Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vikrant was stubborn in the car and throws his books as he promised Naina to watch the shooting. Raja promises to take him but only for five minutes.
At the sets, Mummy was cheerful and narrates Naina’s childhood story of sitting on heroine’s chair. Naina was seated on the seat. Rekha hands her a coconut to break it in Naina’s feet. The director takes Naina for rehearsal.
Naina thinks everything got well, still there is something lacking. Vikrant runs towards Naina on the set. The director takes Naina for rehearsal work. Raja walks towards the sets then. They all silently watch Naina’s rehearsal. Raja feels each of the sentence. She comes to face Raja there, there is an eye lock. Everyone claps for Naina. The director calls her a splendid artist. Naina was shocked

to see Raja there, and reminds him of 5 ft condition. Raja says he was far away, she took step by step to come near him. He walks away with Vikrant. Rekha and Mummy come to Naina, Rekha was cheerful while Naina explains to Mummy she was on mark and Raja came there himself. Mummy says Rani must focus on her work, as it can only get them rid of Raja and Vijay both.
At home, Vikrant runs to Laila excited about shooting. Nani comes to remind Raja about his promise with Laila, if a man stays on beach he himself gets dug into the sand at beach. Raja needs to give Laila a chance to get close to him, only then he would be able to forget his past.
At night, Naina, mummy and Rekha return home cheerful. Naina stops by watching Raja and Laila sitting for a dinner on the terrace. They were staring into each other’s eyes. Rekha takes her attention, and cheers that Raja and Laila’s love story has begun. Naina goes to get a sleep.
Laila thanks Raja for this attempt about making her happy. Raja says she shouldn’t thank him, its only because of her Nani. Laila speaks to Raja about Vikrant’s excitement. She says she is really happy for Naina, as Naina is really filmy even in her real life. Raja takes a leave from Laila. Laila thanks him again, she is happy about this beginning.
In the room, Naina lay in bed sleepless. Naina thinks she is really tired, still why she can’t sleep. She goes out to take a walk. Raja was walking in the garden, thinking about Naina’s lines. Naina comes to the dining table, her dupatta fly with air. She runs behind it and was about to fell off the balcony. Raja comes as her savior. Naina murmurs why this ghost is always sent for her help. Raja asks her to jump down, Naina wasn’t ready but tells Raja to go away. Raja walks away, and says he would only see her falling off from here. Both keep on argue. Soon her hands slip the wall, Raja comes to hold her in his arms. Raja hands her dupatta back to her. Raja asks how she would pay this back to him. Naina asks what he wants from her. Raja tells her to end her 5 feet condition from today, she agrees. Raja smiles, calling her a good girl. He asks why is she staring this way, Naina says his smile makes her feel good. She never saw him smiling, he looks really good this way. Raja says he is laughing after years, because Naina is not a heroine but a comedian.
The next morning, Naina was practicing in saree with Laila. Laila reads the lines, Rani was worried who would help her with its expressions. She comes to Raja for help. Raja taunts if she again wants to jump off the balcony. Raja turns his face up and finds Naina in Rani’s dress with similar hair make over. The diary fell off his hand as he stands up. Naina was shocked to see him.

PRECAP: Naina asks to lay in mummy’s lap and thinks about Raja. Nani asks Raja for an engagement with Laila.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Naaz don’t you think that raja and naina are falling in love with each other.Now from Naina’s point of view I can understand as raja has everything that a young girl wants in a man:he is handsome ,has money ,fame and though a top class criminal is very kind hearted.But what about raja ?I am somewhat confused,is he getting attracted to naina just because she resembles rani in looks or has he started liking her as NAINA only?I feel raja is slowly moving away from rani which is evident by the way he has shut away all her paintings.Naina is neither elegant nor intelligent like rani and she can never love him as much as rani did but for raja she is a personification of greediness and betrayal.In naina he is seeing the exactly opposite qualities like simplicity and innocence.unless the writers quickly do something to make raja realise that rani ‘s intention was only to save him from Iqbal ,we are to going to lose rani.In this episode there are subtle clues to indicate that naina is rani only but again not definite ones.And of course naina’ s mother,I think she is the real culprit :that unfulfilled dream of becoming a heroine must have definitely induced her to do something drastic with the beautiful rani to transform her into Naina.Now what is that something we have to wait and see.

  2. You have done an excellent analysis on the episode, you have asked very pertinent questions that is also on my mind,Lakshmi. I know another viewer by the name of Naaz you are referring to but I’m still replying nevertheless. I also think that this lady is the key to this secret, I think she is lying. I somehow am able to feel the connection between Raja and Naina while looking at them, there’s is a subtle but tangible chord which is pulling them closers to each other. I would not like it however , if this girl is not Rani, because no one can take the place of another in a person ‘s heart when it comes to the deep feeling of love that two persons have previously shared. That’s not possible in human psyche. That painting of Rani in the cupboard, will figure importantly in the near future. If Rani was truly dead, then writers won’t still be tying her persona to that of Raja. We both know that Naina doesn’t have the traits of Rani, she is too bubbly like a teenager whereas Rani was more mature and elegant in her own way,though not royal elegant. If this is Rani, then writer have erred in writing Naina ‘s character traits, she should have been less bubbly because….these underlying traits can’t be erased from someone. I’m enjoying the episodes since the past week, I’m seeing some discerning changes in the portrayals, they are spot on…I can’t complain. Reading the updates is good but seeing it acted out, is so amazing. I think Sartaj’s acting and the way he is defining his character, deserves a tremendous applause. I somehow melted when I saw his smile, he hasn’t smiled since eons ago. So seeing him and Naina bury the hatchet, is the first positive step writers have made to bring them closer together . Lakshmi, I can’t tell you how elated I feel seeing this bridge being mended between the two of them. What timing ehh….that Laila ‘s nani is plotting her granddaughter wedding and Raja is happy to be in Naina ‘s good books! You see how shocked he was to see Naina in a sari….omg….that was priceless, she looked like Rani in front of him!! So looking forward to this week’s episodes …..

  3. Archana Shivkumar, I’ve read your previous comment and if as you think,that the original story of Raja and Rani of Amerkot has ended, then what is the logic in bringing another heroine with an identical face of Raja’s wife ? Can one husband’s love for his wife be replaced by another woman ,in his heart? If this is the case, I’m wasting my time with this serial, I’m still here, because I want to believe that Naina is Rani…. The makers of this serial is Sphere Origins, not Ekta Kapoor, they have experience in motion pictures and television content, I really will be disappointed if they screw up this plot. A lot of viewers have stopped watching because of this turn of events. Why can’t we see a happy ending to this Story? We all loved the early romance between the leads, I blushed so many times, now if Raja ends up with NAINA……I will be the most unhappy viewer on this forum. I’ve been faithful to ETRETR……and I want to see Raja and Rani settle their differences, too much was left unsaid, in his mind his wife died without answering his questions and he needs closure to this. I’m also going through a period such as this at the moment. My father died yrs ago and being the eldest of my siblings, have had to be everyone ‘s support and many things were left unsaid between us and I still grieve and haven’t had the time for proper closure. Every little thing reminds me of him, he was snatched away from me in a vehicular accident. When a loved one dies without warning, it’s the most difficult as to when someone is sick and death is expected. So Raja lost Rani expectedly, he needed answers and didn’t get it, that’s why he is so sad!!

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