Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The train arrive at the station. Sudha lay her head on the track to hear the sound of the train arriving, then watches it coming. The passengers prepare the leave. Chandar comes out of the train, no one was there to welcome him. He comes down. Sudha runs to him from behind, stops him and smiles. He doesn’t stop and leaves instead towards a group of drummers who were there to welcome him. He says to Thakkur what this is, Thakkur says Chandar has returned with a trophy for him, a celebration was a must. Sudha was left behind waiting.
At home, floral decorations had been made. A lady scolded the men for playing Holi here. Sudha’s papa arrive, he gives the lady sweet box saying his Chandar is coming after winning a trophy. The lady comes behind Papa and asks what kind of Topi

(Cap) this is for which Sudha also brought sweet. Papa explains it is a gift. There is horn outside, a car arrives and Sudha comes in alone, red in rage. Papa asks where is Chandar. Sudha says she doesn’t know, she was crying and says he must scold him when he arrives, she had been waiting for him on station and he didn’t look at her, instead he left the station.
The boys brought Chandar to university hooting and shouting about the victory of Chandar. Chandar was welcomed, his friend Thakkur boasted in front of everyone that he won trophy in Delhi. Thakkur asks them all to give way to Chandar, they have to celebrate as well.
Sudha tells Mai (the lady at house) to put in more milk in Chandar’s milk. Atleast he must remember he had promised someone else. Geesu comes home with rose bunch and says this is for her to bring smile on her face. She asks Sudha if she had a fight with someone.
Chandar comes to stage, he makes a speech which makes everyone laugh. They all clap in appreciation. Thankkur tells Chandar he must meet Billu. Chandar asks now? And looks at time.
Sudha was crying and asks Geesu why Chandar does so, he knew there is Pooja at home. Why he didn’t come to Pooja and went with his friends. Geesu says she is sure he will soon come home. Kamini and Prabha also come home, they come and notices Sudha has high fever. Sudha was still upset.
Chandar meets his teacher, his teacher says there is a fire in Chandar and he must not let it out. His college needs such a light. Chandar says he was a lost person, his teachers have made him what he is. The teacher says a teacher is only a teacher when he gets an eligible student. He says he sees a shadow on himself in Chandar and wants him to succeed. He must take care of one think, he must never leave his brought up, and must never forget those who owed him. He will be successful. Anyone can be a man, it takes a cost to become a Dev.
Pandit ji asks to begin the pooja, Papa asks about Sudha who asks to wait for just a little while. Their family is incomplete without Chandar. Papa leaves, Mai asks him where is Sudha. Papa says Sudha says without Chandar, this family is incomplete. For him, without Chandar and Sudha both the family is incomplete. Sudha awaits Chandar.
Chandar comes back home. Ramu kaka welcomes him. Chandar comes to meet Papa and apologizes him. Papa says he knows only one person can forgive them in this house. He asks about Sudha. Mai comes to tell them Sudha has locked herself in the room. Chandar tells Papa not to worry and goes inside the corridor. He remembers making up Sudha like this always since childhood. He remember how Sudha had hurt her head once before. He knocks at the door, and politely asks Sudha to open the door and if she doesn’t open the door he will break the door. She knows well the door is strong and he will be hurt. He struggles for once, but Sudha opens the door on his second try. He comes inside to look at Sudha and asks isnt she ready till yet. He says she looks good even this way. He says he has told everyone he will bring her, won’t she keep his promise. Sudha says he always does this to her, he always want to win over her but today she won’t listen to him. Chandar asks won’t she listen to him? She turns around and says she didn’t listen to her father, who is he then. Chandar comes out of the house alone. Papa asks where is Sudha, Sudha appears from behind Chandar. Everyone is happy to see her all dressed up.

PRECAP: Chandar is concerned about Sudha that she has fever. Sudha says dancing gets her rid of fever. Sudha dances and feels dizzy. Chandar runs to help her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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