Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Seth ji and family head to leave. Bhabis try to stop maa but she doesn’t agree on that.
Kunwar watches Lakshraaj with someone while his wife standing alone watching the body language of her husband. Kunwar thinks he can do nothing about Lakshraj.
Gayatri walks dizzily towards Rana ji. Rana ji just shifts his place, the other man says he isn’t Rana ji when Gayatri says to him that she wants to say something. Gayatri loses her control, Bhabis hold her. Gayatri tells them her head is banging.
Lakshraj’s wife sends a maid to remind Kunwar he has to introduce her to different people as well. Lakshraj sends the maid angrily. His wife thinks that till the truth was under cover she could protect their respect, but now she will also not do anything about it. A man comes to

her, she says she will now enjoy with him and calls for a drink.
Maa calls Gayatri outside the palace, Gayatri doesn’t slip on stairs but loses control on the last one when Bhabis await this. Maa smells Gayatri’s mouth and asks if she is drunk. Gayatri was conciousless. Bhabis try to make an issue of it while Maa stops them saying they will talk about at home.
Lakshraj was still with some other man, his wife playing with the other man. Raaj Mata points at Kokila to keep her daughter in law in respect of family. Kokilla comes to her and sends the man away, she asks if she cares for the name and respect of her this royal family. Raaj Kumari asks if they have kept some limits for their son as well, his stories are really famous all along. Raaj Mata is curt at Kokilla for creating even more drama.
Seth Govind comes out while maa and Gayatri were leaving in the car. He says he will Gayatri with him in the horse cart, but Maa says she is already tired and asleep. The guard tells Seth ji that his cart has been confiscated because only royal people are allowed to ride a six horse cart. He can call him a car. Seth ji shouts that he came on his own and will leave on his own as well, remember Kunwar’s confrontations with him he leaves curtly with his sons.
Kokilla shouts in the party that she neither has any shame nor respect. Raaj Kumari says she is helpless as all the shame lies with her son. Rana ji comes to Kokilla and sends her away. He takes the glass from Raaj Kumari’s hand, he asks why is she so upset. She says if women don’t have a right to be upset now? Rana ji says he always wanted a sister, today he thinks if he had a sister it would be just like her. He takes her along arm in arm to talk to her. Raaj Mata nods at Rana ji.
Maa curses Gayatri for ruining all her bringing up. Bhabis taunt at Gayatri that no one was so shameless in their family ever. Gayarti was still smiling, her head banging and she could visibly not understand anything. Seth ji comes home. Gayatri smiles at him.
Seth ji asks when he came home, why didn’t they hear cart’s sound. Her sons tell her that the royal palace confiscated the cart. Maa is worried but Seth ji asks what Gayatri has done. Bhabhi tells him she drank in the royal palace. Gayatri was smiling when Bauji comes to her and asks if she drank in the palace. Gayatri speaks and smelling her mouth Seth ji slaps her hard. He says that Amarkot’s people said that Seth Govind had the best recognition of a diamond, he was wrong that he always considered a piece of glass as diamond. He says that flying in skies need a string support as well, today she broke that limit.

PRECAP: Gayatri says to maa that she wasn’t mistaken, she only loved. Maa says she has no right to marry a prince. Raaj Mata tells Rana ji that Amarkot has been indebted by Seth Govind’s money. She asks him to return her Amarkot to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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