Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja wash the blood off his face and speaks in the mirror if Rani is happy, as the Raja who loved her has died. She should celebrate today, this is the biggest day of her life. There police man instructs his subordinate look for any relative of Rani. Raja says he only wished for Rani’s happiness, but she didn’t share a single sadness with him as well. It must be a disgrace to love, if he discuss her disloyalty. From today, he isn’t her Raja, but only Raja. He puts the sunglasses on, and walks out into the corridor.
In the room, Laila was being harassed by Veera for inheritance issues. Raja comes as Laila’s savior, and goes to confront Veera, clutching his jaw and putting him down. He asks Veera to repeat who has taken BS place? Veera says it’s Laila. Raja asks if someone

has any objection. He says she is the Begum. Laila says Raja is the king, but Raja calls himself a minister who stands between the world and Begum.
At night, Raja was sitting with Vikrant, who had fallen asleep. Laila comes to BS photo. Raja comes outside, Laila breathes heavily as she looks towards him and says either moon or lover wake so late. Raja qualifies he is only a caretaker. Laila moves her fingers over his chest, calling herself precious; till when he will take care. Raja replies his tongue matters the most for him. Laila calls him to follow her, and gets to her bed. She invites Raja inside, but Raja says he will fulfil his promise but only staying out of the door. Laila was irked.
The next morning, Raja walks to a Pooja with his men. A goon fires a bullet over his chest, but he had work a shield. The goon fell to his feet, Raja gives him time till he is doing aarti, warning if he runs slowly the bullet might get him halfway. He miss Rani while all the Pooja rituals. He joins his hands to the idol, saying the memories have erased but he still feels her to be nearby. He can still hear her footsteps.
Just behind him in the crowd, a girl dances freely.
Raja says he always had a reason to live, today he accepts his defeat and requests to get rid of his memories.
The girl dances close to Raja, and prays standing just behind him. Raja turns towards a man, but doesn’t look at her. She swirls around and leave the crowd, her dupatta rolls over Raja’s face but he could only see her back.

PRECAP: A minister comes to the Pooja and asks the inspector to let the dancing begin. The inspector goes inside, and calls Naina to hurry up as people are awaiting her performane.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ruined whole show

    1. I agree

  2. What in the world???? They killed the character of Rani and then bring the actress back to act as a completely new person??? I’m happy Eisha is still in the serial as was revealed. But she is a strange girl and not the real Rani. Do you guys follow? I’m thinking about the character. The character Rani is shown as dead but Eisha is back as a new girl. Not connected to the palace or royalty….I don’t understand why. Anyway will comment more later. Have to head out. Will be back.

  3. I’m happy that Eisha is back, but Naina shouldn’t be anyone else but Rani herself it is the only way this show would make sense if not i’m no longer watching. I want Raja and Rani not Raja and Naina!!!

  4. I think that when all will meet and in somehow they will recal their past life & start a new beginning

  5. I’m new to this serial thing and really can’t predict how some writters carry a story. I’m really shocked at these last two episodes and what I’m seeing. I want to say that I’m very open to new twists and turns. I love to see Raja new Don avatar and him fighting and so forth. I just love the guy. He’s a brilliant actor and it’s good to give him different roles. So for new twists and turns, yes…I welcome these. Now, I’m see Eisha (in this episode) not as the Royal Rani but some strange girl. And I’m like ” oh no”. They didn’t just do that. See writers, let me explain how I see this, and this is just me. You created such a fantastic love story between the Royal Rani and Raja. These two people shared so much as soul mates. Went through so much. Loved each other with a fierce passion. Did so much for each other. Misunderstood each other. Hated each other, and from childhood to adult loved each other and stood by each other side. So Raja and rani shared a deep soulful bond of heart and soul and everything. Now you seem to indicated and notice I said “seems to” indicate that the real rani is dead. It seems so but we don’t know for sure. This original rani is the character for Raja as per the title of the serial. Because these two people went through so much for their love for each other. Am I to think that the real rani so dead and some look-alike will act in her place and come into Raja life? But there is nothing there between thsi look alike and the real Raja. Hoe can this make up the title of the serial “ek tha raja ek tha rani”? We are supposed to see a real king and queen not a lookalike queen. And heaven forbid, don’t tell me that Rani got a face transplant and is Naina. By the way, they are calling her Laila so why are we saying Naina? That would be like the silliest thing ever and erode your story. So putting Eisha to act as some new lookalike character is not making me happy or satisfied as a viewer. I would like substance to my viewing. I love the character of the original raja and rani. So please fix this story soon. I don’t want Laila to be Rani in some weird, surgical way. I don’t know who this new Eisha lookalike is that was dancing but if she’s not the real, regal rani, then she is not the real person and thus the story looses its substance. And if, worst yet, Laila is rani by some unbelievable means, I shall be very, very upset. Please stick to the main story like. Thsi is a story of raja and rani. Resurrect the original rani from the dead if you have to and keep her as she is. Don’t change her. I’m so sadden and disappointed at what I am seeing here. And at how you are destroying these original character and the original story. Very sad. Please writers ,I like you guys so please fix this story. I bought your characters of raja and rani. So don’t mess up the character and story line. Please.

    1. Jess, I wrote my take on what’s happening right now on etretr, on the poll section where I voted, tell me what you think. If you don’t agree, that’s OK….. We should at all times, agree to disagree, so check my take on it.

  6. I do NOT like this new girl, she looks so childlike but is dressing like a grown woman. She looks tacky and undernourished. I did the poll question and read the intended storyline and I think it’s interesting, going to keep an open mind at the moment.

  7. Not happy with the new twist…Rani should be in the serial as real Rani…not naina or somebody else…the story is all about raja and rani…I think the viewers are more interested to see them together.
    And as per concerned about raja…i think atleasr raja should know the reality behind rani’s and iqbal real story… he should knw about the sacrifice rani did for him
    Writers must focus on the story of raja and rani inspite of making the drama bore by adding unnecessary twists…

  8. i hope its the case that rani lost her memory and 10 yrs on she is living a new life
    later she and raja return to the palace otherwise its no point of this show
    i hope the didnt get rid of raj mata and she is still queen
    or that when raj nata tealised rani has lost her memory and raja for her safety she let rani live a new life ourside with protection

  9. I don’t want it to ever be that Laila is Rani. That would be horrid. And I’m not interested in a lookalike taking Rani place just because she’s a lookalike. I’m all for the original story with the original Raja and original rani. Two original royalties. Any new twists and leap is welcome but it ought to hover around the original characters as per the title of the show “ek tha raja ek thi rani”.

  10. leslie-ann daniel

    well yes i will stop watching this show,to begin with where all these ppl come from,now Iqbal is dead,the show should have a happy ending with raja and rani,now you seeing laila,her dad,goons,what a whole lot of crap,this show started in amekot the palace,now it move from the palace to the streets,,,not nice,bring back rani and raja..

  11. leisa s morris

    Hmmm dis show was about a king and his queen, then their daughter but dis serial has taken a twist way off course. Now rani ,(whom i believe has lost her memory) is playin another role while raja is now a don. Wat d hell is goin on here wst r these writers thinkin? Really is dis wat creative writin is all about? Really?

  12. hilpesh mehta

    That is interesting story watching now and after today we are awaiting for this that “naina” is “rani” or not ? And daily twist in this serial .so I am big fan of eisha sing and RAJA to great affort .

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