina hi Rani hai????? I hope Naina hi Raniho

  8. Please clear the misunderstandings of Raja …reveal that Rani didn’t betray him..she was taking revenge for him and till last breath she did…but lost herself or whatsoever …if naina is rani please clue the viewers soon so that we get excitement for etretr once again.

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