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Rani was shocked to understand that Nawab even took her enemity by betrayal. There, Iqbal goes to make a call, and looks at a broken piece of glass. Nusrat asks if its still with him, Iqbal says its inside his soul and will keep on pinching him till he has taken his revenge. Two years ago, these glass pieces didn’t spread over the road but his life; Raja snatched his life that night. He recalls gifting a locket to his love. Nusrat walked in with her sister, saying it’s his testimony today. He must decide which one is Nusrat, which is Zaira out of twin sisters. Iqbal looks at the other, saying he must close his eyes and recognizes Zaira at once. He finally put the locket around her neck. Zaira was touched that even if she was talking like Nusrat, still he recognized her. Nusrat took

a leave. Iqbal says Zaira was so pretty that night, he fears she would get a bad eye. Zaira wished to go to hill station Dargah, for their love. He can’t come with her, because she is going to pray for him. He never knew his life would be spent awaiting. He was about to propose her for marriage, but that morning never came. That night never came in his life. He went to look for her to Dargah, it was deserted but Zaira was nowhere to be found. Only then he spotted a car, Iqbal went to ask Raja about a girl. Raja lay down drunken, and was ready to drive over anyone who came in the way of his car. Iqbal found a glass piece under the car. He didn’t know Raja had already snatched the one he was looking for, no one could find Zaira for next two days. He went to look for her again, and found her locket among the glass pieces on a road side. He followed the glass pieces and found a grave in the forest. He opened the soil to find Zaira’s body there, the glass piece pierced inside his body. He went to police with car’s number. Then he realized, law resides over bed of rich; they must be revenged. He decided to revenge, but he only had the determination. He then realized that drunken man was Raja, who married himself after burying his love. He decided to ruin Raja’s life that day. Iqbal chops Raja’s photo with a knife in hand, Rani loses her balance and a vase was about to break. She hurries outside. Iqbal comes to look outside, but Nusrat suggests it might be wind. Rani thinks about going to jail to speak to Raja about it.
In the jail, police constables speak about Rani’s blackened face. Raja was upset, and curses himself for being responsible to this all. Rani hurried towards Raja, but he denied meeting her. He cries, asking her to stay away as he isn’t even worth her hatred. The constable warns Rani not to forcefully meet Raja and go away. Rani wonders who else can tell her about the truth, and goes to Shashi and Jeewan.
Rani calls Jeewan, Jeewan greets her saying he had to come upon her call. Rani takes Shashi and Jeewan inside to the temple room, saying she only wants truth. She says she is aware about Shab e Baraat two years ago; she confirms if there was an accident that night. Jeewan asks how it is related to Raja. Rani says there is a deep relation, but she first wants to know if there was an accident; she swears him on Devi Maa. She asks them to swear there was no accident of a girl that night. Shashi was about to speak, but Jeewan holds his and Shashi’s hand over the flame assuring there was no accident.
Rani thinks why Iqbal is behind them now; but she can expect anything from a betrayer like Iqbal. Rani apologize them for suspecting over them, and hurries to get an ointment for them. Jeewan grabs Shashi’s collar asking if he was about to tell Rani about the truth. Was he going to tell Rani that actually Jeewan had been driving the car, and killed a lady; they buried the body and Raja was unaware about this all because he was drunk? Jeewan warns Shashi to stay silent, as Shashi was the one who helped him bury the body. Rani stood beside Jeewan and looked at them quizzically. Jeewan takes a leave from Rani, but Rani asks them to come along her to meet someone.
At Nawab’s house, Rani comes inside. Iqbal suggests there must be something wrong, if Raja is fine. Rani says she has a friend like Iqbal, she doesn’t need enemies. Iqbal reminds he is her friend, Rani slaps over his face.

PRECAP: Rani vows over the identities of her wedding, she would protect Raja. She isn’t as weak as not to be able to protect herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohh I m not having tv right now… thanks 4 update?

  2. college has become such a hostile place …
    we so need to protect our children at all costs for they are the ones to lead the way …
    know that the Almighty is the ruler of this earth and his will be done … what we sow, so shall we reap …
    do not feel that we can hide our past and move forward without it …

  3. Mama mia….. This is one big hornet’s nest!!! We all wondered what writers did with Jeeves character ehhhh…..look where he’s surfaced now, in a huge conspiracy big enough to send his brother to the hangman. For all of Jeeves admirers, who sympathized with him thinking he was always treated unfairly , see what a snake he is!! A leopard can’t change his spots for sure. This is a huge dilemma that Raja is in, Rani has her hands full now, if it wasn’t already, to save her beloved husband. I didn’t see this coming, even though we all wondered what was the big deal about Iqbal and his problem and how it impacted in any way to Rani and Raja. So now we wait for some high voltage drama -rama in the upcoming episodes, it seems.

  4. Do jeewan kill iqbal first love n blame raja i hope rani find a way get raja out of the danger

  5. Iqbal looked so lovely and so in love while waiting with the necklace. His story is so sad. All his innocence still with him. But it was not Raja that took his life. But he was led to believe it was Raja. I can feel his revenge. Nusrat also lost part of her soul.

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