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Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

There is a blast near Chandar and Pammi, both roll on the snow. Chandar takes hold of himself and asks Pammi if she is fine. Pammi says she had said there is a reason for them being together. Had she not been with him, she might not have been in this world. Chandar looks at her.
Pammi was dressed in red, she hugs Chandar who was on a boat, singing a song.
They were actually walking in snow, playing with it. They come to a church, lights the candle and pray. Pammi looks at Chandar, he looks at Pammi. Pammi sang for Chandar.
There was heavy snow, Pammi stood lost when chandar comes to her. Pammi says it is so cold. Chandar says may be the heart of sky is melting. Pammi plays with the cap of Chandar covered with snow. Chandar says if they stay out for a little more time,

they will turn to ice. Both laugh.
In the tent, Pammi was changing when Chandar enters. He apologizes and turns around, Pammi allows him to turn. He says sorry, he didn’t knock. She says she liked the right with which he came into her tent. He tells her to sit, she says that sometimes our soul goes further than us, he must not stop it. She holds his hand, he asks if she likes moonlight, let’s go outside. Pammi stops him, lays her back on his shoulder and says when one has good company why go out. Chandar says no one could ever know about the heart of women, even poems have been written on them. Chandar straightens up, stands and says poems are to keep one awake when she requests him a poem. There are lullabies to let one sleep. Pammi says the more she comes to get closer, he goes away. She asks why he goes away from her. On the door of tent stood Sudha who says if she can come in. Chandar is shocked to see her. Sudha says she has come with her college trip, she appreciates the wide tent. Pammi goes outside. Chandar calls her but Sudha indulges him saying there is so cold.
The next day, Sudha distributes tea, warm clothes among people and administration. Chandar is happy seeing her serve. Pammi also looks at Sudha taking love from people. Pammi is involved in nursing. Sudha comes to Chandar with tea. He says he much needed it. Sudha asks for Pammi and goes to give her tea. Pammi was smoking outside her tent, Sudha calls her and says she brought tea for her. She looks at the mountains and say the view is beautiful. Sudha held a rose, Pammi asks who gave it, its beautiful. Sudha gives it to Pammi. Pammi says if she was in her place, she wouldn’t give it to her or anyone. Sudha says won’t she remember her looking at the flower? Pammi says when one loves something or someone, one wants to get it. Sudha asks if Pammi can take this loveable snow from here? Pammi says she can’t. Sudha says this snow will melt, evaporate and come to you as rain. When one loves someone, one has to achieve one’s love in different forms. Pammi says to Sudha that she will suffer much sadness in life with this attitude. They travel back.
Sudha distributes sweets among the Pandit’s for Chandar’s birthday. She tells them that there is no one to take care and distribute sweet for Chandar. She says he is such an angry man that she cant tell. The Pandit asks who is Chandar. She says that Chandar who comes here everyday, the tall handsome man. One of them recognizes him as son of Nathu Halwai. She gets it why Chandar hates sweets and sweetness. Chandar speaks from behind, Sudha is alert and tells Chander they had been speaking about him, that he does his PhD soon, gets a good job and marries as well. She takes Chandar aside. Chandar asks Sudha if she was telling something about him to them, she says he is scolding her on his birthday. He asks when did he scold. She tells him to shut his eyes and keeps a handkerchief in pocket. He is happy to see it and asks if she can do embroidery? He asks what can she create. She says she learned to write Chandar through embroidery, that is enough for her. She moves on, he keeps on looking at her. She calls him for boating. Chandar comes down, Sudha calls the boat. They both ride into it.

PRECAP: Pammi asks Sudha if she loves Chandar. Sudha says to Chandar she had asked him a long time ago what love is. Pammi says to Chandar that if loving Sudha is a sin, he has commited that sin. He is the God of sins then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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