Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani screams out of pain, Raaj wonders why she is hurting herself. Rani thinks she would see how much he can hurt her, but she won’t give up without knowing the truth. She gets another electric shock and screams again, Raaj asks if she remember something and urges her to remember something. She was going to faint. The doctors give her another shock, Raaj confirms if she now remember something. The doctors say it must have an effect by now. Raaj thinks may be Rani is not lying, she herself doesn’t remember anything and isn’t lying. He stops the doctor saying he can’t see her in any more pain. He only wish what she is saying is her truth.
At home, Raaj sits beside Rani. She was weak. Raaj helps her eat with his own hands. When she had fallen asleep, Raaj says I am sorry for hurting

you, may be you doesn’t remember anything and bringing his mother and sister here was a coincidence. Rani smiles that he has done whatever he wanted to. Now it’s her turn.
The next morning, Raja wakes up. Rani wasn’t in the room. He hears the horn and thinks his game would end as soon as Suminda would see his mom and Sakshi. Suminda comes to the room, angry at Anandi and Preiti for allowing the people home. She comes to the room and asks Rani who she is, she then stops by looking towards Raaj’s mom. Rani wonders if she didn’t recognize her. Rani says she felt she has a connection with them. Suminda thinks she seems recognizable but she doesn’t know her. She takes Rani aside. Suminda says she feels strange that they are here. Rani says they needed help and it’s a good act. Suminda insists doctor prescribed her rest. Suminda orders the servants to take care of them. Raaj thinks Suminda’s destruction is written by his hands, only this is the reason Suminda didn’t recognize his parents. Sakshi comes to the room and attacks Suminda, clutching her neck hard. Rani and Raaj finally parts them away, Raaj shouts at her bringing them here and suggests to send them away. Rani requests Suminda to let them stay here, she feels a connection with them.
Rani tries to speak to Sakshi and asks if she remembered something when she was angry at Suminda. Sakshi recalls Raaj calling her as a thief and resists her. She goes to sit beside her mother. Raaj drags Rani as it’s her treatment time. Rani says she doesn’t need any treatment, Raaj insists he would not leave her and will try for her treatment till they get some success. Rani resists all along the way and downstairs go to hug her mother requesting to save her, Raaj wants to get her shock treatment, she can’t bear it as it’s really painful. She promises to try and remember everything and will recall her memory soon. Suminda goes to Raaj asking how dare he and was about to slap him when he holds her hand in the mid-way. He asks if he is doing this out of happiness, doctors said that is the only way to get her memory back. Suminda wasn’t ready to consult any doctor, she is so afraid of the treatment. She warns no matter how much time it takes but Rani must not be hurt. Raaj says he wants his old Rani back. Suminda asks if he is ready to hurt her for that. She decides Rani won’t get a shock treatment. Raaj agrees. Suminda takes Rani inside with her.

PRECAP: Rani thanks Raaj for dinner and turns to leave. Raaj follows her towards the pool and throws her inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very good rani…keep it up…raju’s mental agony has started…:)

  2. Rani’s mother name is Sunanda not Suminda

  3. .We know Rani is such a strong willed girl that she will go to any extreme to find out the truth,but taking psychiatric shock therapy is something else.My God,how mean Raaj is to subject her to so much cruelty fully aware that if Rani is really faking memory loss,the shock treatment will have adverse repercussions on her health: shocks are meant only for mental disorders,and Rani is right,it is actually Raaj who needs those shocks.Yes,later he feels bad ,but that is hardly any compensation for Rani’s endless sufferings with this man.
    Don’t you think friends,that in spite of all this ,Rani still has some soft corner for Raaj?I mean,for the time being her aim seems not to take revenge for what Raaj is doing to her but to find out the truth about her mother and do justice to Raaj’s family.The revenge feeling might come later or there is every possibility of Rani forgiving him like she had on many similar occasions in season 2. But she should remember that Raja was not a killer whereas this man is.There is no doubt about Raja’s love for Rani ,but there is every doubt about Raaj’s feelings for her.Let us see how the writers are going to handle the situation.

    1. Frankly, rani’s soft corner for this animal annoys me..she has to be more strong to bring justice to raj’s family and to herself..she should find the truth and abandon him..she must prove to him that she is indeed a strong queen who needs no king especially raju…n raju’s momentary bouts of love for rani are meaningless in front of the atrocities he is subjecting her to..but atleast i felt good to so him in pain while rani was crying in pain..n rani’s divorce papers to raju will be the biggest SHOCK fof him….

  4. Sorry for any ty.errors

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