Ek Tarfa Mera Safer (part 2)

Ek Tarfa Mera Safer Part-2
Hi everyone!!! I am back with another update. I hope you will like it. Enjoy and please express your suggestions and views through comments.
The sun is seen rising. The golden rays of the sun fall on the large and beautiful mansion. The name plate can be seen. It is written The Maheshwaris. Oh!!! This is the Maheshwari mansion. One of the most reputed family of the city.as we go inside the mansion, a lot of hustle bustle is seen in the mansion as the gentlemen of the house are getting ready for their work.
A beautiful girl is seen shouting.

Uttara- where is my bag mom??? I will get late for college if I won’t get it. Tell me where is it???
Sujata- oh ho!!! So careless Uttara. It is there in your room only. Search properly.
Uttara- oh no!!! Where is Sanskar??? Is he still sleeping??? He told me that he had an important work to do today.
Sujata runs to his bedroom and is surprised to find him sleeping. He is surrounded by laptop and many files. He is looking very cute. It can be seen that he is a workaholic type of person.
Sujata- oh ho!!! Kya karu me is ladke ka. Uth oye Sanskar.
(What to do with this boy. Wake up Sanskar.)
Sanskar- what happened maa. Why are you shouting? (Sees time) oh no, I am late. Thanks maa. I am going to take bath.
After half an hour, Sanskar comes down after getting properly dressed. He is dressed in black and white formals. He is looking so much handsome that any girl can fall for him. He really looks like a hero. After getting his breakfast, he makes his way to his parking and sits in his car. He quickly drops Uttara at her college and says her goodbye. Sanskar and Lucky (Laksh) reaches their office on time. When they reached the office, many people were waiting for Sanskar. The people were contenders who had applied for the job of personal assistant. Sanskar wanted a perfect personal assistant for him but he was not satisfied by anyone. He called the next contender.
Sanskar- how much you have studied?
Contender- 4 days.

Sanskar- what does it mean?
Contender- sir, when I went school on the first day, teacher said 4+4=8. The next day she said 5+3=8. Another day she said 6+2=8. And the fourth day she said7+1=8. The teacher was herself confuse, how she will teach me.
Sanskar- (extremely angry) just get out of here and don’t come here again!!!
Sanskar was very tired by taking interviews. He called the next contender. The next contender was Swara. When Sanskar saw her, all his tiredness ran away. He was mesmerised. He came back into his senses when Swara spoke.
Swara- may I come in? Sir!
Sanskar- yes, of course.
Swara- thank you sir.
Sanskar- What’s your good name?
Swara- my name is Swara.
Sanskar asked many questions to Swara and Swara answered every question with a confident smile and accuracy. The meeting lasted for about an hour. Finally, Sanskar decided to appoint Swara his personal assistant. Swara’s monthly income was rupees 60,000.
I hope that you all liked the update. Please share your thoughts by sending comment. Thank you. I will update the next part after two or three days.

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