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Bhabhi’s try to make up Maa’s mind, still she doesn’t agree. Gayatri hears this, she is worried that Rana ji sent an invitation for her and she won’t be able to go there. She prays to God to do something about it.
Raaj Mata lay worried, and shares to her maid that Rana ji denies meeting anyone and is not ready to marry. His mind and heart is still occupied with Surakshna. She prays he gets ready to marry again someway.
Bauji comes home, Gayati is happy to hear this. The younger bhabi tries to compel him, Seth ji asks why Gayatri won’t go to Royal Palace, and they will all go to the palace and with a respect and in a way that everyone there would be shocked. The kids catch Gayatri praying, they ask Gayatri what she was asking, was it for a prince. They say she is now

going to meet a prince in reality. Gayatri murmurs she will say thanks to him as well. Kids catch her words, but she says she wants to thank him for being a nice prince.
They were all getting ready, while Gayatri assisting them all. Maa brings saree for Gayatri and sends her to get ready. Raaj Mata was getting ready for the party, the associates ask Rana ji if he will wear the new dress in party, he recalls Surakshna helping him drape in a coat and nods. The dress is sent for ironing.
Gayatri gets ready in front of a mirror. The associate burns the handkerchief of Rana ji’s coat. He looks for another one and irons it watching its resemblance to Rana ji. It was the one Gayatri had gifted. T
The family was ready to leave and the bhabi’s call Seth ji to leave together on both the cars together. Seth ji says they will go on a cart of six horses, as Gayatri loves. The younger son asks Seth ji isn’t it against the laws that common man can’t travel in a six horse cart. Seth ji tells them not to worry, only he, his wife and Gayatri will go on the cart. They can come through cars.
Rana ji gets ready with the help of his associates. His wore the horse knitted handkerchief in his coat without noticing it.
Gayatri arrive at the Royal Palace with parents. Kunwar thinks it seems it is some prince has arrived. A guard informs Kunwar that Seth Govind has arrived on a cart of six horses. He calls for the guard and is curt that this is against law. The guard arrive, Kunwar scolds him for playing the band for a non-prince. He says only royal men are welcomes with bands, not shopkeepers.
Seth Govind stands at the door of royal palace with family. Seth heads to go inside, the guard stops them. Seth ji scolds him for being rude to his guests and shows him the invitation.
Seth ji’s family arrive at the party. Bhabis watch the chandelier and comments on it. Gayatri looks around to search for Rana ji.
Munshi ji offers Seth ji to meet Raaj Mata. Seth ji says they have spent high amount on party. He smiles and reads a poetry of Mirza Ghalib translating as we took a loan to buy ourselves a drink. His taunt was well understood.
Bhabi’s are excited and wants to see whom Gayatri is after. Gayatri watches a young man standing with his back to her, she touches his shoulder but he turns towards her to be a Britisher.
Rana ji was in his room, he notices the candle in front of Surakshna lit off, he says no one can take her place and this is promise to her.

PRECAP: British says to Raaj Mata that she has spent a lot on party though they have less in the accounts. Gayatri qualifies that in their country a guest is a God and they don’t count while serving them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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