Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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During their hug Rani says she knew he was lying to himself as well, today all the misunderstandings have been cleared. Raja unstraps her dress, Rani pushes him away wondering what he is doing. Raja replies he is just loving her, Rani says this isn’t what love means. Raja asks if love doesn’t mean this, she wouldn’t have left her respect behind to come to palace at this time of night. He questions Rani about her song’s lyrics. Rani cries questioning why he hurt her. Raja moves away saying he doesn’t care for her tears anymore. There was only an attraction between them, that is normal in this age; but such stories only last for one night. They can prolong this story to a number of nights, if she wish for. Rani asks Raja if this relation means only enjoyment for him, then alright.

She removes her stroller off her, loosening the stripe of her dress and walks closer to him. She moves closer to him to kiss him, he jerks her away angrily and asks if she has gone crazy. Rani smiles victoriously, boasting she found out the truth. She can peek into his heart. Raja warns Rani to leave, before he does something for which she can’t forgive him.
Rani tells Raja she won’t go anywhere, college is starting from tomorrow. She will go to college, and fulfil her Dadu’s dream. If he really doesn’t love her, her presence must not make any difference for her. She want to see how he lives happily, making her go away from him. She drapes herself in her stroller, and wish to meet him in college tomorrow before leaving.
Raaj Mata pours tea for Jeewan, Jeewan questions where it has been written that only Rani must bend. Raaj Mata explains that apologizing doesn’t mean Rani considers her smaller than Raja, this only qualifies she wants to save her friendship. Jeewan insists that Raaj doesn’t love Rani, Rani comes home clarifying she loves Raja. She stops Jeewan, as she doesn’t want to hear anything against Raja. Jeewan asks her again to listen to him, Rani tells him to go home, it’s late and they want to sleep. She takes Raaj Mata inside, Jeewan leaves helpless.
On the breakfast table next day, Kaal tells Raja he was sure Raja can’t complete this hotel project. When the girl Rani left him, who put all her life at stake for him, who else will stay. Raja argues it is her head ache. Amrita interrupts them discussing work matters, and asks Bindu how her foreign trip was. Bindu excitedly tells them the beauty of London. Raja curtly asks why she returned. Bindu says she came back for him only, then explains it was because their college is starting from tomorrow. She was excited as Raja has also been promoted this year. Raja informs he won’t go to college anymore. Kaal says alright, if a horse can’t win the race he must not run the race. Raja passed the exam this year only because of Rani. Raja leaves the table.
The next morning in college, Meenu comes to greet Rani. The bell rings, Rani looked around when Bindu comes to her saying if Raja didn’t tell her. She taunts Rani to be down market again, Rani comes to the point asking what Raja didn’t share with her. Bindu says Raja won’t come to college anymore. Rani wonders why Raja doesn’t accept his love, if he is so much moved by her presence. Raja comes whistling from behind a tree. Bindu goes hugging him, Raja says he came for Bindu only because she would have been sad otherwise. He walks to Rani now, greeting her with a Hi. Rani replies hello. He compliments her, singing for her. He asks Rani if she thought he will leave the college to stay away from her, this city and college both belong to him; if someone has to leave its going to be Rani. He goes inside with Bindu.
In the class the teacher was marking attendance, Rani takes her permission to enter the glass. Raja enters the class, the teacher scolds him for entering without her permission. Raja boasts this is his college, he doesn’t need a permission to enter anywhere. The teacher allows him to take a seat. Rani leaves the seat beside her, but he moves to the other chair. He smiles mockingly. Jeewan was late, but asks a permission and the teacher allows him. He spots a seat beside Rani, she leaves the chair for him. Raja visibly dislike this.

PRECAP: A boy comes a flirt with Rani, Raja comes beating the boy. The teacher comes to scold Raja and sends him to detention.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yar..Now I M Feeling Boaring!! But ” Kal Dekheya” Was Awsome..But I M Confuse That Y Rani Do Such A Rude Behavior With Jeevs..I Didnt Like The Scene When C Ignored Jeevs!!

  2. Yar Jeevs I Think U Should Stop Roaming Around Rani..Coz C Doesnt Deserve It!! I M Sure Jeevs Will Gt 100000 Times Better Girl Than Rani.. North South East West Jeevs Is The Best N Rani Is Foolish!!

    1. Yea, Jeeves should leave rani alone. Rani has told him repeatedly that she loves raja. The writers should just stop this child’s play of a show. Very boring

  3. wah….wht an epi

  4. Today episode is very bore.don’t know whats raja problem,rani loves him&he too.why he want to play itna cheap tricks on her.she came for him night but disgusting he insults her character,(I thinked they will patch up but not)..& jeews u r cute today.?? u r real hero ??….

    1. Yeah Ks Our Jeevs Is Always Hero.. But This Rajarani Scenes R Not Only Bore N Dramatic..Its Melodramatic Which Is Worst Than Boaring..But My All Boringness Goes Out When I See One Look Of Our Jeevs..Raja Is Hero In That Serial But Jeevs Is The Hero Of Ours In Real Life..N Guys What Do U Think Abt My Words!

      1. Yes Myra …same.. feeling relief and happy ?? when I see jeews scenes.? jeews is real hero ??

    2. Thanks Guys For Watching Our Show And Supporting Me!! N I Love All Of U Who Loves Me..

      1. i m follower of zaan in fb when he uploads any pic i comment on that but he never replies even in fb . u think u will comment by the name of zaan n we will believe? so whoever u r stop playing with our emotions.

      2. U r the best

  5. When is this game gonna stop and let the past stories continue

  6. QueenB

    The writers seem so immature for this show
    The story has lost it’s point, it’s essence and everything

    What the hell is going on with Raja and Rani? So stupid
    They should have ended this show on a happy note with Ranaji and Gaitri

    1. U just said my mind. The show is my least favourite among the shows on zee tv. It don’t bother me if i miss most of the episodes. Its totally different from how it started. Again, i just hate it when they play rana ji and rani gyartri’s song for raja and rani. To me,there’s nothing interesting about this show

  7. Not even a single hope here…
    Come on writers , Raja-Rani love is completely collapsed,Both Raja and Rani are behaving like idiots.
    Ranaji and Gayathri love was mature, and even when ranaji hated gayathri there was some valid reason..
    Pls finish this college drama and continue from where gayathri was killed..
    This season started with great hopes but now its boring

    1. leisa s morris

      Gayatri and indrani were adults and still dey had problems. We’re dealin with two adolescence here one of whom because of life is very insecure. When ur young and in love d little tings seems like such a big deal and its quite easy to blur d whole image of wsts real or not

    2. Jada

      Well said – this is NOT how ETR2 should be


  9. Myra i agree with u jeeves is the real hero.Raja is so mannerless he misbehaves with his teachers but our jeeves is so obedient .Pls jeeves fans write this 2 line for him “EAST OR WEST JEEVES IS THE BEST”



  10. Y is he beating the guy if he don’t want nothing to do with rani I think raja Baka loves her more then she love him

  11. Jeeves is going to become evil soon.
    Wait and watch.

  12. Xavier

    Rani too damn stupid and soft.. to be honest they ruined this show. my dad once loved this show to his heart and always looked forward to watching it every night when Rani Gayatri and Rana indravadan singh deo were alive …. the writers of this show have cheapened so much now. all the royalty and originality is fading away

  13. Jada

    As much as I do like the idea of this kind of love triangle and the actors are doing great, I would rather this be its own show and not go by the title Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani – anyone agree? It is NOTHING like what the original ETR2 was all about to be completely honest. Considering it seems this new generation will never find out the truth about anything (ex. Rani and her family history), why even keep this show going under the name Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani? They are in college do they not study history or anything? It’s not like the original plot happened so long ago… But for real, they should have ended the serial and created this one as a kind of spin off without the characters being related in any way. Just annoying that the truth NEVER comes out and all we end up seeing is Raja’s domestic violence, or as Rani calls it so foolishly, “LOVE”.

  14. Jada

    And, may I add, Rani is a FOOL for not liking Jeeves who RESPECTS her.. Does she like abuse?? Sounds like some strange fetish lol

  15. Hey guys i think that when raja will try to except rani she will know the truth that she is the real princess then she will not be with raja as her parents are killed by his one’s and then we will see raja going after rani like now rani is doing.What do u say?

  16. Zain Khan u ar so cute I relly like u u ar hero keep it up

  17. Rani is a disgrace to her mother name., her mother would never do such a thing or put her self so low for a stupid Guy.. Although there was hated from Rana ji for Guyatri there stroy was still beautiful because he loved her but didn’t want to accept it.. That childish drama should finish. Reveal to Rani who she is.. Or ther wise shut the serial down.

  18. You guys are all so pathetic. It is just a story. The original concept was great. But the story was very weak and it was moving slowly. They never had great TRP’s
    In the sixties the royalty was not royalty. They were like you and me.
    Just lived in a palace. All of them got converted to hotels because they could not afford to maintain it.
    The intensity of the story has brought the TRP up.
    Right now they are building the live story.
    Bad Rani maa will come back.
    The truth will come out and Jeeves will become that little weasel he use to be.

  19. Leenzu you know big word girlfriend we all know its a story but is the answering back that causes the rift so beware friend in those slangs and think twice before slandering and yes EAST OR WEST JEEVES IS THE BEST AND CUTE TOO

  20. guyz…..i would really appreciate if someone could probably clear my query…..who is rani gayatri devi’s daughter….who is jeevs n raja’s parents?

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