Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is happy to see Sudha, the pooja begins. Chandar and Sudha enjoy the pooja rituals. Sudha brings Prasad to Papa who was with a friend, the friend detects that Sudha has fever. Papa and his friend asks Sudha to go and take rest, Sudha resists. Papa calls Chandar and he insists on Sudha to go inside. Sudha comes inside angry, her friends also come in asking what happened. Sudha says she has a light fever, today is festivity and there will be music and dance but Chandar sent her inside. They hear the drums outside, the girls come to terrace. Sudha watches Chandar dancing and says she knows a calming therapy with lets fever vanish. She teaches her friends about the verses, and says they must keep repeating these verses without opening their eyes. They ask what nonsense this

is. Sudha says Chandar taught this to her. They think it must be right one then. They do so, Sudha goes into the kitchen and keeps her head in the freezer. She says her forehead is now normal. She comes out, Papa says her forehead is cold, infact its cold more than nomal. She goes to dance. Chandar asks Sudha’s friends how she got rid of her fever so soon, they tell him about the therapy. He is shocked to see this, but they say he had taught this himself. Chandar looks at Sudha who was feeling dizzy and faints. Papa calls for a doctor.
Doctor observes Sudha and tells Papa it is just a fever, nothing else. He writes medicine for Sudha and asks Chandar to keep cold cloth on Sudha’s forehead. He takes Papa out with him. Chandar sits with Sudha. Outside, the doctor says to Mr. Shukla that he worries so soon. Papa says he will know only if he will have a daughter. The doctor asks if he must marry in this age. Papa jokes who will marry him. He tells Mr. Shukla that he is in hurry right now, as his patients have been waiting. They promise to meet in club.
Sudha wakes up and asks Chandar if he is angry. Chandar says it is about getting angry. Sudha sits up and says she is also angry with him. He must have come home straight. He says his friends took him from station and asks Sudha how she got rid of her fever. Sudha says didn’t be bring trophy. Chandar says she will show it to her father first. Sudha asks him to go and ask Papa how the fever was gone. She asks for trophy. He points at it. She picks the trophy and cheers. He says he is still angry at her, she doesn’t listen to him and leaves. Sudha stands behind, she says wouldn’t he ask how she got this fever. Chandar returns and asks how. She says she kept on standing at station, but he left with his friends. She cries. Chandar apologizes her. Sudha turns to him, he says she doesn’t look good crying. She wipes her tears, he asks her how she got rid of her fever. Sudha says she can show it to him, and tells him to shut his eyes. She takes him to kitchen, his eyes still shut. They come to freezer, she tells him to bend into the freezer, opens his eyes and is shocked to see. Sudha laughs. Chandar asks if she has gone crazy. Sudha says he had also kept cold cloth on her forehead soaked in ice, she instead placed her head on ice. Chandar leaves.
Chandar gives a pen to Mr. Shukla that could be refilled without getting hands stained with ink. Mr. Shukla is happy and asks Chandar to show him the trophy. He hugs Chandar congratulating him about it, he says he really boasts up when he gets successful. He says Sudha had also been waiting for him, and asks how Sudha is. Chandar says she is fine. Mr. Shukla says he doesn’t get when Sudha will leave this childish attitude, then tells Chandar to take trophy home and decorate it. He decorates it on a rack there and says this is home. Mr. Shukla tells him not to leave without having dinner.
Chandar comes home, and watches Sudha’s photo with her autograph.

PRECAP: Sudha suggests Chandar to give her a head massage and tell him some poetry. Chandar reads romantic poetry to her, Papa hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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