Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All of a sudden the room windows begin to bang, Rani was afraid but it was wind only. She enters the room. Right behind the door was Raja and Rani’s wedding photo. Raja comes calling Rani. She asks Raja about the car. Raja at once get a bang in his head, he turns around to be a different man. Rani asks why he is behaving as some soul. Rani turns to flee, Raja laughs. Rani was annoyed and leaves covering Raja with a cloth piece. Raja was worried about her and comes to the hall to look for her, he accepts his defeat and promises to do as per her instructions. Rani comes from behind asking promise? Raja clutches her arms and pins her to the wall, he warns her not to do such joke again. Rani assures she is fine. She looks upstairs and challenges Raja to reach the door before him. Her foot

was injured in the way, Raja returns and asks if this is cheating. Rani cries in pain. Raja holds her up to a room. Rani plays a game with Raja. Raja stands up to speak to her in pure English, Rani was taken aback. Raja asks if the prince of Paris won’t know English. Rani asks Raja why he doesn’t take a good job. Raja says it’s easy for those who haven’t worked throughout their lives. They belong to different worlds, they won’t understand each other. Rani begins to bite an apple.
Rani was sleeping when she gets dreams of her past. She wakes up wondering about the dreams, then comes to wander around the palace with a candle. Suddenly something jumps in front of her, she screams and runs behind to hug Raja who had just arrived. He hugs her back. She straightens up and demands Raja to bring her chocolates she has been craving for. Raja hands her a pot to grow chocolates for herself. He is sleepy and wants to sleep. Rani deters to go by herself.
Kundan comes with the police. Anandi was worried what if Raja does some harm to Rani. The inspector says he has recently transferred here, no one is aware he is a inspector. Prieti says she has a photo of Raja. Anandi was worried.
Some people were pasting Raja’s photos on the wall when the shop keeper recognizes him. Rani was waiting in the palace, she comes to find a piano. The flashes from her past get vivid. She drowses over the piano. Raja asks Anandi on call about why Police is behind him. Anandi tells him to keep hiding where he has been. Raja comes to wake Rani up, she screams out of fear firs then watches a dung over Raja’s face. Raja says this is pure honey he brought for her. Rani was moved and enforces Raja to remove the dung off his face. She then asks him to bring something to eat.
The inspector brings Rani’s earring. The inspector says it was their hiding, he wonders why Raja left in a hurry. He suspects their information got to them from here.

PRECAP: Rani says it feels she feels protected with Raja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What a chamistry ! I love this kidnapping track better than season 2 . I will mis them a lot .

  2. I love this episode. It was really nice. I have to admit when I saw the flashbacks and the wedding picture of raja and rani and when they were little, etc…I missed the raja and rani when they came into season 2 and were growing up, in college, got married, etc. I missed these times. But this episode was nice. I agree with Tina.

  3. What is a dung? What was that she removed from his face? looked like somtething stung him him.

  4. Hello Tina Jess,I do l adorethis cute couple ,Ofcourse as Raja and Rani only .Both Sartaj and Eisha obviously love these characters .Their chemistry as Raja and Rani really makes us blush(in the words of Naz).The same was missing when they portrayed the roles of Donji and Naina.We are really going to miss them ,once the serial winds up.
    I think Jess ,Raja was bitten by honey bees when he was trying to extract honey from the honey comb for Rani.We know that the honey bee leaves its honey sting in our skin which is quite poisonous and has to be taken out.But the hindi word for the sting is ‘dunk’ not dung.And that’s what Rani removes from Raja’s face.By the way it is really a cute scene.

    1. Ohhhhhh….I see. Thank you for the explanation. Sorry about the wrong spelling of the word. I was repeating it as it was written in the update. I agree with your comment totally.

  5. I just love them too much,what ever they do their chemistry is marvelous.Every morning I just get up & count how much time is remain for 9.30 p.M

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