Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Chandar stood at the lake side. Papa comes out there praying. He watches Chandar standing there and comes to him. Chandar takes his blessings. Pandit ji tells Mr. Shukla that Chandar comes even before sun rise. Papa asks him to give an opportunity to him atleast once that he arrives before Chandar. Chandar says that Mr. Shukla has given him opportunities every time in life, he never let Chandar realize that he isnt actually a part of his family. Mr. Shukla and Chandar sit for a while where Mr. Shukla discuss with Chandar and says that he has taken all his responsibilities but sometimes he is worried about Sudha as she is growing up. He says that Sudha has grown up but her childish behavior doesn’t go away. He could never scold Sudha as she has no mother. Chandar

tells him that good people always get good. Mr. Shukla says he has never done anything wrong in life deliberately. Chandar says if they sit for some more time here they will both get scolded by Sudha. Mr. Shukla watches the time, it was 7.30.
Sudha shouts for Mai saying she has head ache. Mai watched over all the household. Papa and Chandar stand there, Papa asks her to give him tea when she is spared by scolding everyone. Mai says she is taking oil for Sudha, as she has a head ache. Sudha asks Mai to put in oil well, Mai scolds her that her Papa and Chandar are there downstairs waiting for her. Sudha takes oil and says she will get it done by Chandar.
Chandar was reading a book. SUdha tells him to put in oil in her hair. Chandar says he is busy right now. Sudha says he has always put in oil in her head since childhood. Chandar says she has grown up now. Sudha asks doesn’t grownups have headaches. She suggest Chandar to put in oil in her head and tell her poems as well. Chandar says neither he will put in oil nor will he tell her a poem. Last time he had got lice from her hair. Sudha gets angry and leaves, Chandar asks for a cup of tea. Sudha was angry, Chandar comes out, begins reading the poetry and takes the oil bowl. Sudha smiles and sits on the chair, as Chandar massages her head. Mr. Shukla who was hearing the poetry says that is really beautiful. Chandar asks if he heard this? Mr. Shukla says it has been published in newspaper, his friend also called him for appreciating for his poems. Sudha gets up from the chair and asks Chandar from mid of the poem. Chandar says he had told her the whole. Chandar and Papa says she had fallen asleep. Sudha says that it is Chandar’s mistake, he tells her such boring poem. Chandar says it is her mistake, she doesn’t concentrate on Hindi literature. Sudha and Chandar blame each other. Papa says it is no one’s mistake, but his. He shouldn’t have brought fridge at home, if she thinks he wouldn’t get to know. Mai also scolds Sudha, Papa says he is speaking to her about it. Mai is irked and leaves again shouting at the servants. Papa asks who does so, fridge is to cool water not head. Sudha tries to give an explanation but Papa asks her to get ready for college. Chandar says he will drop her to college. Papa scolds Chandar that Sudha is so irresponsible only because of him.
Sudha and Geesu lie on the ground of college. Sudha says to Geesu that she won’t marry else who will take care of her Papa. Geesu asks what she will do if she won’t marry. Sudha asks about Akhtar, Geesu says he is fine but now comes home less and in dreams more. Sudha says her situation is really bad, he doesn’t walk on ground now. They both laugh saying her shoe has broken. A fellow comes and tells Sudha that her teacher is going to take her complain to home. Sudha is worried and says she is going to Chandar.
Some boys watch Sudha come to university and asks whom is she looking for. Sudha asks for Chandar, the boys make him take a seat and sends for Chandar. Chandar is worried and asks Sudha what happened, Sudha says she broke her shoe. Chandar asks if he is cobbler. Sudha says he got it made last time, Chandar says alright he will go with her.
Chandar and Sudha reach the cobbler, Sudha scolds him and instructs him about making the shoe. Chandar tells Sudha to be calm, he is doing it. Sudha still instructs him about repairing the shoe. Chandar gives him money. The cobbler tells Chandar that if it breaks again, he must bring the shoe only and not this girl. Sudha and Chandar leave.
At home, Sudha and Chandar watch a cycle outside. Mai tells Sudha her teacher has arrived. Sudha gets worried. Chandar comes inside telling Papa not to believe what the teacher is saying, Papa gets worried and clueless.

PRECAP: Sudha says to Chandar she had already told him she needs a library card, she will only study if she gets books. Thakkur speaks about an affair between Sudha and Chandar, Chandar hears this and takes him by collar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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