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Rani walks with the stretcher as Raaj Mata is shifted to OT. She then runs to the temple, complaining to God that both her parents died, but if her Dadu is also snatched she will never stop crying. She requests the God not to be so strict, she has no one on her side except Raaj Mata. The doctor’s panic as Raaj Mata stops breathing, the nurse comes to Rani but she doesn’t hear anything and runs into the operation theatre. She asks Raaj Mata not to break her promise, she will now accept all what she says, be a good girl; she calls Raaj Mata to open her eyes. The nurse assures Rani they are all with her. Rani says she wants Raaj Mata, else she would die as well. With a jerk, Raaj Mata coughs. The nurse calls the doctor and takes Rani back. Doctors come to treat Raaj Mata, hopeful that her

condition is getting better. The nurse advice Rani to be what Raaj Mata wants now. Rani hugs her, promising. Raaj Mata raises a hand to keep it over Rani’s head.
Raja comes to his room and enrageously shouts about hating Kaal, he would always do whatever Kaal asks for. Bindu wipes her tears and promises Bari Rani Maa doing what she wants to. Bari Rani Maa asks Bindu to be Raja’s biggest support. Bindu was determined to do what she asks for, but never become what her mother wanted her to be. Rajeshwari brings food to Jeewan and advices him to shut all the doors of Raja’s return. Jeewan only demands for laddu. Rajeshwari advices him to become what Kaal wanted Raja to become.
Rani brings medicine to Raaj Mata. She warns Raaj Mata about taking her medicines regularly else she will fell ill. Rani tells Raaj Mata that she has thought about working in Amirkot’s palace again. Raaj Mata forbids her go there and her condition worsens. Rani promises never to go there, but wonders how she will clarify her misunderstanding with Raja then. Months pass by. Raja was writing Rani’s name on paper and hurt himself with the nib of a pen. His roommates come to tease him about Rani, Raja beats them badly and pushes them down the floor. He recalls Rani’s words that Jeewan wasn’t going to get better by fighting. He forward a hand to the boy and pulls him up. They all hug laughing, they play with each other. Months pass by. On the dinner table, Jeewan asks Kaal in English if he needs butter on his bread. Kaal appreciates Jeewan, and says it was because of Raja that Jeewan couldn’t concentrate on his studies. Raja who stood at the door heard about it. He remembers Kaal beating him, punishing him to go away from this house. Amrita runs towards Raja, Bindu also comes to greet him and asks how many days of vacation he has in hostel. Kaal says to Jeewan may be Raja learnt something in hostel through these months. Raja leaves the hall angrily.
In the hostel, Kaal questions Raja why he went away from the palace. Raja says he came back to his home, his palace has no place for him. Kaal reminds him he is Amirkot’s prince, Kaal. Raja says atleast he is a prince by name, else Kaal is a prince neither by name nor by actions. Kaal holds a hand over him, the warden stops Kaal reminding this is their boarding school. Raja leaves. In the palace, Kaal breaks a glass curt at Raja for his misbehavior. He announces he neither want to see Raja nor hear his name in the palace. Amrita requests Kaal to scold or beat Raja but not keep him away from himself. Kaal slaps Amrita calling her responsible for Raja’s behavior.
Raja shares with his friends that his father is one reason to send him here, but there is someone else whom he trusted completely and she broke his trust and heart. Rani thinks about Raja, she prays to meet Raja once so that she can explain she even lost her Baba to save their friendship, maybe he realizes then that she didn’t betray him. At night, Raja was sitting with the mask Rani brought him, he prays he should never meet Rani. He will never forgive her for what mistake she has done.

PRECAP: There is a leap, a young girl boards a bus.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I like how this serial is shaping up, good that gayatri is not in it anymore coz her departure has made room for a more exciting storyline. Hopefully the writers bring a breathtaking storyline between Raja and Rani and the two protagonists are able to pull it off nicely. I see a bittersweet love between the two of them. All other characters seem promising as well. Hoping that the writers don’t make the same mistake like in kkb….proving to be the worst serial EVER.!!!!

  2. selva gomathy

    we hope new story line goes on well

  3. Hope so too

  4. The precap made my eyes water up a bit. So touching. I feel like their relationship will be similar to Gayatri and Rana ji. A love / hate relationship. Hahah . Please please writers. Don’t flop it. This is the next chance of boosting back up the show. Fresh new characters made it even more perfect. I am glad Gayatri did not re-enter as a double role because it will look odd and will make us miss Gayatri and Rana ji relationship

    1. It will be similar,can’t wait till love blossoms between Rajni,I heard that Swarna’s daughter Bindhu is the new antagonist

  5. Angha

    Waiting for eisha’s entry.she is such a beutiful girl.hope trp increases after leap.

  6. Sunshine

    Eisha waiting for you only you looking solo cute in promo ?

  7. New characters looking good! Gonna miss the kids but ready for the leap – one thing that bothers me is that Gayatri had told raj mata to raise rani with weapons so she could avenge her parents, but this rani is freaking clueless (???????)

  8. Will miss the [email protected] welcom for the characters

  9. Lakshmi

    Hi guys….i liked this show and sometimes watch too….
    But now onwards i will daily watch this…because eisha is back with this brand new one…she is very lucky that she got a new one immediately after quitting from ikrs…..loved ikrs too…mishal and eisha super jodi….but now only watching it for mishal after the exit of eisha….
    Loved the new pair raja rani also….well i think these pairs will also find a place in everyone’s heart….
    Sorry guys if i irritated anyone….dont take me as a virus…but if you people r hating me then i will never comment here anymore….sorry if i hurt anyones feelings….

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