Ek Tarfa Mera Safer (part 1)

Ek Tarfa Mera Safer Part-1

Hey guys!!! I am back with another update. I am sorry I was not able to update in the last week. The reason was I was having some problems with internet connection but now I don’t have any problems with as internet connection. Now I will update twice or thrice a week.
It is a beautiful warm and sunny morning. Birds chirping. A beautiful girl dressed in yellow anarkali is standing and is singing aarti. The girl is none other than Ragini. All the members of the family hear the aarti and praise Ragini.
Parvati- Kitna sundar gati he maahri laado!!! Aur Swara. Itni der ho gayi he aur abhi tak so rahi he.
(See how beautiful my laado sings. And see Swara, she is sleeping till late morning)
Sharmistha- Maa. She was preparing till late night for her today’s interview.

Shekhar- (taunting) let it go maa. Nobody has taught her manners like we have taught Ragini. That’s why she is sleeping now.
Anupam- (angry at his wife and son) Bus!!! Nobody will ever discuss ever on this topic. The topic is over, now and here. Do you understand Shekhar and Parvati!!!
(To Sharmistha)(Softly) go and wake Swara or else she will get late for her interview. Ok, now go!!!
Sharmistha- ha papaji.
After an hour Swara comes down after getting ready. She was dressed in blue t-shirt and black jeans. She was looking like an angel. She quickly got her breakfast. Everyone came one by one to wish her good luck and to bless her.
Dada (Anupam) – (Happily and lovingly) Swara, all the best for your interview. Don’t be nervous. My blessings are always with you.
Swara- thank you dadaji. I love you very much.
They both hug each other.

Ragini- all the best di. I am sure you will perform great.
Swara- thank you.
Shekhar- all the best.
Swara- thank you papa.
Parvati- ghar ki naak mut katwana. Kuch samajh Na aaye to kuch mat bolna.
(Don’t cut the nose of our house. If don’t know the answer than keep your mouth shut)
Dada- (angrily) Parvati!!! Shut up. The words you said to Swara suit you. They don’t suit Swara.
Sharmistha- Swara, you don’t worry about your interview. You better listen your heart in this situation. I know that you are capable of making your own decisions. All the best for your interview. I love you. (She gets emotional while this.)
Swara- thank you mom. I love you too.
Swara leaves the house saying goodbye to all her family members. She wears her helmet and stars her scooty.

…. ….. ….. .. ……. …… …….. ……. …… ……. ….. …… …… …….

I hope you all liked this. I will update soon.

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