Ek Shringaar swabhimaan:love is in the air – Episode 13

In nairan’s room
Karan,”naina, pls.. go away from here.. pls u be don’t here.. that person is a devil.. stay away naina.. don’t come near me.. and I ll never get cured it is known to me.. so don’t waste your life naina.. and yeah take this ring.. pls, I ll not be able to make u wear it naina.. go away.. u ll get ur divorce papers soon..”
Naina was shocked,”karan..” and she hugged him to make him calm..
Karan,”naina what are u doing? U ll get infected.. go away..”
Naina,”karan.. nothing’s going to happen to me..” she left him..

Naina,”karan, its my life.. who are u to decide that what must I do? Listen one thing karan, I don’t back out from my promise.. I ll make u fine karan.. I ll not divorce you karan.. u only asked me to be your life partner na? I am your life partner, I ll face every situation with you karan.. the one who ll try to harm you, will from now on have to remove me from their way.. and till I am with you, no one can come near you.. karan, now stop crying please.. u know na, I don’t like tears in your face!!!” She wiped out karan’s tears..

Karan,”why are you so nice naina? Don’t be so pure, this world will betray you always like masima..”
Naina,”u know karan, u find me nice.. coz u r so nice and pure.. but am worst with worst people like masima..”
Karan,”oh my god naina, u touched me.. go quick and wash your hands.. also u hugged me.. do 1 thing, u take a bath..”
Naina,”karan karan.. relax.. I ll wash my hands.. and karan u r with your clothes.. so bath is not needed.. but karan I have a special gift for you.. wait..”
She went and washed her hands first.. then she took out a packet from cupboard..
Naina,”take this..”
Karan,”what’s in it?”

Naina,”open it..”
Karan opened a found a t shirt, and trousers..
Karan,”this.. thank u naina..”
Naina,”arre listen.. these are medicated outfits.. wearing this u can hug anyone and touch and anyone with these gloves..”
Karan,”thank you so much naina.. u r really an angel.. till date, noone thought of me like this.. noone knew that I want to hug them.. but finally I ll be able to do it naina.. wait..”

Karan went to the washroom and changed and came out..
Kunal also entered the room at that time, followed by meghna and khyati.. and khyati closed the door.. they found karan wearing new dress..
Karan saw all, and ran and hugged kunal..

Naina felt blissful.. seeing the brothers hug themselves.. she clicked pictures..
Kunal,”wow karan, nice surprise.. but are u alright.. means I heard how u left my room…”
Karan,”bhai, I couldn’t have felt better.. all thanks to your sali.. naina.. she bought me this medicated outfit, wearing which I can hug anyone.. khyati hi5..”
And the bro sis hi5ed.. meghna hugged naina.. whereas the trio bro sis hugged themselves..

Khyati,”bhai am so happy.. my both bros are back.. I love u both.. but I love naina di more.. di I always misjudged u.. but u really cared for my bhai, and coz of ur efforts he’s here with us like this.. thank you di..” and she hugged naina crying..
Naina,”bass pagli.. stop cring..”
Meghna,”yes khyati.. stop crying” and she wiped her tears..”now none of us will cry.. its payback time..”

Kunal,”yes meghna, the woman who took away a brother, a son and a grandson away, will pay a high price..”
Khyati,”bhai, masima is furious at naina coz she flopped her plans, and now taking bhai to honeymoon..”
Naina,”I ll always flop her all plans against karan.. lets see what she can do..”
Naina turned..
Karan hugged her tight..naina felt complete..

Karan,”go ahead, am with you..”
Naina smiled..
Kunal,”ahem, guys..”
Nairan got shy..
Meghna,” kunal let them have their private time.. chiku u make karan understand your plan regarding him.. kunal get out.. khyati lets go..”
Kunal,”enjoy.. bye karan and naina..”
Naina,”bye jeeju.. complete your packing..”
The three of them left..

Karan,”naina, what was bhabi talking about??”
Naina explained karan, her plans for karan’s treatment..
Naina,”karan, except we 6, none knows.. and dare u blurt it out.. and behave as you were, so that masima doesn’t doubt us..”
Karan,”I see, so khyati fakes anger on u before all..”
Naina,”yes.. actually everyone knows khyati is against me.. so masima will definitely include her in her plans, and we can know about it..”
Karan,”brilliant.. well, since I got these clothes and its our honeymoon.. so…”
Karan,”so, I was thinking to pack my things quickly..” and he started laughing..
Naina,”chaate wala akdu..”
Karan,”call me anything my love..”
Naina,”pack quickly..”

And she left..
Karan was packing.. Sandhya came suddenly..
Karan hearing the voice started to boil, but controlled..
Karan,”yes masima..”
Sandhya,”beta, pls don’t remain angry on me.. I worry for u.. see I bought you your medicines, since u r leaving tomorrow that to for 15days..”
Karan,”masima thank you.. but u are a bit late.. naina already bought my medicines and packed them also.. she is so caring.. I ignored her till date, but she’s a gem I feel.. she’s for me only..”
Sandhya fumed..

Sandhya,” yeah.. let me help u pack your things..”
Karan,”I packed already.. and u know I don’t let anyine touch my clothes..”
Sandhya,”really? U packed? That to so neatly..”
Karan,”wo naina helped me.. she packed a few things of me.. and now am taking my basic amenities..”
Sandhya,”well where is this naina.. she left you alone to pack.. irresponsible girl..”
Karan,”no masima, actually its my tym to take medicines, so she has gone to bring me soup..”
Sandhya in mind,” offo what magic did this naina do on karan.. he’s arguing with me and defending her..”

Karan in mind,”u try harder masima, still u wont be able to fill poison in my mind.. don’t know why u did all these.. but better luck in the next birth..”
Sandhya,”okk karan, am having more work to do.. catch u later..”
Sandhya left..

Thank you guys.. hope u enjoyed reading it..

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  1. Tamihna0808

    Yaar! Such a cute update! Loved it! Continue soon! ?❤??

    1. Titli

      Thank u.. i ll post soon..

  2. nirdesica rae

    luv da update

    more nairan romantic scene plzzzz

    1. Titli

      Sure.. honeymoon twist..

  3. Florence monica

    It is so awesome how the karan and naina love each other thank u for updates and I pray that everything will be good as we hope for nairan….and I pray to God that karan( samridh really feel in really life that anikitta is very close as near and dear to him) thank u for the updates

    1. Titli

      Hahahahaha, u snatched my words dear.. I also think that. But what to do. It is near about impossible..

  4. Threemaimai

    so cute karan…… waiting… 🙂

    1. Titli

      Hehe.. karan’s really cute.. i sometimes guess, how brilliant actor he is.. yaar he is a funloving person in real life, but see the character he’s playing.. challenging role..

      1. Threemaimai

        true.. i am a big fan of samriht bwa as well..

      2. Titli

        Yeah.. samridh is so talented.. i watched his previous shows like buddy project.. but that tym the character which he was playing was not very strong to grab the eyes of the audience, but this show.. i guess in this show, his character is the hardest..

  5. Manvinahar

    such a cute chapter…i am in love with the story line
    post soon

    1. Titli

      Aww.. thank u soooo much..

      1. Manvinahar

        when will you post next chapter

      2. Titli

        Very soon.. today only.. i have to write it.. so lets see..

  6. Afshan fathima

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      Yeah.. trying to post soon.. thank u so much dear…

  7. Awesome. Episode and cute episode i love it please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and when r u posting next chapter ?

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      Soon dear..

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      I ll have to write it.. let me see, what new idea i get..

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    Awesome update titli

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      Ya ya.. i ll post soon.. tysm for liking my ff..


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  11. So nice dude…. I love nairan…… All d best..

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      Thank u so much.. i too love nairan

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    Nice episode… Mi loved it to the core… ? ? ? keep writing

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