Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes with Preiti to a romantic setting and dinner where Raja await her. Preiti leaves. Raaj tells Rani he was afraid when he lost her, but since she is back he feels incomplete without her. Later Raaj plays music for her, both come to hold hands. Raaj kiss the back of her hand and dance together. On the dinner table, Raaj presents her a red heard shaped candle. She was at a verge of crying and thinks this doesn’t matter to her, she would never forget what he did to her. Rani throws the candle away, she thanks him and takes a leave. Raaj follows her as she walks towards the swimming pool and pushes her from behind. He smirks but Suminda and Anandi come outside along with Preiti. Suminda asks Raaj to save Rani else she would drown. Raaj says if she comes out she must recognize them

all. Suminda asks Raaj if he wants to kill her daughter. Rani had been struggling inside. Raaj calms everyone down and says no one will save her, he asks Rani for her hand and drags her out of the pool. Rani was semi-unconscious. Rani tells Suminda today Rani remembered that she didn’t know swimming. Rani curses herself.
Raaj walks inside wondering why Rani is silent. Suminda comes to scold Raaj. Raaj tells her that Rani is his weakness as well as his strength, she is far away from him even being close to her. Suminda says this isn’t the way, he put her life in danger this way. Raaj says doctor asked him to give shock other ways, and today she told her she doesn’t know how to swim. He intends to get Rani’s love again. He would leave if Suminda dislikes his actions.
In the room, Rani cries that Raaj hasn’t changed at all, his apology is worth less. He doesn’t care for her life, he only cares about his revenge.
Raaj smirks as Suminda comes to stop him. She apologizes for whatever she said, its children’s pain that turns any mother crazy. He must never speak to leave this place again, he is like her son. Raaj promises not to let anything bad happen to Rani, he only needs her blessings to turn things normal again. He turns to leave, smiling.
The next morning, Rani leaves in the car. Raaj tells his lawyer friend Dogus that today Suminda herself would sign the papers and name her property after him.
Rani comes to Raaj’s old house, she was determined to find about Raaj’s truth.
Raaj asks a servant about Rani and goes to her room.
At home, Rani looks around for some clue. Raaj doesn’t find Rani and wonders if she has gone to meet Maa or Sakshi. Sakshi tells Raaj that Rani didn’t come here. Raaj goes towards his house looking for Rani.
Rani finds a cupboard and an old album inside it. She was shocked to see the photos. Raaj had reached his home and comes inside. Rani hides herself behind a door, crying while watching the photos. Raaj comes into the room and spots Rani hiding there.

PRECAP: Rani watches Suminda touch each photo and hits herself out of fury. Rani comes to Suminda, she watches the album and says these are the people whom she brought, what is Suminda hiding from her. Raaj watches this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very painful episode..again a life threatening incident inflicted on rani by raju..on top of that raju was cunning throughout this episode…rani pls teach raju a lesson n make him come on his knees…dare u forgive him…if u forgive raju u r not a true lover but a fool…:)

  2. Well. atlast Rani has stopped dreaming and come to terms with the reality that Raaj is a very dangerous man and finding out his background is very important to understand his mindset.And what a mindset!Sunanda,,who might be the real culprit ,is left scot free and Rani,who loves Raja dearly ,has already survived two attempts on her life.Good thing!she has thrown away his gift .But I think he is too smart for Rani.He knows very well that Rani doesn’t know swimming and if he pushes her into the water without warning.she may come out with the truth.IOfcourse Rani has not said much,but that one statement was enough for him to understand that Rani has bees acting all the while.
    According to the spoiler alerts.Rani’s mother also sees the photos in the album and gets agitated.Raaj pacifies her and later ,without anyone’s knowledge,sends away his family to some other place.What could be the secret of that album, anyideas?if that is so important,why the house is not even locked?May be Raaj has not expected Rani to come looking for it.Another spoiler says that Rasj convinces Rani’s mom that Rani requires a change of places for the inprovement of her memory.Let us see what will be the consequences.
    Whatever it is the serial has become too serious ,no lighter moments at all.Raaj considers Rani his enemy and hates her and Rani…….well! I think she still loves that beast..Whiters,where is the story heading to?

  3. my thoughts…
    Ek Tha Psycho Raja Ek Tha Bates Motel … ?
    I was laughing sooo hard … Raja’s expressions = priceless
    who would have thought it would reach to this please raise your hands … ✋✋
    … and where the heck is my Iqbal ???
    writer’s, while we are in psychopath season(3), why did you not bring back my darling psycho Iqbal from season 2 ???
    apparently this Raja inherited his father, psycho Kaal’s genes huh …
    n Rani… still the picture of innocence, doesn’t have a clue ?

  4. According to new spoiler Raaj will take Rani for honeymoon & he will brought ticket for her also shift his mother& sister from Rani’s home to another home.

  5. Third para …….second line ……writers
    Sorry for other ty.errors

  6. As per tellychakkar reports, rani’s mom tells her that raj’s family is responsible for rani’s father’s death.. So rani would be confused as there would be two versions of the story – one of Raj and the other of Susanna.. I think the real culprit is a third party who is the main antagonist-may be it is Bua.. Or someone from last season.. Or someone new… It’s interesting suspense but raj’s attitude towards rani is still animal like n he needs to be punished for the same…

    1. Typo error line 5..not Susanna.. It is Sunanda.. N friends my question.. Bua was rani’s father’s killer right… So how raj’s family became responsible for her father’s death… Again writers have ignored the details they let out in previous episodes.. So again moulding details as per convinience… Bad..

  7. Hi there.. Lakshmi and Archana. I’ve not been commenting because I’m so depressed about this serial, I actually did make a lovely contribution on previous day episode but don’t know how I didn’t see it appear here… Anyway, I’m not reading updates, I read your comments only. From what I’m seeing at the moment, it’s hard to know that Raja will turn beast soon when he’s so loving towards Rani at the moment. The impression I get is that given the extended weeks, writers absolutely didn’t know what else to do with the story and since it’s already messed up, they intentionally continued along the same vein. Maybe when it was scheduled to end, it just should have instead of this prolonged agonizing episodes. Writers have lowered their taste and standards by being wicked towards the loyal fans of this serial by destroying Raja’s character. I believe it’s deliberate. They know what we want or wanted but went the opposite way. There’s no end to villains in this serial, everyone is everyone’s enemy! Soon it will end……… Sad to see how writers are adamant to end this serial by making us hate Raja. I still love Sartaj, it must be painful for him to continue with this atrocious character but with the end so close, what can he really do to change the direction of the serial isn’t in his hands…. At the moment for me, it’s like I’m watching two parallel stories, Raja is loving now but in an episode or two, he going to turn beast…

    1. Yes dear.. Infact our rani ghost was less gruesome than Raju… Rani ghost did everything under influence of brm but Raju remembers each and every detail of his past and present birth n in human form he turned out to be more gruesome than rani ghost… Yesterday third attempt on her life by Raju.. I mean he did this to check if she lost her memory really but it could have cost rani her life… Raju doesn’t care about rani’s life.. all he cares for is revenge… But the latest spoiler I posted suggests main culprit may be a third party not rani’s mom… Whatever it is rani should solve the puzzle, divorce raja, marry a new guy, prove herself and be happy.. Her strength to move on will be raj’s downfall.. N that is the part I am awaiting.. Not much interested in this mystery…

  8. Yes Lakshmi, I wish I could get my hands on some of that pickles but distance is the enemy. Across here we call it amchar, the grated mango pickle is called kuchela…. Was meaning to tell you some time back that many many words and phrases used or I hear in the serials, we use them here. It’s natural for us because we grew up using the. Thanks to our ancestors we’ve been able to hold on to a lots of traditional things from India and we here are proud of our heritage. I’m a Bua, was a Chachi, etc….? Too much to mention but suffice it to say, we are keepers of our tradition. On the 21st of this month May, on my father’s side, we are having a reunion dating far back from my great great great Nani and Nana. They had one son and two daughters and a well renowned geneologist from here traced their descendants and compiled his findings and paid for by affluent relatives, they have organised a gathering for us to meet and greet and share a family day at one of the masjids here. An updated family tree and a compilation of my relatives were distributed to us and invitation letters and we all are so eager to go and socialize with those whom we didn’t know we’re related to. ……so much for that…. Hope you are doing well, I know you are ? ….take care and with much affection to you….

  9. Thanks for the invite Archana, if I am ever there, it would be nice to visit you, only thing… Distance is too much. I will always remember you and Lakshmi for your kind words and appreciated invitations. Wonderful to know that I have family in you both. Have a lovely day my friend…. Much affection to you a well…. ?

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