Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes to the party, Bari Rani Maa taunts her that there are all princess here, so no one cared about her. She then fascinates Rani’s delicacy and inquires if she learnt them somewhere or was born with this. She then goes to look for Rani. Raja comes in complaining why she came in, when he was parking the car, is he a driver. Rani scolds him to go to his Meenu whom he was calling dear. Raja holds her closer to him and says had he seen her he couldn’t have seen anything else, not the way nor the passengers. That’s why he didn’t offer her the seat next to him. Rani asks about the reason, Raja says the answer is written in his eyes, she will get it if look intently. Meenu comes there to break the magic and sends Raja to Bari Rani Maa. Bindu orders the servant to take care of all

the guests, as everyone here are rich; then corrects herself almost all over here.
Rani wishes Bindu birthday and offers her a bag. Bindu mocks it being a vegetable bag, then laughs that there is drink in her hand so can’t take it. She asks Rani to open it up, Rani brings about a stroller. Bindu cheers at getting door mat. Rani says it’s Kasoli’s very famous scarf. Bindu thanks her, then calls it second handed and rejects it. Raja comes with the cake and calls Lovey, Bindu curtly says she never like giving away anything that she likes herself. She throw the scarf on floor and step over it. Bindu cuts the cake, while Raja claps for her. Rani wraps her gift back in the box. Bindu and Raja feed each other with the cake and hug each other. Raja moves towards the cake, Bindu stops him from going to Rani and asks for a dance. Raja says he has to sweeten everyone’s mouth. Bindu asks what he will do when others would get jealous watching them together. She insists it’s her day and she wants to begin the evening dancing with him. They move to the center of the hall, Raja moves watching Rani.
Jeewan brings Rani a drink, she thanks him. Jeewan calls her a guest, and if she doesn’t drink he won’t as well. Rani sips it eyeing Raja and Bindu dancing closely. He says he can understanding what she has been going through, because in this palace he is also alone. He couldn’t get a place in this family as well, Bari Rani Maa always offered everything to Raja. After Raja went to hostel, Kaal also spent less time in palace. He is the step brother of Raaj, but he only considered him step and not brother. He is very lonely, then apologizes Rani for getting emotional. Rani assures she is with him as a friend. Jeewan laughs calling her sweet. He asks her for a dance, named after their new friendship. Rani denies saying she doesn’t know how to dance. Jeewan insists to take her. Raja takes a leave from Bindu as Rani is waiting for him, he turns to see Rani going with Jeewan. Bindu taunts if he was saying something, then drags him back towards her. Bindu dances with Raja, while Rani with Jeewan. Raja only kept his eyes over Rani throughout the dance. Bari Rani Maa smiles curtly watching this. Raja finally leaves Bindu and goes to fight with Rani at the drama. Jeewan stops Rani and confronts Raja asking who is doing the drama? It’s alright if he dance with Bindu, if she dances with him it’s a drama? Raja pushes Jeewan away saying he wants to speak to Rani. Jeewan says if he is a man, he must talk to a man. Raja gets to beat Jeewan. Rani comes between them, she demands why he is fighting with Jeewan. He jerks Rani’s hand off his shoulder and demands if she is fighting with him for Jeewan. Rani clarifies she is telling him what’s right and what’s wrong. She turns to Jeewan who leaves, with his mouth bleeding. Raja also leaves the hall. Bindu claps that this is what Rani has done still childhood, how she does this. She had forbidden Raja to invite this down market girl, she again spoilt her party and goes towards Jeewan.
Bari Rani Maa thinks Rani will ignite a fire between two brothers, she will cook her bread and before she becomes a problem for her, she will kill her.
Rani comes behind Raja and asks why he beat his own brother. If she danced with Jeewan, he also danced with Lovey. If there isn’t any problem with that, why with this. She holds his collar and says when no one was speaking to her in this huge party Jeewan became her friend. She enforces him to come and say sorry to Jeewan. Raja holds her back, close to himself. He moves his hands over her arms, and swirls around to dance with her. Holding her in his arms he says he remember each moment he spent with her, and everything that actually never took place. The moments he has dreamt with her… he can’t bear anyone else spending those moments with her, she is only his.

PRECAP: Raja comes to see Rani with Jeewan. Rani tries to speak, but Raja clutches her arm tight and drags her out. Bindu gives a thumbs up to Jeewan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Raja and rani will only come close to each other with the devil and senseless plans of jeewan and bindu!!

  2. Love this serial..can’t miss even 1 mnt dialogue

  3. ek thi raja Is all about party

    1. No its not!!
      Watch the chemistry of eisha and sartaj its just awesome twinkle!!

  4. Nice episode….

  5. It’s good to have a romantic bone in yourself. How can anyone say it’s boring? I can feel and see the chemistry from Raja and Rani from my TV screen and you think it’s boring? Raja really portrays his feelings exceptionally good, I could almost believe he is love with his co-star. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen when Rani discovers that kaal is her parents assassin. There will be a gamut of emotions being unleashed and Rani and Raja will be in lot of pain. I think that’s what the writers are doing, making their love powerful, how they write the script then, will be interesting. I go on YouTube to see the past videos coz I can’t get enough of Rajni chemistry. Lol….. Die hard romantic!!!!!!!

  6. Super epi, great party, great actors, great jealous Raja, or vamp.Bari rani ma worries me. I hope it will not destroy their evil deeds show.l could not bear and l left ETRETR 1.

  7. Xavier

    Honestly. They f*cked up this show. Tazan jungle boy a.k.a kaal basically killed A QUEEN AND KING AND ALL OF THEIR GUARDS AND TOOK OVER A “” ROYAL PALACE “” just like that. Killed all the good ones . Swarna , Lakhan , Rani Sulakshna , Rani Gayatri and Rana ji. Just now they may kill raj mata too. Bindu is already f*cked because of the old bit€ch Badi Rani Ma who will NOT for hell DIE !!!! They ruined the royalty of this show.

    1. Mona146

      You are right. I agree with you.

  8. Xavier

    And you are falling in love with a boy whose parents MURDERED your parents ??? So you will get married into a family which are your parents killers.. I find this sick

    1. I agree to an extent. I think their love story is so cute and reminiscent of Ranaji and Gayatri but at the same time what I had anticipated from the writers was a revengeful story of reclaiming the throne. Even Raj Mata has become a useless character as it was her job to teach Rani since she was born about her parents demise and train her to reclaim what is hers. But if course writers never stick to what the story is supposed to be. Nevertheless, I love this little love story and want it to go on – but the conflict should be the revenge Rani must take.

  9. I totally agree with you Xavier. Is about time now that rani gets what belongs to her this blasted love story shit is really messed up. Of all the things that could be written you writers come up with Jungle son falling in love with the rightful queen oh please so lame. Show us rani learning to fight and getting rid of all these b*t*hes.

    1. Xavier

      Yes. Thank you.. it’s about they stop with all this foolishness and child play. Raj Mata was supposed to raise Rani with the swords and tell her all the stories which happened and let her fulfil her purpose. When she was born . Her mother said her purpose is to seek revenge from those scoundrels .. instead they are making her a weakling. And then they are making Raj Mata crazy and then she is sane again. Like what the hell ?? The old witch Badi rani ma is supposed to be in a wheel chair and suffering . Let rani finish her , kaal and others off.. these writers dont like to serve justice to the good people. Also they never let Bindu knew that lakhan was her father. They should’ve atleast let them reunite and share a close father / daughter relationship. And they never let Swarna and lakhan live in peace. They ruined their wedding and never let them reunite. When badi rani ma murdered swarna and lakhan . They totally disrespected their death. When they were trying to hold eachothers hand in their dying state . The old witch kicked away their hands and they died unreunited. All these good people never got justice for their sufferings. Totally UNFAIR

  10. Omg mesmerising dialouge love raja

  11. If you guys have so much problem with this show then why do you come here??
    Nobody has invited you to come and comment on the cast or the story and use cheap words!!
    Don’t spoil the place with negative comments!!
    Write positive and enjoy the show!!

    1. Xavier

      Everyone has the right to express their opinion. So I am simply expresding MINE….. the writers create SHIT.. They deserve the negative . OK.

      1. Xavier


  12. Love the chemistry, but it’s abt time we get some drama☺. I want rani to avenge her parents ‘ death.

  13. Guys actually this show is good as compared to kumkum bagya crap.. Jus love this serial..I like his possessiveness with rani.. ?❤❤

  14. Nice episode…..

  15. Yea raja and Rani is very cute but i like raja when he was smaller ???☺

  16. It’s a sweet love story right now but agree with Xavier – there’s so much unfinished part to this story and now Rani falls in love with Raja (I agree he’s innocent and shouldn’t be punished for what his father & BRM did) but it will be difficult. I’m sure he will help her get rid of his father & BRM. But, surely Rani was supposed to have already known about her parents’ death etc She was going to the palace since little and Rajamata knows this. She also knows that Raja is Kaal’s child – pretty screwed up story but then all the Indian soaps thrive on this (women always mistreated but still runs back to their abuser etc etc)
    I’m only waiting for when Bindu finds out the truth about her parentage, Jeevan about his and most of all Rani, about hers. And more so, Raja finding out what his father did. But most of all, want to see how the creators/writers are going to deal with BRM since they don’t seem able to get rid of her.

  17. I was of the opinion that I can express my views, I will comment what I want and how I see fit, I also have been watching this serial since it started and if my comment is negative the writers should definitely know, not paint a pretty picture as to all the nonsense that is happening on the show. I will not apologize for that. I don’t hate the show I just feel that the story is not the right path. Sorry that is just how I feel

    1. Xavier

      I LOVE your comment. Nicely said. They must need to know that they are doing shit . We have our right to correct them and have a voice

  18. Snehamjwinslet06

    does BRM know that Rani is ranaji and gayatri’s daughter?

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