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Rana ji was shocked to hear Savitri that only that Pandit knows what happened on the cliff. She says no one else can do the Pooja, she can’t share the reason. Savitri leaves, Pandit also takes leave. Bari Rani maa watches this and wonders what she is playing now.
Savitri comes to her room and thinks what she was about to do, what if someone comes to know about it; she can’t share it even with Rana ji. If Rajeshwari’s companion comes to know someone is looking for him. She goes out in corridor and fell down the stairs, her foot ache. Bari RanI maa watches her, she thinks if simple men try to walk on the paths of this palace they will fell off. If she thinks that Pandit will tell her about her, she holds the pot with which she had thrown the water on steps. Lakhan comes to help

Savitri. Lakhan asks Savitri that she is injured and takes rest.
Rana ji calls Savitri looking for something. Rajeshwari hands him his bow tie, she asks why he calls a maid and not his princess. Rana ji says that he doesn’t need to ask Savitri what he needs. He discuss with Rajeshwari that he wants to give a gift to Bari Rani Maa that makes her feel he respects her a lot. Rajeshwari says she doesn’t need anything. Rana ji says it’s alright, he will think himself about it.
Rana ji asks servants about Savitri. She comes there and says she had a muscle strain. Rana ji makes her sit, concerned. She resists, he orders her to keep seated and asks when it happened. It was swollen, he calls for warn water. She tells him it happened yesterday, he asks why she didn’t tell him yesterday and keeps warm water towel. She remembers when on their wedding day he had pricked thorns off her feet. He forbids her do any work or go anywhere now. Bari Rani Maa says he is right, she always wander everywhere. Now he can only stop her, and shut her in her room. Rana ji says she is right, he will drop her by himself. Savitri holds his hand tight and leaves. Bari Rani maa thinks that she will now walk the way she shows.
In the evening, Savitri tells Rana ji she can’t abide by his order, she has to find the Poojari. He argues why she wants him only. Rajeshwari says her mother used to say only that Poojari will do the pooja, she took this promise from her mother. The people who can fulfil their mother’s promises are lucky, she can give her life for her mother. Rana ji calls her crazy, Savitri says she calls this to herself. She is better than him who doesn’t respect his mother. He leaves. Savitri was about to stands up, Bari Rani maa stops her. She tells her that she brought Chanda, she will massage her feet with warm water to make her well soon. She watches the time, and says to Bari Rani Maa that these are her feet; she could have prayed in such time. Bari Rani maa asks her for a help and gives her a few recipes, she has to make for Swarna. Savitri writes them uninterested. More than an hour has passed, Bari Rani maa asks why she is looking at clocks, is there a good moment passing by. Savitri thinks it will only come when she will leave.
Rana ji was restless thinking about her mother’s slap. He wonders how to tell her his mother isn’t like hers. She never considered him as her own. He goes angrily.
Bari Rani Maa tells the recipes to Savitri. Chanda brings her apples. She thinks about recipe, Savitri thinks if Bari Rani Maa is stopping her from meeting Pandit. If Raaj mata’s suspects right, she must do something. Rana ji comes inside and takes Savitri out, saying he has to prove something to her.
In the car, Savitri asks Rana ji where he is taking her. Rana ji says he wants to prove he cares for her mother. He has come to know where that Pandit lives, he isn’t sure if he is there or not. Savitri shuts his mouth and asks him to speak well. Savitri looks ahead and wonders what happened there. She hurries inside the house to find the Pandit had died. Rana ji asks who else is there in his home. The people tells about a widow and a son. Savitri cries and questions Gods how this can happen to her, she complains why she was shown this way then. Rana ji stops her, she hugs him and cries. She says he was her last hope. She cries on her way back. She wonders why the man lied that he had a son who will return tomorrow. She thinks about the lady who told her that Pandit has no child. She asks Rana ji to stop the car, she has to go back to village. She says this is a trick, she has to find as that Pandit can’t die. Rana ji says she has seen himself. Savitri says she watched the photo and not the dead body, he won’t understand and leaves.

PRECAP: Savitri follows Pandit’s wife to a house. She enters and finds Pandit inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think the old hag tell him to hide out there since she knows savitri is looking for him n i think ranaji will her find him

  2. This show is utter crap, zeetv will do well to pls take it off . at the moment it about to start I switch channel .pls take off bakhwas soap

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