Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pammi comes to sit on Chandar’s table with a white rose, she asks if he is playing a book or playing with it. Chandar says she? The sleeping man hushes him. Pammi asks if he is studying or loving. Chandar says he is trying to love but this book is like an annoyed girl. If one can’t get a thing, why love that. Chandar says if you don’t get a thing, it should be kept aside. Pammi sits up easing herself, Chandar notices Thakkur and Bisarya staring them. Pammi says a few books are loveable that one wants to open them again and again, some are essential and needs to be opened again and again. She asks him for going to cinema. Chandar says people often don’t like his answers. Pammi says if he will ask her, there is nothing she dislikes. Chandar says he is a bit too dry. Pammi asks

how much dry. Chandar says a bit more. Pammi asks a bit as well and a more as well. Chandar asks what time is the show. Pammi says it is 6.30. Chandar says he would be able to come till 7.00 Pammi says it is till 7.30. Chandar says he has to study a lot. Pammi says one who sticks with books is called termite, now he must decide if he comes or not and leave.
Bisurya tells Thakkur he didn’t do anything, Thakkur says he couldn’t study anything.
Chandar was reading when Sudha comes to him at home. She asks wasn’t it enough in library. She asks him for his hand, she had brought sweets for him in her dupatta pallu. He asks why she ruined her dupatta, she gets annoyed that it is her own dupatta and takes the sweets away. Chandar comes behind her, apologizes and takes the sweet. He sits on the swing, and tells Sudha Pammi came to library and taking him to film. He asks Sudha to go as well. Sudha says her tutor is coming, he must go himself but must come by dinner. Chandar says he will get late. Sudha says she has cooked herself today, it takes much hardwork. Chandar murmurs that he must struggle to eat it as well.
Chandar and Pammi come to the show and fine a place for themselves to sit. Pammi lights a candle and says she is having such a beautiful night after a long time. Chandar looks at her. Pammi says this beautiful weather, this beautiful voice of song and this beautiful companion. Chandar says he has some problem with this environment. She asks why? He says that because of the beauty of its light many insects get burnt for no reason. Pammi asks if he is a coward. He says no, but she is really bold. She says she doesn’t like wasting time. Chandar says each relation has a place in life, they are like sand of one holds really tight it slips. Pammi says she doesn’t keep a relation, what he thinks about friendship. Chandar says he wants to know about her.
Sudha tells Papa she has cooked the meal tonight. Mr. Shukla asks why she isn’t eating. Sudha says she will eat with Chandar. Mai tells Mr. Shukla Sudha has cooked each dish according to menu. Mai asks Sudha to have dinner, Sudha says she must wait for Chandar.
Pammi says her husband is in army, they married too early. Before she could understand the relation, she had started to hate that relation. She filed for a divorce but she heard about her husband’s missing, a few people says he is no more. Pammi was crying, and asks Chandar what she should do. Chandar asks why she wanted to separate from her husband. She says each relation has its age, it ends with its age. Chandar says a relation has to end till the end of breathes. Pammi says that isnt a relationship, it is a dead body and she isn’t interested in corpse. Chandar stands up and says she is really brave. She asks And? He says very delicate. She says how can he tell without touching someone, if she is delicate or not. Chandar says he thinks they must leave, Sudha is waiting for him. He had promised to be there and offers to drop her. She smiles, and asks why men are always in an urge to drop. Chandar says it isnt like that.
Sudha waited for Chandar at night.
Mai wakes Sudha up next morning. Chandar comes there. Mai goes to send tea for them. Chandar comes inside. Sudha asks what happened, why he is upset. Couldn’t he sleep? Chandar says he was afraid of her scolding. She asks why he didn’t come yesterday. Chandar says that because of that Pammi. Sudha asks why he is worried. He says Pammi is really different girl. He says she is bold. Sudha says she is also bold, she doesn’t say but he is. He tells Sudha that Pammi asked him to touch with his eyes. Sudha makes fun. Chandar says she touched. Sudha asks how? Chandar says with her lips, Sudha is silent. She asks for his hand, she reads a poetry and says it is all gone. Now he must get worriless, active.

PRECAP: Chandar and Sudha were in boat, feeding birds. Pammi hits Chandar, he takes her in arm. Mr. Shukla says to Chandar that a girl has been bold enough to come forward, they couldn’t know about what had happened, he must also not get fearful. Chandar is clueless.

Update Credit to: Sona

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