Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji was angry at Gayatri and says she didn’t trust him. She says he doesn’t know about a wife’s heart, else she trusted him. Rana ji says had she trusted him she would have waited for him to win and not have interfered. Gayatri says he is getting her wrong. Rana ji says he isn’t getting her wrong, he is just aware that she didn’t trust him completely.
Avdesh felt pain as a lady put a medicine over the bruise on his back. He sits up and puts champagne over it. The old man says it isn’t good to bear pain, and asks why he lost this game today. He had worked so hard to win this Amirkot. Avdesh thinks about Gayatri and says when one gets pure gold then silver gets second on priority. Rana ji comes from behind, Avdesh says welcome Rana ji. He didn’t believe Avdesh and

came to see if he is leaving or not. Rana ji says trust is won, and Avdesh hasn’t trusted him yet. Avdesh tells Rana ji that he must not leave without having a drink. He quotes the old man that the man who can’t control his drink can’t control his wife.
Raaj Mata listens to Gayatri’s anger that it wasn’t mistrust but only worry. Hadn’t Rana ji got worried if she was in problem? Raaj Mata smiles and asks where is Rana ji, Gayatri says she doesn’t know, he must be in a corner sitting with his best friend. Raaj Mata asks which friend, Gayatri says his anger. Raaj Mata laughs and says Gayatri isn’t only intelligent but also intellectual.
Avdesh tells Rana ji the stories of his bravery with some men. He tells Rana ji that he was the step son of his father, he was always degraded in front of his step brothers, and he killed them all. Rana ji stops drinking at once and asks why the man who killed his brothers left him. Avdesh says he had already lost his fight from Rana ji, thinks about Gayatri and says Rana ji has family that Avdesh doesn’t have. Rana ji says he is his friend, he can welcome him to his family.
Gayatri gets ready and prepares for welcome of Rana ji. Kokilla and Kunwar ji watch her from upstairs, Kokilla says if Gayatri and Rana ji get so near to each other, their will soon be an heir. Kunwar ji says they will use Avdesh to get rid of Rana ji and will remove Avdesh by himself.
Cheetah comes into Swarna’s room, she was asleep. Cheetah shuts the window of the room. Swarna coughed while sleeping, he covers her with the quilt and checks on her fever. He says she has high fever, runs her hands as she coughed. She held his hand in hers as he heads to leave. He sits beside her.
Kokilla says to Kunwar ji that this Avdesh turns his colors as a chameleon. They hear whistles of Rana ji with Avdesh. Raaj Mata comes and asks who is this illiterate. Rana ji and Avdesh were both drunk, Rana ji says this is his friend. Avdesh gets to her feet, he says he is illiterate. Those who don’t get a good brought up at home are like this. Rana ji holds his shoulders, smiles and tells Raaj Mata he has invited his friend as a guest in palace for a few days. He asks Raaj Mata to get a room ready for him. He asks about Gayatri. Kokilla says they had seen her in the backyard of palace. Rana ji says he will call her. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that she wants to talk to him. Rana ji asks Avdesh to wait here, he will be back soon. Kunwar ji and Kokilla also leave. Avdesh goes towards the backyard.
Gayatri hears the footsteps of a Avdesh and thinks Rana ji has arrived. She claps and the lights go off. Avdesh comes to the backyard what was decorated with candles. Gayatri comes to hug him from behind and says Rana ji, I love you a lot and it is said those who love never keeps anything in heart. He must not be angry with her, because if he is angry she can’t live. Avdesh holds her hand, Gayatri feels the grip awkward, Avdesh confronts her now. She is shocked to see him, as he held her hand tight. He says he didn’t know that the Rani of Amirkot welcomes a guest like this. Gayatri’s dress had been stuck in Avdesh’s bracelet. Rana ji arrives the backyard as Gayatri still struggled to get rid of her dress. She hurries hearing his footsteps, but Rana ji comes there.

PRECAP: Avdesh asks Rana ji to put the accurate arrow on the dart blindfoldedly. He points the gun at his forehead. Gayatri comes there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. superb but ranaji pls understand gayatri

  2. well hopefully tis will put some fire under ranaji and gayatri relationship….he needs to feel jealous a bit…..swarna and cheetah are so cute that its wrong dam shes still married doh

  3. Annoying starts with letter A so does Avdesh . I really liked Gayathri in the warrior avatar. I wish instead of Ranaji, Gayathri fights with Avdesh so that he can get some senses back.

    1. Hello.. Fatarajo..Buddy, You asked us to watch it on IKRS page… So I thought of a visit…. For now you have to explain me some incidents which I won’t understand… OK???

      1. This show is about Gayathri from being a girl with no future since she is a manglik to becoming queen of Ranaji’s heart and of the people of the land. I got this introduction on the tv guide
        I also didn’t follow this show in the beginning. I saw this show from the episode where Ranaji(lead actor) got engaged to Gayathri(lead actress)

      2. And if u want to know what happen u can read the updates of other episodes but I will tell u some more so that u no need to read the updates which is too old.
        As gayathri’s father is a banker(I think), When Ranaji got to know he engaged Gayathri he thought Gayathri cheated him as Gayathri told him that she was a poor girl because she wanted to read books (I m not completely sure why Ranaji hated Gayathri I just know that Ranaji thought Gayathri cheated him)
        But Ranaji married her for the kingdom to get a queen and after he came to know about gayathri’s innocence and goodness he fell in love with Gayathri
        And then suddenly one day after he confessed his love Sulakshana(Ranaji’s first wife) came back and then what happen u must read the other updates

    2. I can tell u what happened after that. For Gayathri when she met Ranaji was love at first sight and For Ranaji she was a common girl as his first wife passed away and he loved his first wife a lot

  4. wouw did you see avdesh back? DAM, and when he was bathing with milk yesterday? thats a body of GOD GOD DAM IT-!!! and like a God he washes his body only with delicacies what a man. I dunno what will happen with his love/lust for gayatri but I do know his got expensive taste in woman gayatri goes good by his side. Now is a real good time for sulakshana to come back from the dead like she did so that PANTIE boi rana ji can be occuppied and avdesh can give gayatri the happiness she never had.

  5. loving this new twist in the story some healthy jealousy is good for Ranjaji

  6. I respect everyones views and standpoints but avdesh is my kindah guy, I wish my husband could look like that again lol. Without even trying avdesh is so sensitive to gayatri Without even trying,! and best of all gayatri won’t have to worry about a mother in law if she takes avdesh hahaha thats a Real man with a capitol ‘R’. these days I only watch to see him with all due respect. WOW.

  7. as for cheetah, is cheetah now a DOUBLE ADAPTOR? sissy bois call boi? with these new kids on the block -see the difference between a boi and a man,cheetah=boi. avdesh=man. in all truth the serial is still of touching immorality its wrong its wrong finnish en klaar. but kokilla and kunwar ji the last thing they must worry about is an heir cause if it doesn’t come from rana ji it will come from avdesh hope amirkots doctors know paternity tests hahaha game over kunwar ji.

    1. I m happy to know that ur an international fan from South Africa. Wow I think u r the biggest international fan of ETR2 😛
      Don’t be angry shals it’s just a show everything would be normal as usual and Ranaji-Gayathri will be together again, don’t vent ur anger on Ranaji

  8. awesome episode i think avdesh is jus foolish though and as for cheetah he and swarna make a great couple laksh should jus go to hell where he belngs

  9. I think he os trying to win over rana ji to get to gayatri n i think cheetah is starting to fall in love with her

  10. The story is taking a nice turn. Ranaji should know that he has a beautiful wife. Thank you Shals, u don’t disappoint. Only a South African could be so candid. Got u on finish en klaar

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Shals u frm SA?
    Hah Ranaji is pissinge off now…
    sori i dnt lk A i he lks lk he is gasping for breath Asthma lol..
    why do writers always bfore consumation of marriges make couples love each other n quicky bring in home breakers????
    Stop promoting adultry n triangles its like so over all dat bullshit moving on pls nicely
    heres the ting y do series bring in alledged friends frm bushes to stay in der hses n commonly hit on der wifes or husband eishhhhhh

  12. The writers must b very talented…… The maker is also talented…. they are clever enough to to not adapt the story from history of any king or queen…. free serial…

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