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An announcement about Raaj Mata’s arrival is done. Bhabis are excited to see her. Kinour’s princess arrives at the party, Gayatri stares as she passes by her. Raaj mata says to Sharmila that she is welcomed here. Sharmila was arrogant and says she never goes to party, but she had heard a lot about Aamirkot so she had to come to see its beauty. She says she hasn’t seen it yet, and will tell her later if the appreciation was right or wrong. Raaj Mata says she will find it neither less nor exaggeration but less. Kunwar tells Kokila to make sure Sharmilla doesn’t say yes to marry Rana ji. Kokilla comes to Raaj Mata who introduces her to Sharmila. Kokilla appreciates that Sharmila went to study abroad. Sharmila says to her mother that wasn’t Kokilla conservative. Kokilla says she had

to change with time, and takes Sharmila along.
The british officer comes to say to Raaj Mata that she arranged a bit more lavish party than she could afford. When the water is less, one must not water the crops all day. Gayatri heard this and answers the officer that their water isn’t less, its streams have just started to empty themselves into other seas. She says they consider their guests at God and food isn’t counted at the time to serve them well. She says that some thieves entered their house to rob them. The british officer doesn’t get what she says. Raaj Mata is happy to see Gayatri. She asks Deevan ji (her associate) who the girl is. He introduces her to Seth Govind, Raaj Mata says she liked his presence here. Govind Seth says he couldn’t bring any gift as he is tight in his finances these days, he isn’t getting his loans back. Raaj Mata arrogantly says that time runs according to royal kingdom’s will in a state. She asks Deevan who the girl is, Seth ji introduces Gaytri as his daughter. Raaj Mata asks her maid to get to know why Gayatri wasn’t married till yet, she wants to know about Govind’s weakness.
Mr. Wilkinsons leave the party in anger, telling Kunwar that he had enough of ill treatment.
Kokilla shows the palace to Sharmila. Sharmilla asks about Rana ji. Kokilla says he remains lost into the thoughts of his first wife. Sharmilla doesn’t concentrate over what she said, she says she came to meet Rana ji so when he will come?
Kunwar comes to Seth ji who speaks to each other both trying to let each other down. Kunwar asks Seth ji if he knows any difference between Royal family and the normal people. Govind Seth says that the Royal People have sharp tongues while the normal people have sharp minds for business. Kunwar says they have sharp swords as well. Govind Seth takes a leave saying the times of swords are gone now. Kunwar is determined to break his arrogance today.
Rana ji plays piano. Sharmilla and Gayatri and everyone in the party enjoys the music. Gayatri hides herself as Rana ji looks up at her, as she day dreamed about being alone with him in the room. Her dream breaks when everyone claps for him. Rana ji comes to the party and greets all the guests. Gayatri keeps looking at him from a distance. She watches him wearing her handkerchief, her maa comes to her and asks where she is lost as her Bauji has been waiting for long. A waiter serves something that was objectionable to Gayatri’s family, Gayatri says this is royal palace and they must not eat something like them.
Raaj Mata brings Kinour’s Maharaja and his wife to introduce to Rana ji. Sharmilla introduces herself and forwards her hand. Rana ji takes it. Gayatri is curt watching this.

PRECAP: A waiter brings a drink for Gayatri saying Rana ji sent this for her. Gayatri feels drowsy drinking it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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