Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Rani tastes the food after preparing, it tasted really bad. She hurries to Amrita to speak to her, Amrita asks her to bring the food as everyone is waiting her. Rani thinks that only Raja can now help her, and hurries towards him. In the corridor Raja was upset and watches Rani looking for someone in an upset mood. He hear Bindu crying on a side. Rani comes to Meenu and asks her to send Raja to the kitchen as soon as possible. Bari Rani Maa comes her way but Pandit was calling her. She asks Rani to go and get the food.
Raja asks Bindu what happened, he just forbid her call Dovey from today. Meenu tells Raja that Rani is calling him and is waiting in kitchen. Raja goes towards her. Bindu wipes her tears.
In the kitchen, Jeewan insists on Rani to tell what the matter is. Rani

was crying and only wanted to speak to Raja. Jeewan insists, Rani finally shares that all this food has been ruined, its bitter. Jeewan calms her down, Raja comes there and watches Jeewan’s hand over Rani’s shoulder and leaves curtly.
In the hall, the Pandit’s begin the food. Bari Rani Maa awaited Rani’s disgrace. Jeewan asks Rani not to take tension, no one would come to know she hasn’t cooked this food. Rani was upset that at least she is aware. Bari Rani Maa and Bindu were curt watching the Pandit’s eat. Kaal calls her asking Bari Rani Maa to present her with a gift. Bari Rani Maa asks how she did so, she thought studying females can never cook. Rani apologizes Bari Rani Maa for not being able to accept the Shagun. She joins hands in front of everyone as she couldn’t fulfil this ritual, Jeewan stops her. Rani accepts she didn’t cook this food. The Pandits get angry, Amrita asks what this is, and she herself saw Rani cook. Rani accepts that she might have mistaken and the food went bitter. Jeewan helped her by getting food from a nearby temple, and was ready to be punished. Amrita takes a ring off her hand, and appreciates Rani’s act. She announces that everyone can cook, but it’s someone’s luck to get a daughter in law who accepts the worth of truth. Pandit also appreciates Rani, calling Rani really precious. Rani turns to thank Jeewan. Amrita asks Raja to take blessings from Pandit along with Rani. Raja was curt at Rani and leaves. Bindu follows him, Rani comes from behind and follow him to the room with food. She sits beside him saying one must not pour anger over food. It was her first day in kitchen, how it is possible her husband doesn’t eat. Raja jerks the bite, she offers another determined to know the reason of his anger. She explains she was helpless, Jeewan was there in front of her. Raja jerks the hand again, Rani offers another as food shouldn’t be disgraced. Raja finally takes a bite. He then tells him to ask him for any help, he is her husband and she is his responsibility. Rani says she was looking for him but couldn’t find him, she doesn’t know what she did that he is so angry. He doesn’t talk to her, and avoid getting close to her. He left her to speak to Bindu. Raja stands up clarifying she herself came to him. Rani takes the bite herself this time saying she also didn’t call Jeewan, he came by himself. A maid comes to call Rani downstairs. Raja takes the plate of food.
During the Pooja, Amrita gives Rani a sword to break the coconut, if a coconut breaks in two equal halves the spouse’s relations remain balanced. Bari Rani Maa and Kokilla weren’t sure Rani can do this, Amrita was sure that lower is really powerful, and her daughter in law can face any problem for her love. Rani takes the sword, she shuts her eyes to mark the coconut. It breaks in two halves in the first strike. Rani was elated, Amrita says she couldn’t have got a daughter in law like her. Pandit comes to the hall, announcing tonight is a good time for wedding night.

PRECAP: Raja comes to sit beside Rani on the bed where she sat veiled, he tells her about the truth and leave the decision over her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. precape annoying……..

  2. I Think the veiled girl is bindu and not rani.raja n rani’s realation is baseless.when bindu came to raja, rani doubted him.she didn’t think raja n bindu were friends .so bindu can come to raja.the same matter with raja when jeeves came to rani her suspected her n was angry.what is this?they can’t trust bindu n jeeves but don’t they hav trust on their own love?

  3. Will look at this episode when it shows tonight. But why do I have a terrible feeling that the old queen might be under the veil and not Rani? She did this to Lakhan when he went to the temple to marry someone, didn’t she? I recall seeing this old evil lady in wedding clothes sitting there and the wedding girl tied up elsewhere. Poor Lakhan when he saw it was th old lady and not his bride. The old lady knows this is the wedding night for Raja and Rani, and they will be alone and knows Raja wants to spill the beans, so she can pull this trick from her bag as she did before. She’s a terrible one, that old lady. Can’t wait to see it tonight.

  4. Whatttt!!!!! Raja told his wife the truth? Hope that’s not a dream but if he really did, commendable to you Raja, that’s the correct way to start your marriage….with the truth! You both can handle the jealous spells in between, it adds masala to the relationship as long as no one goes overboard. I so love how Raja told Bindu, stop calling me “dovey “, it’s like telling her that they have crossed a bridge and are on either side now……yaaaaayyyyyy, he has stamped his marital status and those words are clear as crystal. I know he’ll hath no fury like a woman scorned, so beware newlyweds, Bindu will try to create discord between you both, Jeeves as well, he’s on revenge mode now.

  5. Michelle Ann George, welcome to this forum. Hope you enjoy the serial, happy to have you on this site. On another note, thank you Sona, for your difficult job in bringing the updates to us each and every day ?too often we are grateful for the message but forget to thank the messenger.

  6. I thought the same thing Jess. The old witch so sick in her head, she really could be under the veil, if she is, Psycho….. Shameless, she doesn’t want the couple to consummate their marriage, how weird is that?

  7. I hint it bindu ni hope raja throws her out

  8. It looks like Rani under the veil. Their fight was so cute, Rani comes across like a loving and understanding wife, lots of patience. Raja needs a haircut, he will look much younger than now.

  9. Lakshmi

    hey guys yesterday was our jeeves birthday…

    belated happy birthday zaan khan…

    1. Ya belated happy birthday jeews(zaan khan) ? ? and happy bakrid? ☺

  10. show is interesting .love raja rani.and happy birthday dear shaan.

  11. of course cvs cant do such a favour the veiled girl isn’t expected to be rani

    1. Nl think the new role, new problems, maybe.

  12. Actually rani sou rahi hea ur usne kuch nehi suna..uske akhe bandh dekhai dea rahi thi…I think…

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