Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta -Episode 5

Hey guys i know everyone will throw their chamelis on me for updating this late. I am really very very sorry. Even now i cant update frequently and also since it is my homesick leave i can update one episode of this. Please bear me. I would update if time permits

From now on no bakbaks, let me go into the story
Here with the fifth episode of Ek Taraf Pyar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta

Annika pov
Oh my god, everything is blue the curtains, the hangings, the carpet is red ofcourse. I feel as if I am in Buckingham palace now. The decoration is extravagant. I am dumbstruck not even having the sense that I am staring at the decorations in the centre of the with my mouth open and eyes with complete attraction of the hall. Then a voice came from back

“Beta , how are u , didn’t u miss us”

Annika ran and hugged them

Annika: ma, papa u both are here.

Annika mom: u r going to become the bahu of this house and it is our minimum responsibility to attend ur dadi’s birthday party.

Pinky: ashritha ji, why are talking so formal. U r our family, it is not just ur responsibility but ur right to attend ur mom’s birthday party

Shakti: and Suresh ji, even u should not hesitate to come to Oberoi mansion, this is ur daughters house

Shakti hugged Suresh (Annika dad) and pinky hugged ashritha (Annika mom)
Then came shivaay down with his navy blue kurta completely colour coordinated and design coordinated with his lady love. He was looking dashing and blue always gives him the spicy look.

Shivaay: namaste ma, papa. Hope Khanna didn’t give you trouble in bringing u here. Actually I thought to pick you up by myself but there is some problem in the arrangement so I couldn’t manage to be there. I am sorry as I have to send Khanna, though he is one of my most trusted employees.
I am sorry if he troubled u at any instant.
(Looking at Khanna)

Suresh: of course he troubled us
Shivaay put his head down in guilt and Khanna was shivering and wondering what wrong he had done.
After a long pause,
Suresh: yes he troubled us with extra respect, extra carefulness and extra security

Khanna sighed in relief. Everyone started to smile. When Khanna was about to go back, shivaay asked him to stop

Shivaay: Khanna I want u to attend the celebration within an hour, ur costume is in ur cupboard itself get ready soon.
When Khanna was about to speak

Shivaay: I don’t want any delay Khanna and no more words
Khanna rushed out wiping his tears of happiness

Then the elders sat one side and the youngsters sat another side. Then dadi came down with Gauri and Sowmya on the other side. Somewhere deep inside the heart, Annika felt ignored as she thought she should also be behind dadi. And dadi as always is matured and can catch thoughts easily, found out what Annika is feeling within minutes but she didn’t change expression on her face. She told Gauri and Sowmya to be seated and everyone threw claps and cheers for her and sand birthday song very loudly..

When the cake was brought and put on the table. Dadi took the knife and started

Dadi: today I am very happy, my three grandsons are in love and found their ishqbaazi. Every year I am bored of cutting the cake. Today I will not cut the cake

Everyone were surprised as dadi never gives such statements and that it is made by her Billu with great love and affection

Shivaay: dadi if u didn’t like the cake, I will make an other one or order some other one, but it is ur bday dadi, u have to cut the cake.

Jhanvi: mummyji I know u will never disappoint shivaay by speaking like this, what had happened today

Annika: dadi,. She has started and dadi smiled

Dadi, I donno much about what happened in ur family all these years and also I am too young to interfere in ur family matters but what I want to say is that shivaay loves u a lot dadi and he made this cake full of love. Please don’t disappoint him. I am sorry if I spoke anything wrong

Shivaay smiled brightly proud of his choice, proud of his lady love.

Dadi: y r u all in such hurry in taking decisions and coming to conclusions huh? Let me complete. I am boring cutting the cake alone, I want my elder bahu to cut this cake along with me.
Everyonelooked at Gauri but Gauri looked at Annika. Everyone were very happy with the statement
Shivaay: Gauri, go on.
Gauri smiled and didn’t move a step. Everyone were surprised
Dadi: I said elder bahu billu. My elder bahu, Annika. I want her to cut cake along with me

Everyone were very happy this time even more happy. Annika has no words and her parents were feeling blessed to send their daughter to such a lovely and caring family. Shivaay shook Annika out of shock and entwined his fingers with hers and took her to the centre where dadi is standing. Dadi held Annika’s hand and wiped her tears streaking down and cut the cake along with her.

Everyone sang and danced on the song hey shava shava from kabhi Khushi kabhi gham

After completed celebrations to the fullest, dadi spoke

Dadi: I would be thankful to all the guests present here for attending my birthday celebration and respecting our honours. Unlike every year, this year I have called the press and also announced for a press conference. So ladies and gentlemen, I am going to turn this occasion into a special as u all know Oberoi family is full of surprises. I would be happy to announce that my three grandsons very popularly known as obros fell in love and I am happy with their decision and choice. Well this conference is not just to announce that my grandsons fell in love but to announce a sudden engagement ceremony for three of them. I request u all to stay here and receive our honours till the end of the function. Thank you
Everyone cheered and clapped for dadi’s announcement.
The family took a minute to come out of the shock. When they came out of the shock, they were very happy.
The obros loved their dadi’s announcement but the would be bahus were a bit tensed
Rudra: u really shocked us

And a voice came behind
And that’s the reason I came here for.
sowmya shouted ‘aai’

That’s all for today, sorry for no shivika romance, I had come for a day to take rest as I was not feeling well. Now going back to hostel. Would come for a week in 24th of July
See u then bye.
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