Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sharmila doesn’t leave Rana Ji’s hand but he removes his hand off hers. Rana Ji takes a leave. Sharmila comes aside with Kokilla and says he has got an attitude and it is going to be fun. Kokilla says that she told her he is always lost in the thoughts of his old wife. She suggests her not to marry someone who loves another woman. Sharmila says she likes puzzles and Rana ji is also a puzzle, even she doesn’t want to marry. She goes behind Rana ji who was going upstairs. Gayatri notices this and follows them. Sharmila comes behind Rana ji and says she had heard Amarkot’s Rana ji is a perfect gentleman, he didn’t ask for dance even. Rana ji says she heard that ladies wait for gentlemen to ask for dance, not question them. He takes a seat. Sharmila gets annoyed and says how dared

he, she isn’t interested in him as well. Rana ji asks still she left a huge party to follow him upstairs. He says his method about showing disrespect is a bit different. Sharmila questions what his way of showing the disrespect is. He doesn’t reply, Sharmila leaves saying what he thinks of himself, it alright if he doesn’t want to speak. Rana ji gets up in a while and leaves for party downstairs. Gayatri appears from behind the curtain.
In the party Raaj Mata comes to Rana ji and asks if he attended Sharmila. Rana ji says she is a modern girl and doesn’t need to be attended. Raaj Mata gets that he misbehaved with the guests and tells him to improve his mistake else Raaj Mata will be blamed for not bringing him up well. He obliges and asks a waiter to give a glass to the girl standing upstairs and tell her he sent it.
Bhabhi’s discussed about their mission to go and search Gayatri as they have to unveil her secrets to her parents.
Gayatri peeked from upstairs, a waiter brings a drink for her. Gayatri tastes it to be bad, still she thinks Rana ji sent this so she must drink it.
Bhabhi’s come upstairs saying what they are doing here upstairs leaving the whole palace. They point Gayatri drinking something, and comment it must be some tasty drink. They say that their mother in law inhibited them to drink anything here. They take a glass from the tray a waiter was taking. She smells it and says this is wine. They cheer that Gayatri has made their work really easy. There will surely be drama today.
Drunk, Gayatri leaves for downstairs watching Rana ji. Bhabhi’s smells the wine and the elder one says that this is surely wine. Gayarti loses her control as she stands on stairs staring Rana ji continuously. She points at the Rana ji and says she is staring this man. Gayatri thinks that Rana ji is strange, he sent her drink but didn’t come to meet her, she must question him. She steps down, asking that first she will thanks him for drink and then she will ask why he sent her a bitter drink like this.
Bhabhis come downstairs and comes to Maa saying they found Gayatri but she has been looking for someone. They thought Gayatri doesn’t recognize anyone here other than them but look at her. Maa ji watches Gayatri going behind Rana ji. Bhabi regrets that nothing happened, Maa asks what had to happen when Gayatri comes there. Maa asks where she has been lost. Gayatri says she has been looking for him… then stops and says Bauji. Maa says she has also been looking for her Bauji, they must go home soon. Bhabhis come to Gayatri and asks what she is looking for. Gayatri asks if they have known. Bhabhi say if she doesn’t want to tell it is alright. Bhabhis compel Gayatri to have some more drinks, she denies saying they taste very bad but Bhabhis say she must drink it just in the sweet memories of the one she has been looking for. Gayatri thinks she will drink anything for his love.

PRECAP: Gayatri slips the stairs, Maa asks Gayatri if she is drunk and feels the smell. The younger Bhabhi tells Bauji that Gayatri had wine in the palace. Bauji smells it as well and slaps Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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