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Gayatri at once change her sentence that she is like her mother, and even like Rana ji’s mother. Rana ji says no, she is the mother of a lady who shot him and tried to kill him. He hates everyone related to Gayatri in anyway, he has nothing for them. Maa cries and calls Gayatri. Savitri stands silently. Gayatri thinks she is sorry she can’t tell anything to anyone right now.
Gayatri follows the foot steps, she thinks the marks go to the same room she had seen the last time. She comes to the room. Bari Rani maa comes there, she watches the foot marks and wonders why this floor is so dirty. Gayatri comes to the room, it was dark. She steps up a lid on the floor and removes the cover over it. There was an opening, Raaj Mata stood downstairs. She was about to call her when she notices

Bari Rani maa coming there. She hides herself. Bari Rani maa enters the room.
Lakhan was pressing the clothes, Laksh comes and asks if he even knows about the fire of love? He keeps the hot iron on Lakhan’s hand. He says that he is a servant, servants never live in ego but their own place. He gets on the bed and tells him to press his legs here. Lakhan thinks when Swarna had cut her wrist in front of them. Laksh repeats his order, Lakhan comes to press them. Swarna comes inside, she stops Lakhan and tells him to leave. Swarna says it is a wife’s responsibility to take care of husband, today she will serve him. Laksh stops Swarna at once. She asks what is it about, when she doesn’t bend he has a problem, when she does he has a problem even then. He himself doesn’t know what he wants.
Gayatri wonders what Bari Rani Maa is doing here. Bari Rani Maa thinks it is so dark, she thinks opens the lid and goes down the basement. Gayatri opens the lid. Bari Rani Maa comes to the jail where Raaj mata was. She calls her and cries in front of her saying she can’t tell what goes on her heart seeing her here. She says Rana ji changed altogether, Rajeshwari making him dance on her fingertips. She says if this continues, Kunwar ji will get the throne. She tells Raaj mata not to worry, she is alive. Gayatri was worried hearing this all.
Lakhan says this means Bari Rani maa is on their side. Gayatri says she can’t fully trust, she has seen Bari Rani maa change colors. She can’t trust Bari Rani maa when there is someone helping Rajeshwari in the palace. She can only trust Raaj Mata. She has to meet her alone. Lakhan gives her sleeping pills so that she can sleep well in pain as well. Gayatri says the royal people need them more than her, they made plans everyday it will be better they sleep for one day and she meets Raaj Mata. Savitri sends the servant away and mix the pills in kitchen. She hears Rana ji beating a servant outside. Savitri comes to save him, she says why he is beating him like a drum. Raja is the face of God, they aren’t God themselves. He must hold his powers. Rana ji shows her the buried treasure that the servant had arrived to collect. Gayatri says every sin must have a punishment but there is something like love. Rana ji says love is nothing in this world. He says women aren’t worth loving, one only gets betrayal and pain in love. He turns to leave and meanwhile they both lose their holds and fell in the well dug for treasure.
Inside, the family was there on the table. Kokilla asks Rajeshwari for Rana ji. Lakhan says he is walking outside and said he will eat later. They all eat the food. Lakhan thinks they will all sleep after eating it.
Rana ji shouts at Savitri why she made him fell in the well along with her. Savitri says at her village it is said they will drown but will take them as well. She says like Raja, like subjects. He says she is ill mannered. Rana ji shouts around calling his guards for help. She asks if he will try to get out of here or not? She fell on the ground at once and asks him to hold her up. He says he has done a mistake one time, will not do it again. She holds his feet, he makes her stand up. She asks if he thought he will leave here without her, subjects are responsibility of prince. He will leave here only with his subject along.
Lakhan drags Swarna on the side of corridor and asks why she insulted herself in front of Laksh. She says he is her husband. He says what husband, who can’t respect his wife. She heads to leave. He says Cheetah came to the cage only for his love, this time he won’t lose his love. Laksh breaks a glass in his hand while watching this.
Gayatri and Rana ji look for a way. She taps at Rana ji’s back and shows him a tree stick and climb up. He does so and goes out. Gayatri wait down and says curtly that now he will not save him. Rana ji gives his hand down saying he will only leave with his responsibility going with him. She holds his hand, he drags her up. Her bindi hurt her, forehead bleeds and there is sindoor put on it.

PRECAP: Gayatri comes to meet Raaj mata in the jail. Raaj mata hugs her saying she knew she would come.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. I think ranaji is playing stupid n gayatri will bring old hag n rajeshwari in front of him

  3. I hope he is acting!! I think he sent raaj mata to jail to save her from the evil witches.
    Well I can hope. BRM is too clever for them so don’t know where this is going.

  4. ranaji is pretending nothin is the matter with him he jus wants to know who the real culptits are wait n watch

  5. I don’t think ranaji is pretending this time… How many times will he pretend???

  6. I hope rana ji is pretending . But what if these stupid Writters change it when times comes cause is so crazy HE keep punishing all the poor innocent servants I feel he is not pretend he gone Friking maaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd

  7. i feel that there is no bullet in his head he just got grazed when gayatri fired the bullet anyway i do not think that he is pretending this time but in due time gayatri will soften him up with her love and those bold daring eyes when he look into them and soon he will regain his caring ways

  8. Loved last night’s episode, Savitri was soo funny – made me laugh after a long time watching this serial. Hope the videos on line showing her going to Ranaji in the night as Gaytri is true. About time Gaytri comes back and haunt them all….lol And hoping and praying that she finds out BRM is behind all of this and really make her suffer, much more than Rajeshwari who is only BRM’s puppet.
    Love the way Savitri & Laakan interact – such a good team and hope together they can get rid of BRM & Rajeshwari soon. TO THE CREATIVE WRITERS – PLEASE START GETTING CREATIVE NOW. RUNNING THE 2 STORIES PARALLEL (SAVITRI/GAYTRI) WOULD BE AWESOME.
    For those who don’t understand, Ranaji’s behaviour is typical of someone with a brain injury (if he did indeed suffer a brain injury). Just wish he would show this same behaviour towards BRM as well!

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