Ek Tarfa Pyaar Raglak one shot by Drashti

Hi everyone!! Here’s a short one shot on RAGLAK. Hope u guys will like it…..

I remember that day very well, because it is the first time I saw him . He is wearing a sky-blue striped T-shirt looking like a genie in my eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at him. He didn’t talk to me for 3 months and I was so sad as he is in my class and he became my friend’s friend. After 3 months she introduced me to him. That was the first time I have met my eyes with his eyes and with one gaze of him, I have changed my impression on him as he is good looking, decent and well behaved outside but he is too cunning from inside not in a bad way. Although we became friends and exchanged phone numbers we were not close enough because he is already taken. I thought I shouldn’t think about him first but my eyes couldn’t stop staring at him. He always inspired me and encouraged me with his little talks and I loved being with him.

In my second year I have stopped talking to him and I thought it’s for better. Every day when I look at him I had a question does he even think about me at least once in a day or even for a sec? but my mind always said “NO ! he will never talk, think about you”. But it’s not all I met him few times in my second year and he always teased me as usual. Even though I have spent two minutes time with him I felt like those are the happiest moments in my life.

In my third year ,this is a great story because this is when I have realized I am in love with him and those were magical moments in my life. Our class has arranged a tour but all of my friends didn’t show any interest in it. Because none of my friends are going so I thought I could drop but one of my bestie wanted to go and pleasing me to come. As for me I wanted to make a decision based on whether he is going or not ? and when I came to know he is going I have paid for the trip. And I started talking with him every day in the trip and we became best friends . After the trip nobody is like they are in the trip so I came to my usual self and I felt he is not gonna talk to me but I got a text from him few days which made my mind blow again and that’s when I realized it’s love and I didn’t share my feelings with him even for the last text. Because I don’t like to lose my friendship.

I finally came to know we have same tastes like we like gossiping,watching movies etc., but little different taste in continued our friendship after our course and maintained the same level of relation-ship till the day. I have last texted might have known I have liked him from a long time because whenever my friends talks about guys. I always talked about him.I am the one who ended the relationship without notice and I don’t know what he is thinking about me but I felt it’s better to end before we hurt each other

She was about to close her dairy but she turned the last page of her dairy .

If I got a chance to meet him one final time in my life I want to say these few words to him “Thank you Laksh for meeting me in my life,Thank you for making me feel love in my life,Thank you for becoming my friend,Thank you might not be enough for you because you always brought smile to my face whenever I heard your name whenever you are near me and that happiness I don’t think I will feel it again. You are like a fresh breeze touching my brain .And I am Sorry I left without a note”.

with tears


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  1. Raglakholic

    It’s heart touching os
    Totally amazing one
    Loved it to the core

  2. plzzz give another one or we can say come back with new one waiting for u plzzx nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzz be regular don’t be late bcoz we want so many raglak ff ts ss O’s but now they are very less so all raglak ff writer plzzzz give more for raglak ff and yaa big thank to all those write who write raglak ff giving their precious time

  3. Nice, please one more shot with laksh pov and happy ending

  4. Superb……

  5. Astra

    We want to know what laksh also thinking actually… write another shot with his pov…. this stry is very sensitive… keep it up… but, plz give happy ending…othet shot plz…

    1. Totally agreeing with astra
      What to know laksh point of view

  6. Akshata

    awesome os, quite painful yaar, can pls write an os on laksh’s pov with happy ending.

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  8. IQRA222

    awesome and i agree with astra di

  9. Asra

    awesome dear..plz write laksh pov…waiting for you…tkcr dear…

  10. Jazzy

    amazing and i too agree with astra

  11. Interesting story and I’m also agree with Astra

  12. amazing nd heart touching Os

  13. MI_MAHI


  14. A.xx

    nice and soo touchy xx

  15. Fantastic….pls one continuation of dis

  16. Ragz_teju


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