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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayatri holds Rana ji from his neck as he holds her back up. Gayatri thinks that today this sindoor proves that God is with them, only she has a right over him. There, Rana ji thinks about Savitri. He wonders why he can’t see her in pain, no matter how much he tries to hate here… turns around with a bang. It was Savitri, she says she has brought medicine for his hand. He says he doesn’t need it. Savitri says his pain needs it. He jerks his hand saying he told her… she says she listened; but where is it written that she must abide by it as well. Rana ji looks at her closely and asks why she is worried for his pain. She says why asking what he can never understand. He says may be he can understand. Savitri asks why he hates her face so much. He says her eyes! They remind him of her.

Savitri asks whose? Rana ji says Gayatri, her disloyalty, betrayal. Savitri says disloyalty is a bruise, not a memory; a memory is only of love. His eyes always search Gayatri everywhere. She says if mistake was of Gayatri, why he is punishing his old mother. Rana ji shouts who is she to question him, and shouts at her to go away. She leaves. Rana ji breaks the vase in the terrace.
Laksh gets up from sleep, thinking about Lakhan and Swarna. He clutches his fist and goes out. There, Gayatri came to the servant’s sleeping room and looks for the key near his bed. Laksh was coming through the corridor and watches Savitri taking the keys from the servant’s bed. She is shocked to see Laksh there but someone hits him with a stick on head. It was Lakhan. Laksh faints. Lakhan comes inside. Gayatri asks what now? Lakhan tells her to do her work, he will take care of Laksh. He drags Laksh to a side. Gayatri heads towards the basement.
Raaj Mata, who lay on the bed in jail watches Gayatri coming to her. Gayatri opens the jail doors and comes inside. Raaj Mata hugs her and cries. She says she knew she will come there soon. Gayatri thinks if Raaj Mata comes to know about her it can be a danger for her. She says she must be mistaken, her name is Savitri not Gayatri. Raaj Mata says she can’t be betrayed by her heart. Savitri says she will respect her like her daughter in law. She is from her subjects, she came to the palace to save her, as a maid. She asks who has kept her here. Raaj Mata says her son Rana ji. She asks if he did it willingly, or someone made him do it. Raaj Mata says Rajeshwari did this. Gayatri says she can’t do it alone, there is someone else from the palace. Raaj Mata says she is right, then at once change her tone and says she is a spy of Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari sent her here to find out what Raaj Mata knows. She won’t be able to do anything until Gayatri comes back. Savitri says if Gayatri could have done it, there wouldn’t be any need of Savitri. Raaj Mata insists she won’t be able to do anything.
They next morning, Rana ji worked out in the garden thinking about Gayatri and Savitri. Rajeshwari comes outside, Kokilla watches them from the terrace. Rajeshwari tries to swipe his sweat with a towel. He snatches the towel saying he will do it himself. Rajeshwari tries to get closer to him saying he needs rest. Rana ji thinks about Savitri’s eyes, he pushes her away. Rajeshwari says she isn’t touching him for the first time, she is his wife whom he loves dearly. He pushes her again and says until he gets well he can’t come close to her, she must not try it again. Rajeshwari is worried if Rana ji doesn’t let her get closer to him, how she will win his trust.
Rana ji recalls Gayatri fire a bullet at him. He calls Savitri and says he wants to sleep. She asks what? He says he isn’t feeling sleepy, she must get him milk and honey. She gets it for him, and asks how he got used to it. He says he doesn’t remember. She says he remembered the habit, but not the one who gave it to him. She remembers their past when he gave him this tip.
Kokilla tells Bari Rani Maa this is true, Rajeshwari was over Rana ji. Here, she is practicing to be a Rani and has kept an English teacher. She tells her that in English Bari rani maa is called Queen mother. She says Rajeshwari will get an heir and will dance over their heads. Rajeshwari comes there, she says to Bari rani maa that Rana ji is changing drastically, if she doesn’t go close to him now they will lose him. Bari Rani maa asks them to tolerate one another. In the next six months everything will get fine. The game is on a delicate turn, if Rana ji’s memory comes back before six months and he gets to know about their truth he will never sign the property papers but their death orders. She says they have waken up the animal in Rana ji but they need to keep it pet.
There, Gayatri thinks that if Rana ji’s memory comes back Rana ji will also come back. It is now time to throw stones in the lake of memories. This task will be done by Gayatri.

PRECAP: Savitri comes into Gayatri’s avatar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Gud episode gayatry ur rilly amazing u dont giv so easily ahaa okeee kip going ..or else BRM n RAG is planning a very bad game for ur ranaji..heir??

  3. I dont trust this show anymore and I do not like it like how I used to. I don’t care if I missed a episode these days. I am tired of Bari Rani Ma always escaping. They need to use their brains and realize it’s friggin Bari Rani Ma is the supporter.. When the good wins and Rana ji and Gayatri reunite . It all crumbles so frigging quickly and Bari Rani Ma always win and the bad guys get months of glory and the good ones only get like 5 minutes or like 2 minutes of happiness . Come on

  4. I agreed with Xavier please show months of happiness and minutes of badness, then your show will become popular.

  5. I agree Xavier and indera that old hag need to be dealt with why cannot they see it is bari rani maa is the culprit they know everyone in the palace and gayatri and queen mother both know how bari rani maa deceived them she was suppose to be dead by now yet all of a sudden she spring back to life and with all her evil wicked ways my gosh gayatri think back to when bari rani maa was throwing you over the cliff the taunting words she said to you and who else will hit you on the head rajeswari was in front standing when bari rani maa came up from behind and hit you please think think think and jog your memory I notice things happen in these storylines which are easily dismiossed like for instance what happened before you went over the cliff and before you fired the gun this is so not acceptable to the viewers

  6. sorry error I meant dismissed

  7. Wat is going on n raj mata hug gayatri she should no her by now

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ohhhh. Pls throw rageshwari and brm out I hate their faces

  9. Writers zee TV is loosing it value, because of crazy story line like this I cancelled my cable I only read updates, most people stop watching serial from India is so sad this particular. Serial has lost it taste, my college essay about the best TV show I wrote about Ek tha raja Ek thi rani

  10. Why. Keeping this old lady with magnet

  11. Get ranaji gaytri back together happily n expose the “wannabe oh so goody good BRM” and reveal her true colors wroter n let RanaG and gayatri b in peace if not gayatri then plz tgis savitri (who’s in place of gayatri (drashti) start her lovestory with rana G if theres no scope of gayatri s return plzzzzz

  12. We wanna see sweet and lovely scene b/w gayatri rana G not rana Gs second wife who shows fake love towards rana G but only wants power and authority, its evident shes dancing to the tunes of BRM probably
    im not avid viewer just read 2 3 updates of recent eps otherwise i watch on another channel which telecasts old eps of it so i dont know new characters names perfectly

  13. Glad to see Gaytri coming in – maybe the writers do read these comments. Now, let her, as the ghost of Gaytri, terrorise BRM & Rajeshwari. With Laakan’s help she can do this without getting caught. Have her singing outside the palace so that Ranaji will start remembering. Maybe he will then remember what BRM said to him on the cliff as well! So much scope for Gaytri as a ghost whilst in the day she’s Savitri. We can see Ranaji romancing Gaytri as a ghost – would be lovely. Free storyline if the writer is interested 🙂
    Am actually enjoying watching it again!

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