Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta Episode 6 By Sat

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Aai came and hugged sowmya.

Sowmya: aai, what a surprise,

Aai: I won’t miss my daughter’s engagement.

Dadi and everyone greeted her and shivaay introduced them to ashritha and suresh and they became very close and suresh told aai to treat him as her bhai.since aai lost her husband long ago, and that she can’t do the pooja alone, suresh and ashritha assured her that they will do the rituals, and also promised dadi about gauri’s rituals. Gauri and sowmya were teary eyed and the couple welcomed them for a hug and the girls pulled annika also, ashritha felt some relation with gauri but hid the feeling to herself.

Then the girls and the boys went to their respective rooms

In annika’s room,

Ashritha : annika, why are u so tensed beta

Annika : mom, mom ,I… think ,….I….. I think I am ,…..I think I am ……I am not ….ready for this marriage..,
She said it all stammering and with nervousness filled in her throat

Her mom was stupified by her daughter’s sudden and stupid confession

Ashritha: are u in ur senses , have u gone nuts, just look at me. Annika shivaay is a very good guy and see his family , their ambience , their care and most importantly the love they are showering on u. Do u want to create mess here now

Annika: but ma, I just can’t believe anyone now

Ashritha: don’t even compare shivaay with the blo*dy rascal whom u loved

Annika: that was a mistake, I am not sure of this too

Ashritha: that’s enough annika, I am clear at this and shivaay will take care of u very nicely.

Annika: but ma, I remember him, I just can’t hid the truth

Ashritha: annika, just shut ur mouth, u r not going to speak another word regarding this

Annika: but rahul ….

Ashritha: annika ( she shouted loudly that annika became really scared, then she calmed herself) annika, look at me, I know u must be feeling troublesome with all the happenings, but y r u spoiling your future thinking about your past. Please, for ur parents, for this family and for urself

And she went away.

In the hall.

Well the celebration started and everyone were in their full swing of happiness .
There came the most beautiful lady with her rustling red Banaras lehenga flowing down the stairs with heavy jumkas, gold plated diamond studded choker on her neck and gold netted dupatta on her blue velvet designed blouse and back deep necked with a thin lace shining adored by pearls. And there was her man looking at her awestruck .

Om : Shivaay, she will be your wife one day, why are you staring at her as if you have seen her for the first time

Rudra : Ha, bhaiya if you continue seeing her like that, she will become more pink by your stare.

Then when their lady loves come with their breath taking attires, they were in same position.

Shivaay : Well ! You try to apply your policies for yourself

Omru : Accepted defeat !

Dadi : Arey ! Khoteya, what are you all gaping at huh? Won’t you bring your fiancees down by your hands or should they come and hold your hands

Omru immediately rushed to their wives while Shivaay stood there thinking

Shivaay POV
I know the way I have made her accept to enter into relationship is quite unfair. I must have given her a chance. Though she is looking damn beautiful in this costume, there is no brightness nor happiness could be seen on her face. Promise to my heart, I promise to you Annika, from now on, I will try to keep you the most happiest being in the world. I don’t want the past to be repeated again.

Dadi: where are you lost Billu? Huh? Go get Annika. The centre place is left for you empty. Both your brother’s completed their jobs also.

Shivaay : oh dadi ! I was , i was ,just nothing. I was thinking about the catering of the lunch.

Dadi : just leave all those duties to Khanna , by the way go get her. She is waiting there on the stairs.

Shivaay : I will assign the duty to someone else, Khanna will be participating in the ceremony. Ok fine now, I have to go.

Annika pov
Oh my god! He is coming near me, what to do. I am too nervous of these sudden happenings. And now that I will sit close to him and we will be engaged !! I have to do something. But my mom, she is so happy, everyone is very happy in the ceremony. I can’t be so selfish to stop this engagement. I can’t come out of it. I can’t be hopeful. Someone caught my arm. ‘Shivaay’ he slid his arm into mine.

Annika : Shivaay !!

Shivaay : Annika, everyone are looking at us and I am very late and please, If any argument we will talk about it later

Annika : Shivaay !!

Shivaay : come on……

He took me to the the centre chair. He made me sit and at very close to me. My hand was shivering, he held it tight.

The press started taking their snaps and shivaay didn’t leave a chance to hold her close in different positions. Though she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, his warm hands on her pale skin, on her waist, was making her straight for the snap. Omri were asual,a good prefect couple. They both were compromising and adjusting. They didn’t want to have too many of snaps also. While Rumya were being in their way they are. All their funny shots were being captured. And then the real phase of the ceremony started.

Dadi : Panditji, start the engagement ceremony.

Pandit : first, the girls side parents should give whatever they brought to their groom’s parents

At first Asritha and Suresh gave the gifts to shakti and pinky. The pandit is changing some mantras.

Then they have gifts on behalf of gauri’s side to tej and jhanvi and lata gave the gifts to Asritha and herself and suresh gave the gifts to the bride’s side and this ritual completed .

In the mean time

Annika: Shivaay, if you could move a little

Shivaay: yeah, sure

And he moved more closer to hey

Annika: “Shivaay” , she whispered in her usual low tone

Shivaay: annika, i did what you have said, now i won’t move an inch

Annika: Shivaay, you are so close
He held her hand

Shivaay: so? What if i am so close

Annika: i am getting….. Getting…. Getting nervous

Shivaay: tomorrow or day after, in the future atleast, we will share a same bed. We will be in the same room. Won’t i be so close at that time. Will be nervous all your life time or what? And annika i need to talk to you after the ceremony. This moment is very important in our life. See how happy our families are , see the rituals. Please annika, be calm and believe me.

Annika: fine, then what do you want to talk about

Shivaay: i will tell you later

Annika: about what

Shivaay: i want to know about you annika

Annika: about me?

Shivaay: i said na, we will discuss about it later

Annika pov
What does he want to know about me? Did he get amy information about rahul….. What should i do. annika , be calm, be calm. He is Shivaay not rahul .

Pandit: now the rings should be slipped into each other’s hand.

Rudra slipped the ring into sowmya’ s finger and sowmya smiled and with a tint of blush, she skipped the ring onto rudra’s finger.

Everyone clapped and congratulated them

Then it was rikara’s turn,
Gauri was already blushing , with all shyness filled in her face, she gave her hand and with all pleasure he took her hand and dorned the ring, she smiled and took his hand and dorned the ring, he smiled at her. And our zulfi whispered into her ears,”now u are partially Mrs omkara singh oberoi”
She gave it back that,”I am already Mrs omkara singh oberoi,”
And they both laughed and hugged each other and brought them to the present world by clearing their throats

Dadi: now, my billy and annika’s turn

Annika was staring at her mom tensed . her mom was gesturing her to be calm and not to do any mess, she was trying to but she couldnt digest the fact that she is getting engaged AGAIN . she is shivering, and praying to god to not let her get panic attack since she was very much prone to panic attacks . just then she felt warm hands over her hand, she can feel his touch, a protective one, but still she doesn’t believe herself since she doesn’t want the mistake to be repeated again. But she could see the love, love for her in his eyes, which was lacking in her past, and she was sweating, and then a sudden shake

Shivaay: annika! Annika!


She observed that everyone were staring her

Shivaay : trust me annika
And he took her hand and slid the ring in a go
She was shocked and gaped at him
Everyone cheered for them while she was shivering .

Shivaay: annika, I am there for u and I will always be there for u, trust me

Annika pov
Annika slid the ring onto his finger. Everyone were happy . my parents hugged each other and were relieved . for the outer world, I am shivaay’s fiancee but for me I started to have a relation And that relation is called


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