Ek Tarfa Mera Safer (part-3)

Ek Tarfa Mera Safer Part-3
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Swara reached her home after completing the formalities. She was very happy that she got the job. But, she had a doubt in her mind that why did her boss shouted on the previous contender so angrily. But she forgot it and was very happy.

Swara rang the doorbell. Sharmistha opened the door.
Swara- (in excitement) mmmmmooooommmmm.
She runs and hugs her.
Sharmistha- what happened Shona, why are you so happy.
Swara- mom, I got the job. I am so-so-so soooooooo happy that I cannot tell you. Finally all of my hard work bore fruit. I did it.
Parvati enters the hall and silently watches the conservation. After Swara and Sharmistha finished their conservation. She starts to speak.
Parvati- tum dono ka drama khatam hua ki nahi. Aur jyada uchclo mat Swara, sirf interview me pass Hui ho.
(Your drama is finished or not. Don’t be so happy Swara, you have just passed an interview.)
Swara’s dadaji enters the hall.
Dada- (angrily) why do you always scold Swara and Sharmistha? (Softly) they both are my angels.
Parvati- laad kar- kar ke bigad diya he apne Swara KO.
(You have spoilt Swara by giving her extreme love.)
Dadaji- ha-ha aur jab tum Ragini KO laad aur pyaar karti ho tab hum tumhe kuch kehte he kya.
(When you love Ragini extremely, does anyone tells you anything at that time?)
Parvati – dekhiye ji aap….
Swara interrupt’s the conservation.
Swara – dadu rehne dijiye Na please…
(Let It go, dadu. Please.)
Dadaji – ha-ha shona par sirf tumhare liye…
(Yes Shona but only for you.)
Parvati – huh itni si bhi tameez Na he ki jab bade baat kar rahe ho tab bichme nahi bolte.
(Huh, she doesn’t have manners. If two elders are talking, don’t interrupt in between of them)
Dadaji (ignores her) – shona chal aaja tujhe bhook lagi hogi…
(Come Shona, you must be hungry)
The family sits for dinner together. They all enjoy their dinner except Shekhar and Parvati. They both are having feelings of anger.

Meanwhile at the Maheshwari mansion…
Sanskar arrives home with Lucky. He was just thinking about his new personal assistant- Swara. Now it was the time for dinner. All the family members sat for dinner. All the family members were laughing, joking and were teasing each other.
Lucky- (Loudly) suno-suno-suno!!! Dhyan se suno!!!
(Listen!!! Listen carefully!!!)
Uttara- what happened bhaiya?
Lucky- (laughing) how many wheels does a motorcycle has?
All the members (expect Sanskar) – 2 wheels.
Lucky- no, you all are wrong. The correct answer is 6.
All the members (expect Sanskar) – how?
Lucky- 2 wheels of the cycle and 4 wheels of the motor.
Uttara starts to beat Lucky. After some time Lucky sees Sanskar. He noticed that Sanskar was not speaking anything. He smiles naughtily and signals something to Uttara. She got his signal and winks at him understanding his plan.
Lucky (to Sanskar) – she is beautiful Na.
Sanskar- (unknowingly) yes, she is really beautiful.

Sanskar was just thinking about Swara. Her beautiful eyes, her long hair, her beautiful face and melodious voice. A meeting of just an hour made him mesmerised in her thoughts.
Lucky continues.
Lucky- by the way, what is the name of my Bhabhi.
Sanskar- (unknowingly) Swara, her name is Swara.
Lucky- oh ho bhaiya.
Uttara- oh I think that now mummy’s work will reduce. Bhaiya will give mom a daughter-in-law.
Sanskar- (comes back into his senses) what are you saying? I was just thinking about Swara- my new personal assistant.
Lucky- (Naughtily) ha-ha bhaiya, we know that she is your personal assistant now but she will be your Bhabhi in future.
Sanskar- (angrily) not my Bhabhi, she will be your Bhabhi in future.

After a second Sanskar realises what he said.

Lucky- oh ho bhaiya form me.
(Bhaiya is in form)
Uttara- congrats Lucky, we finally got our future Bhabhi.

Sanskar catches Uttara’s ear and scolds her.

Lucky- bhaiya, chill down, she spoke the truth.

Sanskar chases Lucky all over the house and finally catches him.

Sanskar- kyu beta, pakada Gaya Na.
(Finally you are caught.)
Lucky- (thinks for a second and then) oh Swara Bhabhi!!!
Sanskar- (searching) where she is?

Lucky runs away. After all the members finish their dinner they go to their respective bedrooms. It was bed time.

I hope you liked this update. Please express your views through comments. Continue reading the story. I will update soon. Please-please-please comment.

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